kill bill certain sound/music in the movie

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Hey does anyone know the name of the sound/song in Kill Bill Vol. 1 when it zooms up to Uma Thurmans' eyes and it replays when she's being beat up in the wedding chapel? If anyone know the name of this or where to find it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Issac Hayes "Ironside"

burly brawler
it's in the OST, but it's only a clip, not the whole song...

It's Quincy Jones - Ironside. It's a very very short edit from the piece.

What music is that during the scene were Beatrix walks back to Budd's place?

If I had to guess, I'd say it's "A Silhouette of Doom" by Ennio Morricone, since that's the track after the Johnny Cash number on the soundtrack. That's no guarantee, of course, but it's possible.

The music aint on the Soundtrack CD. Thanks though. Annyone else?

That piece of music by Morricone is used in the Elle/Bride scenes.

I just noticed a few of you had been talking about the music from the films and wondered if you'd heard of The Tarantinos? I'm a Tarantino devotee and a music student and havn't been quite so excited about a band since my Granny jumped out a plane naked.
Basically the band play all the music from the films and there coming to my local town.
In case your interseted they're gona be at The Corn Exchange, Newbury, Berkshire on Sat 18 September. Serioulsy if you like the music you'll love em!

Thats sounds good. Welcome, twose!

I think I've found the answer to my own question a few posts above. Sunny Road To Salina by Christophe, it was on the Japanese and fan made (on the DVD) trailer.

bad ritchie
Can't believe there's someone else out there that's heard of this band. I saw them on holiday Germany last year - they were awesome! And now they're coming to the UK!! How can I get tickets? Happy Dance

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