how should saddam be punished?

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Dark Vengeance
They should througth him in a wood chipper for killing hundereds of people.

mini me 0206
any kind of death penalty (as long as beckham dont take it)

Serious Hiker
I've said it once and I'll say it again. Make him work at the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Jose, California. There is no worse hell!

start cuttin him to pieces with rusty exacto knives....

i say we chop his head off on live tv.

personally death penalty would be preferable as always for such a monster.... but a life time of inprisonment would be a humiliating torture for this man ... in thier culture death is an everyday punishment and worthy of escaping dis-honor.

I don't believe in the death penalty, but to this type of filth, I wouldn't disagree much at all. He is a very evil man and has cost the lives of thousands of Americans and thousands of his own people. He deserves the death penalty.

The Innkeeper
I say 'you kill him and see what happens'

If he is killed others will die
He has supporters you know.

Bin Laden..well whoever is running Al quieda at the minute will go off it if he dies and then theres more terror attacks.

I say throw him in jail for life, not a horrible jail, a comfortable one.

So people can see we arent shitting on him when hes down

Because im sure killing him live on tv would make the western world even more loved by the terror netowrks throughout the east smileconfused

Btw- this will be closed

so until it is...put him in a 2x2 foot cell so he cant sit down

Darth Revan
Innkeeper>that's a good point. Personally I think life in prison is almost worse than death... Putting him in prison is plenty of punishment IMO

either a really horrible american prison...or a torturous foreign long as hes miserable for the rest of his life

The Innkeeper
Im always putting forth good points smile

Oh not confused

But serisouly, he should not be killed

i dont see how sombody who has killed others can be killed
isnt killing them just as bad as what they did?

I think the worst punishment for a killer would be for them to see the pain they have caused, daily.

Al Queda hates his gutts to begin with. Either way he will be seen as a possible mayrtr .... a quick unpublic execution would work better to show our resolve but humiliation would be inprisionment... yet every hostage they take they will try and demand the release of saddam... he will be forgotten if exectuted... no one is willing to die for Saddam.

The Innkeeper
Although saddam has seen the aftermath of his actions and doesnt seem to bothered

Although i do admit i found it funny when he said he invaded kuwait to 'keep his army occupied, stop them from being bored'

I dont think he really cares what happens.

Because he knows if he dies others will respond, what with the Abu Hamza deportation happening who could also be killed (so much for free speech) The fanatical muslim world arent going to be too happy


The Innkeeper
well 1, Saddam knew bin laden and ol' Osama was set to visit baghdad

2- Saddam partly funded al queda

So hating him would be rather odd dont ya think.

Dark Vengeance
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how should saddam be punished?
They should througth him in a wood chipper for killing hundereds of people.

i think they should put bush there rght with him

too political.


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