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Johnny Depp is in the latest TV Guide! there is about two pages about him in there! Did everyone know that he isn't really married to Vanessa Paradis? and ironically he has a son named Jacksmile hahaha... He says that he lives in Paris, where Vanessa is popular, she is a singer/actress very famous, but he has a place in Los Angeles as well.... EVERYONE YOU MUST SEE THIS ISSUE OF THE TV GUIDE! You know this oscars is his first to be ever be nominated in 20 years of his acting career??


Yes i knew he wasn't married to her and i knew he has a son names jack. he named him after jack sparrow. and he has a little girl lilly-rose named after the star on another movie he was in. and i knew that she was popular. they do live in Paris but also in a small town in southern france. and i also knew that it was his first Oscar Nom!!! (i've been doin my homework:P)

stick out tongue )**

Didn't know he lived in Paris although i knew he lived in south of France and L.A. I also knew he wasn't marrien to Vanessa.
Is it an American TV Guide ?

Kate xx

jack's dudess
he did not name his son after jack sparrow... his son was born before potc and the filming

But he knew he was going to play Jack Sparrow and then his son was born and thats who he's named after... I'm just goin by interviews that i've seen. so it's not me talkin it's him.

I knew all of that I feel so special I found out all about Venessa cause it was an extra credit for french class my teacher was like "Does anyone know who Venessa Paradis is? *everyone stares* he explains *everyone still stares* Does anyone know what famous american actor shes married to (he doesnt know theyre not married) *everyone still stares and a few people shout out a few stupid names someone says Johnny Depp* Thats right *everyones like whats right who is it* Johnny Depp *me and like three other girls scream and everyone stares at us and we exchange evil glances* just some random fun stuff that happens at my school!!!

Ergh cant b bothered readin all that, sicksad

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