Is it just me or is the third movie not that good?

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Is it just me or was the third movie not that good? I mean it seems like the director focused mor on trying to make th movie cool instead of explaining important plot points. Don't get me wrong, i liked the movie but it could of been a lot better. Like with Harry on the patronous it took him a lot more than 2 tries t get it down and it seems like they weren't so blatant about Hermoine popping up out of nowhere in the books. They didn't even explain about how wormtail padfoot moony and prongs were Harry's dad, Sirius, Pettigrew, and Lupin! Please post your comments.

P.S. This is my first post so please don't bash me.

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I totally disagree with you, i love the third movie! It is sooo good, it really is and i think the book is good too. The only thing that is bad is that Cho Chang should have been in it, she really should have been in it but other then that it was very good so don't say it wasn't.
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it's just you.

this is wat i think... after i first saw the movie i was like eww they didnt explain about moony padfoot wormtail and prongs.. nd there was no quidditch cup nd i saw alot of things wrong with the film.. but i saw it a few more times and i realized that the movie was really good but it just didnt stay true to the book... nd i think thats y ppl r sayin they didnt like it because it was so much diffrent then the book.... but then i realized that movies are never good as the books and now i love the film.. hehe

there was alot missing from it .. sad

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yea i agree the movie wasnt that good at all it didnt have cho or cedric in it and it hardly had quidditch it never explain about moody padfoot prongs and wormtail the only bit i like was when they went back in time


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