all the defence againts the dark arts teachers have something in common!

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pretty angel
1 professor quirrell had voldemort at back of his head and he was trying to get the stone for him
2 professor lockhart got his memory taken from him down in the chamber of secrets where voldemort(slyerrin heir) was trying to kill harry and take ginnys life so he could return to be the greatest sorcerer in the world even tho dumbledoor is
3 professor lupin had a friend who was a great supporter of voldemort(sirius black) but he wasnt but lupins other friend peter was the suporter of voldemort and lupin friend james potter (harrys dad) was killed by voldemort
4 professor mad eye moody well who we thought was mad eye moody but was actually crouch who was a great great supporter of voldemort who wanted to kill harry so his master will reward him and he hated a death eater who walked free or somthing like that
5 professor umbirdge (man i hate her) she thought harry was making up lies and storys about voldemort and said he is not back and harry said what about cedric did he die of his own accord did he but umbridge said his death was a tragic accident and she gave harry detensions well that wot i thought all the teachers had something to do with voldemort well not really all of them so who do u think is gonna be the next teacher?

oh hold! proffesor flitwik also has something in common, he teaches a kid who's parents were killed by voldemort eek!
I dont think that that was a clue, blink tho i think tnks will b teacher wink

kewl.... they all have connections in some way with voldie and they are teaching DEFENSE againt the dark arts ...

this just backs up all kids theorys that teachers are out to get them . . .

most defintly


*eyes tutors suspiciously*


big gay kirk
Ron will be the next DDA teacher...

But then, wouldn't Snape have been or will be in future a DADA teacher as well? Or do they have to be a current supporter (or linked to one) of Voldemort? Now that would be interesting because if you were are right Pretty Angel then it would imply that Snape goes back to the dark side evil face

oh and [email protected]! big grin

laughing out loud!

But I still think Snape might be the next DADA teacher.. he used to be on Voldemort's side

i dont think Snape will be the next DADA teacher.....then Dumbledore would have to go looking for a new Potions not saying thats the reason but Snape is a very very Good Potions Teacher and im sure Dumbledore has a reason to keep Snape where he is....

i also agree with pretty_angel

@Angel.F.265.... stick out tongue lol

oh dammit, well there goes my theory, then mad

Harry did the DA and the curses they learned there were enough to fight off Death Eaters

He will do it somewhere down the line.

Ok this is stupid! Lupin has no connections for Voldemort! All the storys have connections to Voldemort but not the DADA Teachers so your taking it all wrong.

I hope Tonks will get the job as the next DADA.

Yeah i like Tonks big grin

I think harry will be the DA teacher somewhere in book 7

jkr said none of the trio is going to become a teacher though

and the fact all of them were h8d by snape and only lasted a year

and all but lupin met a not to favoring fate in the end. .

1. Quirrell is dead
2. Lockheart lost his memory (good for us, bad for him)
3.Moody doesn't trust any one ever more so
4. Umbridge is well. . . i don't know what to call it. I would say crazy but. . . she was a bit crazy before. . . well she got pushed off the edge
and you can argue that lupin had it bad now, because he can't get a good job

umbridge may not be dead yet but soon will be in the umbride whack thread

laughing out loud


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