Which character reminds you odf yourself? why?

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which harry potter character reminds you of yourself? why?

I know where you stole that from! eek! grrr stick out tongue

I'd say Sirius.. somehow, metaphorically, I feel trapped.. like the world doesn't understand the truth about me, and I just wish I could one day be free..

lol tassie! yeah i stole it hehehe evil face and i think... Ron reminds me fo myself "nothing's new with me"

??????? never thought about this before..............

umm i think id had to go with Angelina Johnson.. smile

reason because shes so strong and she speaks her mind...just like me lol big grin

i wanna be luna
****i think that the person that reminds me of my self is Luna Lovegood.i think thats cos i'm really wierd and we're both outcasts.and i'm auditioning 4 her.i've got really big blue eyes so i always look surprised but i've got brown hair(but i'm going to dye it if i get into the auditions)if any1 can help me please e-mail me at [email protected] thanks people****

I'm like Hermione, I'm afraid of faliure and I get ripped of alot. But i'm not as bossy as her stick out tongue

I'm a mix between Harry, Draco, and Snape

I think I'm like Lavender Brown because I'm never the leader, I'm a little boy crazy, and love to gossip.

lol^ adn raven what do u mean? u r, brave, evil and a nasty teacher messed

are you british?? coz if u r not u cant b luna sad and here's the adress where ppl r auditioning but for the 4th movie

Casting Office
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 322
WD25 7XJ

but i dont know if its the same place fot the 5th movie sad

Id be Neville Longbottom, because the only thing that ever stops me reaching my potential is my lack of confidence.

Heh... Reminding me of myself?

Umm . . . . Ron because I have red hair shifty nah

rather... I don't really know.... Maybe Ron all the way stick out tongue

grrr ancalagon I am ron!!

Actually when I first saw your picture I thought you looked like Ron.(Not Rupert Grint,RON!)

Looks like she is British. Her email address end with co.uk

eek! ok

Raven Guardia
I'm like Hermione....I spend alot of time learning and reading,and I like school and sometimes I enjoy homework embarrasment

no i am brave and a leader at times, cunning and sly, devoted to my work and rather dark.

Luna lovegood I CAN READ UPSIDE DOWN and i am just generaly wierd

god knows bit of all probly Snape ( cuz i am freaky ,so is he) sirus (innocent ... like me angel ) with an evil streak like draco .. and a tiny bit of heminoe cuz shes a girl and i am a girl and shes brainy and i am a lil bit brainy

im most like dumbledore cause im a wise old crackhead

Ginny reminds me so much of myself. I am really shy when I'm around that person I adore the most. But when you really get to know me, I have LOTS of humor within and I talk a lot. =)


I'm a mix. I'm like Hermione because I love school and learning and I usualy understand things at a much higher level than most people around me. Like Harry because I have a curious mind and I have the most complicated life than that of anyone else at my school (I'm seriously not lying). Like Ron, because I love to have fun and sometimes I can be a little arrogant of simple things.

Draco Malfoy
I guess Draco.Because every quiz I take about this,the answer is him.I don't like school very much.I admit I'm not very much of a nice person(except to my friends and the people at KMC,my nice that is).I am very ambitious,I don't like losing.My grades are not very high,but I am very clever.I love it when I chance comes around,to smart off to someone I don't like.

Is that enough? stick out tongue

hear hear draco!!! although i have to say i would be a mix....im rather carefree like sirius, and prone to prankmaking like the weasley twins...im a ghost like the bloody baron (big grin go slytherin!), and i LOVE jinxing ppl like malfoy smile

ive already said it before....**Angelina Johnson**...why you may ask???lol...ive already explained that too...on the first page...anyways heres a pic of her...the only one i could find on the net but if anyone els has a pic of her could you please pm me big grin this pic aint that clear thats why... erm


i think that neville and hermione kind of remind me of myself. neville becuase i am always doing something klumsy or stupid and always forgetting things. and hermione becasue i like school and have a lot of guy friends.

princess jen
i will probably be hermione because i am quite the bookworm, love learning and have two best guy friends. but i'm also sporty.!

