Things which influenced the matrix

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As we have already examined that which the Matrix has influenced. Let us now examine that which the Wachi Bros may have watched or read (as children or as adults) which influenced their writing of the matrix.

Let's see what comes up.

i, robot
dragonball z
samurai movies
karate movies
fighting movies
sci-fi movies

Numo>usually what ends up happening is we argue that the things people are comparing to the matrix are actually things that influenced the matrix, not the other way around...

I'm sorry Real is it? But you will have to do alot better than that. And you are really saying that i, robot which is yet to be released in England influenced the making of the matrix?


actually, Numo, and i woulda thought you knew this, I, Robot was a book written by Isaac Asimov way before the Matrix was conceived.

as for things which influenced the Matrix, they are too numerous to list, but i will list a few as a helpful point.

"Ghost in the Shell" and other similar anime
"Simulacra and Simulation" and the other two books Keanu Reeves had to read before looking at the original script
"Mona Lisa Overdrive" (not the music in the movie, but the book) and William Gibson in general
Shakespearean plays

Dear lord, he wants to know what influenced the Matrix, its sequels and the Animatrix??? Probably everything known to mankind... just a guess.

D'oh! embarrasment

Mr Zero
Before the threat of legal action arose even the Wachowskis admitted that The Invisibles was a huge influence. Then they realized they could get sued and began to deny it... finally settling out of court.

The Invisibles is about a group of reality/time jumping "shamanistic heroes" that seek to wake up the world from the strange "unreality" it's been subjected to by the insectiod gods that live in a reality that overlays our own.

In case you still have any doubt - the cast list for the Invisibles: See if it sounds familier...

Jack Frost: The new "special recruit" to the group, a young man living his normal mundane life unaware of the true unidimensional fight swirling around him on another plane of reality.

King Mob: tall shaven headed sunglasses wearing "leader" of the resistance who spouts from the gnostic gospels.

Boy: A slightly masculine female (called boy!) - the kickass fighter of the group who helps train Jack Frost for his "new" role in The Invisibles and ends up his lover...

The bad - guys: The Myrmidons: The agents in the matrix are clearly derived from these characters, and specifically Mr Gelt is so much Agent Smith is not even amusing.

I'd suggest that anyone who is a fan of the matrix go out and read the invisibles, but a word of warning: if you found the matrix hard to follow in places - dont bother, because the invisibles is what the matrix wants to be when it grows up - and you will not have a CLUE whats going on.

OOOOOOO...sounds like my kinda book...The Invisibles, huh? one book, or multiples?

A number of people have discussed the influence of Gibson novels. Although many people point out that he originated the term "jack-in" and was one of the first writers to focus on the virtual worlds ("consensual hallucinations"wink created by groups of people connected to computers, I think that it is worth pointing out that it is the style of Gibson novels that is a particularly important influence -- Gibson is said to the the originator of "cyberpunk". As part of this stylistic influence, one can say that Trinity is a direct descendant of Gibson's Molly in Neuromancer (Gibson's first book, published in 1984).

Having said this, I don't know anything about the possibility that Gibson himself was influenced but earlier "cutting-edge" comics -- can someone out there who knows comics say whether Gibson's style come from earlier trends in comic books??

John Woo movies. cool

Mr Zero

Everyone check out Lain. It is an anime mini series. It is said to have influenced the Bro's

Mr Zero
Do you mean Serial Experiments Lain ?

I thought they came out at pretty much the same time - I can't see how it could have been much of an influence.

DAMN fine anime tho.

Predator 89
Dark City
Issac Asimov's I,robot
Dune 1-6
Classic Bruce Lee Films

fun matrix
Don forget to add the spiritual text upanishads which influenced matrix movies. the directors hinted this source by chanting the lyrics during smith and neo's last fight and also nine chants which gives the hidden meanings of enntire matrix movies. It is then interesting to know about matrix in that light which will answer all the question we discuss here. I agree to all the literature you guys quote here. But that was used to sketch the story characters. But the theme of matrix is upanishads which is the only literature which the directors openly revealed in the movies, which no one can deny. if that was not the case the lyrics would not have been used.

visit these two sites which gives proof for what i wrote above. It is the interview of don davis, the composer of matrix movies.

Day of the Triffids might have done.

There are also numerous parallels that can be drawn with doctrines of the major religions.

What about Tron, or am i the only person to have seen it?

Victor Von Doom
The most obvious influence is William Gibson's Neuromancer, which I would recommend to anyone.

In fact, the scene with Hideo blinded, and Neo's similar scene was too much of a lift for my liking, Having said that, I thought Revolutions sucked.

yes...William Gibson was a great influence on the Matrix, as has been mentioned before. Mona Lisa Overdrive is an homage to Gibson.

Visually, there is without a doubt that the anime series X must have been a heavy influence. Just check it out and you'll see.

Darks City doesnt count

I think asian action films really inspired Matrix. You can see it in the action scenes.

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