what color

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what color are peters eyes??

In the movie or in the comics? In the movie, they are blue; in the comics, I believe they are brown.

And for the love of God, at least say "What color ARE Peter's eyes?"

and in the 90s, cartoon they were first brown then the coo]lorist mutated it to green. there was no need to make a thread about it, u could had just annoyed someone by PMing them

Ghetto Goblin
like you

Ironman 66
this is a waste of a thread who ****in cares what color his eyes are

Ironman 66: obviously the thread starter cares
don't post here if you don't, ok?

Yes, she's right--and I couldn't help but notice that it was a dormant thread that YOU dug up so you could post something rather rude.

Paola is a mod, and is undoubtedly more good natured than I--and let me tell ya--criticizing others over something so silly doesn't sit very well with me, so make sure it doesn't happen again. I'm a busy woman, but I'm never too busy to make an example out of someone who desperately deserves to be kicked off their high horse...I'm not specifically alluding to you in this case, I'm just issuing a warning. I've chased alot of punks off of this forum, just so you know. Somehow, they all been swayed by my very "persuasive" arguments--and NOT A ONE OF THEM HAVE COME BACK.
So, fall in, or you and I may have a falling out--and I will outlast you. That's a promise--"SO PLAY NICE!!!"

Mr Zero
You go girl....

The name's badsymbiote--who's surprised here?

haha right on!

yeah.... you go girl!!!

... but back on topic now..... shifty

Mr Parker
They are brown.they only became green for a few seconds in the 90's toon like RJ was referring to when his spider sense went off which was pretty cool.okay were back on topic now. smile

by the way Paola,why did you close that thread of XAM'S? its not like it got off topic or anybody engaged in name calling or anything. confused

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