Author Weasley, my theory.

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I have a theory about Author Weasley. I believe that by the end of the next book muggels and wizards will have to unite and work togather to defeat the dark side, after all JK has said that muggles will begin to notice more and more in the next book so I think they will be fully involved in the war in some way by the time of book 7.

I think it will be Author Weasley who unites the wizarding and muggle world. Firstly, because of his obsession with all things muggle. He is in a position of some importance at the ministry of magic and will know a great deal more about muggles than most wizards. And secondly, because of his name. I think Jk has named him after king author, and king author is famous for bringing unity to his kingdom. The name author actually means something along the lines of 'bringer of unity' or something like that.

I think there may be at least a tiny shred if truth in my crackpot theory, anyone agree?

plz put in spoilers...

What do you mean? This is just my theory.

BUt what if the Theory is true?? edit it and put in you write everything here but the last spoiler has no space between the [ and the /

A spoiler is information that has leaked out from a reliable source that you know to be genuine. This is not a spoiler it is a theory that i came up with myslef based on my own research.

its just a theroy calm down...its a good theroy too

good theory

indeed it is

yeh i like it! i read something like that somewhere else, but not about the unity thing. good brain zombie (lol, u see wot i did there?)

Wow that is a most excellent theory! I think that's probably the best one I've heard on here!

Good theory!Thumbs up from me.

Yeah Its a good 1 all right coz Jk bases most of her characters on other people and things like that.ect ect

^true^ very good!! (isn't it arthur, not author...)

Yeah big grin

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