Best WWII movies that mainly involve the British

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British Lad
What do you all consider to be the best WWII movies? Two stipulations I must make are that it must involve the British (i.e. A bridge too far or Battle for Britain) and it must have battle scenes (i.e. no enigma). I am trying to enrich my DVD collection.

I dont know of any ww11 that even remotely involve the british

I can think of two right now. The Desert Rats and also The great Escape (it has British prisoners)

big gay kirk
The Cruel Sea... definitely a classic Naval Movie, with narry a yank in sight... Where Eagles Dare... only Clint Eastwood, and he's helping the Brits... Passport to Pimlico... not exactly a war film, but set during the war... great comedy of the sort no one makes anymore.... Cockleshell Heroes... Heroes of Telemark... The Wooden Horse... Hannibal Jones (I think... its about a Brit POW escaping to Switzerland with an elephant...) battle of the River Plate, about the first British Victory in the war, Sept 1939 (down with the Graf Spee!!) Sink the Bismarck! The Eagle has Landed.. (German Fallschirmjaeger in Norfolk!!) Went the Day Well... Last Tide to Dieppe (about the Anglo Canadian raid in 1942... actually a love story, but it does have two battles and the British Army, so it counts...) The Dunkirk Story.... The colditz Story... theres a few to be getting on with... I'll post some more when I think of them....

British Lad
Thanks for the list

BTW do you know any WW2 films that have large tank battles

The Redeemer
Try the excellent BRIDGE AT REMAGEN...some damn powerful tank action in that one...and the end of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN with tanks demolishing an entire town...

I have to go with "The Great Escape", though I also liked "Force 10 from Navarone". They both had "token" Americans working with the Brits, to help increase the US box office.

yeah i dont think any americans was involved in the great escape(in real life)
still a brilliant film though


It's May 17, 1943; the day before the Memphis Belle's, a B-17 bomber, 25th and final mission. After their final mission, they crew of ten men get to go home. Since they would be the first crew to finish all 25 missions in the 8th Airforce, there were already plans to make the 10-man crew big stars back home for the war effort. But the mission hadn't been flown yet. With the target being Bremen (not Dresden), which was a target heavy in surface-to-air artillery, the flak wouldn't be easy to get through. With weather, nerves, and dreams all playing a part in the finishing of the mission, the crew has to become the lead plane in the squadron and get the job done of bombing a Nazi supply factory, if they get it wrong, many innocent people could be killed.


wasn't that american? as in 'memphis'

Bridge on the River Kwai.

dunno about tanks.

i'll fetch my coat...........

I know this is out of your stipulations but I must suggest a movie called Conspiracy . it's a great reenactment of the infamous Wannsee Conference where the Nazi's decide on the 'final solution'

almost all of the actors are British and it's one of the best acting performances I've ever seen!

saving Private Ryan 2 is good

i do not think there was a sequel to Saving Private Ryan...

back on topic :

The Guns of Navarone

A small group of British and Greek commandos, led by Major Franklin (Anthony Quayle) is sent to land on the island. After a long, weary journey, dodging German patrols buzzing about, they reach the ruins of St. Alexis and make contact with the local Greek resistance forces. Captain Mallory (Gregory Peck), who had replaced injured Franklin, begins suspecting a possible traitor among his comrades.

Best Effects, Special Effects

Oscar nominations:
Best Director -> J. Lee Thompson
Best Film Editing
Best Music
Best Picture
Best Sound
Best Writing

Bridge on the River Kwai is great.
The Guns of Navarone is a fun watch.
The Great Escape was mostly British, Australian and Canadian soldiers.
Memphis Belle doesn't have any Brit content what so ever.

What;s that film where they have the fight on the cablecar? That's a good film!

great escape
a bridge to far

lil bitchiness
Word war 11?

yesa it does ; the base is in britain and thats what misled me

We just finished watching Battle for Britain in my American History class, I didn't like it all that much, in all truth I fell asleep during part of it and woke up while things were blowing up. Maybe it was because I was in school. . .or I couldn't understand some of the accents but yeah



Good choices, though, but not BRITISH !!!!

Actually, there quite a few good British WWII films I can think of, as well as having them in my collection.

"Pursuit of the Graf Spee" is a great film about an early WWII naval battle.

"The Colditz Story" is a great POW film, about Britsh prisoners escaping from a German POW camp.

"One of Our Planes is Missing" is about a British aircrew escaping from German-occupied Europe.

"The Dam Busters" chronicles the bombing of the Ruhr dams by British bombers equipped with a secret bomb that bounces on the water.

"Dunkirk" tells the story of the British evacuation of the French port in 1940, evading the Germans.

If you like these choices, I do have others I can include next time.

Actually, "The Battle of Britain" would put anyone to sleep.

A great film, but there is too much melodrama and personal stories, though the combat footage is first rate.

Try "The Desert Rats", which has a damn good tank battle right at the beginning.

Also "The Desert Fox", which is the story of German general Erwin Rommel, with plenty of British soldiers and tanks.

Another good film is "The 49th Parallel" about a German U-boat crew trying to escape from Canada, when their sub is sunk.

Probably not British, but it was made by a British film company, with British actors.


SORRY !!!!

Two good British POW films are "King Rat" and "The Hill".

No big battle scenes, but "King Rat" tells how the British behaved as prisioners in a Japanese POW camp, though the lead character is an American corporal

In "The Hill", Sean Connery gives his best-ever performance as an inmate at a British military stockade in North Africa.

Both are good psychological dramas.

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