I like her, and her having my name is a plus hehe.

Sirius reminds me of myself, because both of us are seen as rebels, but inside are good. Draco reminds me of myself just with the rebel part. Sometimes he's too much of a brat for me though. smokin'


Harry! Unlike, the strangest things happen always to me, and often I wonder why me. Most of the time ppl don't beleive and then regret. Got some wise leaders in my life. But also like Ron, sometimes I get bored and make crazy stuff

Phoenix Wing

I'm completely Hermione! ((Not Movie Hermione tho...))

I read way too much, I'm a teacher's pet, I know archaic words that nobody else understands, and I over-work for everything I do! I even look like her - brown, bushy hair and sticky out teeth!

well alot of my friends think i am a lot like hermione. i look a little bit like her. i love reading, and am always the one to know the answer. i can stirr up arguemants about silly things (well hermione does stirr up arguements about stupid things) i can be very bossy. but then i can be nice and look out for friends. i am sometimes to afraid to speak whats on my mind. but usually can, depending on the subject. theres alot of other things. and two of my good friends are like ron and harry. one is loyal, brave, truthful(when need be) and gets into trouble sometimes(just like harry.) the other one is not too scared of anything but is terrified of spiders. well theyre both boys aswell. well ive been typing long enough. let me know anythin you agree or disaggree with via emails. thanks.

Yeah me too (but not completely). Even though for some reason I don't like her character that much, I do sympathize with her at times because like the book Hermione, I am the "teacher's pet" and freak out about doing well in school, I like cats, most of my friends are boys, and am a little bitchy at times (not as much as her).. and I'm not that nose in the air, stuck up type bitchy *clears throat hint hint*. The movie character is portrayed differently from the book for me, and the movie character, well, I dont like her at all. At all. bash *shruggs* The only thing I see similar to me is that we're both girls. Heh.

i was thinking and thinking of all the character from hp that i could possibly think of and the character i am most like is harry...i really wanted someone no one had said stick out tongue
i'm like harry because:
*i'm a leader...even though i don't seem like it cuz i'm not the smartest or the most popular...but i stand up for what i believe in and lead if i have to or my friends are in danger
*on the outside i seem really calm, collected, and confident, but i'm insecure about my actions and myself
*again i'm not the smartest, and tend to slack offstick out tongue but i get average grades and have more fun spending time doing a school related activity instead....in my case dance team.
*i don't have a lot of friends. i tend to stick to a select few who are the best big grin but i get along with pretty much everyone
*i can be hot headed when i don't know something i want to know. i one of those people who has to know everything about any subject being talked on, especially things that have to do with me and if i don't, i get really angry or argumentativestick out tongue
*LASTLY i have black hair, green eyes, and a scar on my forehead that looks somewhat like a lightning bolt

just kidding about the last star laughing out loud wink


im like fred and george im the person that can find passege ways and i like pullin pranks and comin up with cool stuff

Jackie Malfoy
Yes I too know where you stolded this idea from.Anyway I think I am alot like Tonks with being clumy and the way her personally is.My boyfriend is like draco through.And has alittle bit of a rebel in him like black.JM

Why does it always take me forever to find stuff...well um I guess Im most like Ron cause my friends keep saying that and Im constantly upstaged by my friends (since Im an only child theyre my family)...and um I dont pay much attention to my work...my other friend is like physco Hermione its funny but she doesnt read Harry Potter so now Im forcing her to...

Jackie Malfoy
Sorry I aready answeared in this thread aready.JM

i am alot like Mcgonagall,I give you a hint that you've done somthing wrong every moment of every day...i also have the smarts of hermione.

Haha I started calling my friend Hermione cause one it pisses her off and two she acts so much like her...she was getting mad at me becuase I wasnt working and I wasnt even in her group...then she wouldnt let me look at the work shed done cause its "cheating"

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