A question as to what would happen if Spidy got the Symbiote

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Would the X-Men come and help? The Hulk? Daredevil? The Punisher? (Note: all them have their own movie as of now). What would happen if the Symbiote bonded to any one of them, instead of Brock?

Currently I have no idea how they'll pull off a Symbiote movie in a series of six. I'd like to hear every viewers opinion (meaning everyone that sees this, reply).

What happens if Wolverine or Prfessor X or Rouge bonded to it, how Spidy react/over-come?

How would a multi-movie cross over work are they all owned by Sony?

I know too many questions at once, too much inteligence really has major downsides. I hope you all understand my rodomontade, sorry I'll stop thinking now.

If they bond the Venom symbiote with ANYONE other than Brock and Spider-Man, there'll be a riot in the streets. I would know, seeing as I'm probably the one who will instigate it. "Venom" is made up of the SYMBIOTE and BROCK combined. You can't take one character away and have it still be "Venom".

Aye, what he said! I've personally never really liked the idea of the symbiote bonding with other heroes, plus it would possibly cause certain confusion in people who don't really know that much about these things, might also serve to destroy the image of how some people look at the characters involved. I honestly couldn't imagine Wolverine with it for example, it would just feel like he'd lost his cool side IMO. Spidy might end up getting it in the movies, that's how the story goes, so i dunno *shrugs*. A crossover i'm not sure about either, people will go to see movies that have their favourite chars in, but if they go expecting X-men and get very little because of everyone else involved, it'll be a bit of a let down for em, plus it would have to be something like Galactus, Ego or Onslaught that they would have to deal with and as cool as that might sound, dunno how it would work. Fitting the symbiotes into the series shouldn't be too hard, they managed it quite easily in the animated series after all! smile

Yeah, I was just attempting to figure out what exactly would happen if the Symbiotes should show up, and how they would deal with them. They might do a Fantastic Four show up with Spiderman 3, seeing as that it comes out in 2005 and S3 in 2007. Might even do cross breed between 1990 animated series and the comics. I would like to see how it's pulled off, as long as they don't slaughter Venom.

SYMBIOTE does bond to Wolverine don't you guys read comics its it the venom vs Wolverine comic and there is also a venom woman a chick brokes going out wif at the time becomes her crossover make a good file turn crap big grin

I meant in the movies, and the female Venom was Brocks ex-wife.

Wolvenom....that was weird all right...

pick up Venom:run part 6-10 to see what thats about

there wont be a cross between spiderman and no other hero, cos spiderman is sony, hulk is universal.but daredevil and xman are fox films,

i made a batnom design pretty cool

here is spidey 3 and the into to the Symbiot

Jamesons's son returns from space bringing along with him the Symbiot suit. The Symbiot gets free and disappears, then the real story of spidey 3 begins. We get a little story about Eddie Brock/Parkers Fued, then Conners is turned into The Lizard by an experement gone wrong (Boy imagine that, an experiment gone wrong in spideyland? No). Anyhow Harry becomes Hob/Green Goblin and teams up with Conners as the Lizard. Harry will no dought trick conners into fighting Parker/Spidey, and Spidey loses. on the brink of death Sipdey Joins with the Symbiot and destroys Harry and Conners, relizing he just killed his Best Friend and his favorite teacher, Peter goes into a Frenzy and rips himself from the Symbiot, and the closing scene is Eddie Brock down on his luck because you guessed it, Peter just put him out of work, is walking down a dark Alley and the symbiot creeps down from a dark roof above.

yeah that would be nice, we can all hope

that sound dumb, they d never go by this way

From information I have allocated to my knowledge, Venom or the Symbiotes will not be in a movie, but this was a what if question. Thank you for telling me which companies held licenses for the individual movies, I wondered about that, but never had the time to check it out myself. I say that Sony should have been the one to make all of them, less cheesiness that way (Hulk, Daredevil).

I would like to know what everyone thinks of my model (link in sig) and what I should do with it (male/female, symbiote or not, etc).


What the deuce, why would the X-Men come and help? (And even more so, why would the Hulk try to help? Or the Punisher?) If that were to happen, Spider-Man would probably seek help in a similar fashion to the 90's cartoon--he'd talk to Dr. Connors.

I mentioned the X-Men because that's who he turned to in the 90s cartoon to help him with his mutation into the Man-Spider. The Fantastic Four will be in theaters in 2005, Spider-Man 3 2007, so if it were to happen, he could goto them like the comics? This is all speculation and what-ifs! I know that there are other characters and Symbiotes smile, but without Venom Carnage would not exist, that is why I mention Venom.

evil face

I don't think they would do a cross-over movie. If they did make one, it would be when all the other movies have been made. Like a final marvel movie.

here it is an old comic book and i didn't like it realy it was ot short, and the end was stupid.

If Spidey still had the sym, he will most likely be obssesive about it

If Spiderman bonded with the Symbiote then Spiderman would become much stronger than he currently is...Technically in the comics, the symbiote didn't actually make him stronger, it just gave him all the symbiote's abilities that Venom normally uses, the webs, stealth, and defensive capabilities.

If they have any sort of cross over involving different marvel teams, then it would be the newly introduced Fantastic Four because Reed Richards is the one who helps Spiderman understand the symbiote and he also helps him get rid of the symbiote. (in the comics)

If a different character obtained the symbiote various things could happen. If the symbiote was originally on Peter Parker, then whoever obtained the symbiote would also retain some of Spiderman's types of powers...just like Brock got when he became Venom. If not, then odds are the symbiote would mimic that hero's particular abilities and the next host would have powers resembling the original owner.

Needless to say, if Wolverine got the symbiote instead of Eddie Brock...then Spiderman would undoubtably be killed because the symbiote would rip Wolvy's head up with thoughts of wanting to kill Spiderman until Wolverine went to kill Spiderman, but unlike any other time the two have met....Wolverine would be able to win.

Yeah Venom suit plus wolverine equals sad spiderman.

I think theres a rule somewhere....

'Anything to do with spiderman MUST have Venom at one point or another'

same as
'Anything to do with the Punisher has the skull'

The only way they could do Venom in the films is if they used the story from the Ultimate Spiderman comic.
Add a few tweaks to make the suit have its own concousness,
(i know a great story on FanFiction.net that explains it)
and BINGO!! Movie Venom!!

(btw the story is called 'Ultimate Venom' check it out, it's very good)

Yah and each comic just so happens to sell for $20+ currently.

Those are the only Venom comics I don't have...sad

You could get the graphic novels, its a great way to read the story and still have some money left. smile

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