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OK CHECK IT OUT THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY... Go ahead and leave feedback of how and why the winner would conquer all! please only leave comments if you know what your talking about. thanks smokin'

i gotta say goku all the way although superman is cool there would be no competition. sorry supe fans!

ARE YOU KIDDINE!!? superman is the dumbest hero.. the only thing that cud slighty be useful to anyone in dbz is his laser vision... other thank that goku has saiyan strength and can fly aswell.. but much faster.

and for god sakes goku shoots blasts of energy outta his fricken hands!

alright relax man! i know this. actually there is no superhero to even come close to goku or any sayiajin!


k super man would win,my reasons would be while super man is kicking the crap out of goku he would still be talking about how he still is hiding some gay hidden power and beat him up. by the time goku is ACTUALLY DONE TALKING maybe he would just be able to see him self bleeding to death. lol but thats my view on it.

Red Superfly
Saiyans blow up worlds very easily - and CAUSE CRATERS BY YELLING LOUDLY!

It's ridiculous - the whole DBZ/GT thing is meant to be over the top power tripping. Comparring it to the likes of Superman and other traditional western comic book heroes is crazy.

Superman wins this.

While Goku spends the better part of 15 minutes "powering up"

Superman has already stomped a mud hole in him.

Red Superfly
Then his friends wish him back with the Dragonballs (as always - urgh).

Goku is amazingly like Superman, he's died many times, yet, is still alive. (WTF?)

Haven't we done this one before? In one of the appropriate forums, no less.

Major Knight
im with u man

Mr Zero
WTF is this kiddie horsecrap doing in movie discussion? Can we have this thread moved to the kindergarten forum where it belongs.

Major Knight
lol anything with goku or any DB thing should be moved to kindergarden for the plp who watch it the plp in kindergarden lol.

Jason Wyngarde
this has been done before.
major knight think before you speak there is that old saying"be silent and let people think your a fool or speak and remove all doubt". i think your statement has removed the doubt.

Major Knight
dont think that OLD saying got very far. cuase i've never heard of anything like that. but u no good for u to bring somehting like that up.

i think tomany of you people make Goku out like a God and cant be beaten by anoyone. I see many of you believe that there is no character from western comics that could beat goku. Fact is that there are a heap load of characters that would saly Goku in a heart beat. Dark phoenix,x-man, franklin richrads, thanos, just to name a few.

Red Superfly
Yeah, but Goku will be wished back by the Dragonballs, and win. He always does, he's like Superman in that respect.

Major Knight
he can only be wished back once. and it takes about a year to use the balls again.

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