Darth Maul Debate

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Assassin Maul
Was Mauls death fair?

Assassin Maul
I think it was unfair.

Why such a small picture? And yes his death was unfair.

Darth Revan
It was his own fault for being overconfident. Plus, "fair" doesn't matter in duel to the death.

I think the whole Darth Maul character was a huge waste.. didnt we all somewhat expect the Darth to last thru at least 2.25 of the prequels before Vader took over? Especially seeing how cool Maul looked and how dominant he appeared when he faced Qui Gon and Obi Wan... it was cheap and unfair and a huge disappointment to see him cut down to end Episode 1 on a 'happy note'...

then, in ep 2, the Darth is just a big mystery, a secret, nobody even really knows there is a Darth Tyrannus or Darth Greivous or whoever else... who was the bad guy in ep 2? Count Dooku... sure sure he is Darth Dooku/Tyrannus whatever he is, but nobody even knew that at the time... so, for the first what 2/3 of ep 1, there was no Darth, and for the entirety of ep 2, again, no Darth... very sad, considering THE Darth, Vader dominated the Original Trilogy...

now in ep 3, what next? Tyrannus/Dooku/whatever you call him gets wasted to end the clone wars, right in the beginning, then Darth Grievous or whoever that is stays in shadows doing Palpatine/Darth Sidious' bidding for 60 minutes before he too gets wasted, and finally, FINALLY THE Darth, Vader is born?? so finally, after practically 2 whole episodes of NO Darths, we get 2 or 3 or 12 Darths cut down in quick succession, only to finally bring Vader center stage to survive and thrive thru eps 4, 5, 6.... it all seems so 'forced' (pardon the pun) and really kinda weak, when you consider how Vader had endured and endeared himself thru the original trilogy, to go thru so many Darths, without really even focusing on the whole Darthness of them all, for the 'first' 3 prequels...

sucks a$$, if you ask me...

did that answer the question? I forget... forgive the ramble, I hope it makes some sense... oh and the reason none of what might be called 'spoilers' are blocked out as 'possible spoilers' is because I really dont have any idea how Ep 3 is going to play out, or who the Darths/Sith Lords will be, just babbling on about what little I have skimmed from these boards, and from everyone's favorite place for spoilers, SS.com smile ... so, don't take my babble seriously... I dont know what I'm talking about, and dont say it to spoil anything... its just rambling babble, in case you couldnt tell...

agreeing with Darth Revan

Darth Revan
um... No... blink

Dirty Vader
Wow mate, was that a sarcastic comment?
I sure hope so.

I agree Maul did not get enough screen time- in fact, just a couple more establishing scenes for him would have gone a LONG way.

But his death was very fair, I thought. Good way for a guy like him to go.

As mentioned earlier, fair hardly counts...but it sure seemed like it was a forced way for him to have been killed, I think anyone attuned to the force should have noticed what kenobi was doing, and to have stood there while obi leaped over him and then slice him apart without even brandishing his weapon against the Jedi seemed rather out of character for even someone who wasn't of Maul's skill.

i think darth maul is way cooler than darth vader. it pisses me off to see him in fight scene that lasts only say 10 mins? where as darth vader lasts 3 whole episodes. And give it up to darth maul, he faced two jedis together.

i think his death was fair - he fought two jedis and killed one of them.

i think its good that Darth Maul isnt over used, his character has become like Boba Fett was before ep1+2 - a cool, mysterious character.

Darth Vader is the central character of the whole saga
boy --> jedi --> dark side --> vader --> redemption.

I thought C3PO was the central character to the whole saga?

Naked new-born droid --> droid that gets destroyed at the droid army construction facility --> (EP3 probably also gets wrecked, probably by Sith Lords or something) --> droid that gets dismantled by Tusken raiders --> droid that gets blasted to pieces by Imperial stormtroopers --> droid that becomes God to mini-Wookie looking Ewoks... from naked newborn to God, C3Po grows and develops as a central character to the saga...

or R2D2

droid who saves the fleeing Queen by fixing the shield generator--> droid who saves the Queen again by turning off the molten metal conveyor pot moments before Amidala is boiled to death --> (EP 3 probably saves the Queen/Resistance by turning something on or off) -->droid who saves the Princess from the garbage masher AND saves the Death Star plans for the Rebel Alliance --> droid who help a boy become a man become a Jedi in a swamp --> droid who helps that same boy/man/Jedi save the Jedi's friend on the Jedi's home planet from an evil slug, then later helps that saved friend destroy a shield generator in order that the Rebel Alliance may destroy another Death Star... R2 comes full circle too, from fixing shield generators to helping to destroy shield generators, all in the name of growth and character development, as much as in the name of the resistance and the rebel alliance against the evil empire.

Darth Maul was just eye-candy for like 12 minutes of ep 1... sad... sad

Rogue Jedi
darth mauls death was not unfair. obi wan, after splitting mauls saber, had maul fighting a retreating battle. maul fought dirty, using a force push on obi wan. now, when obi wan ws hanging off the ledge, all mul had to do was kill himj. but no, maul had to gloat. this gave obi wan the chance he needed to recover and kill maul. mauls deth was his own doing.

i dont think using the force push was dirty

Rogue Jedi
it was fighting dirty. but, then again, maul was a sith lord. i think it is obvious a sith will do anything to win a fight.

I think maul was clone before his was sent to fight

is any one gonna talk to me

im geten pissed

Rogue Jedi
maul? a clone? thats ludicrous.

I think that honestly, keeping Maul throughout the saga would have been better than putting Dooku in in Episode 2. It would've been much cooler if he had killed Qui-Gon, beaten Obi-wan down into that cylander and just LEFT. That would've been confounding as hell.

Maul a clone laughing laughing your joke right ? Why in the hell would he be cloned, it would be a waste of time.

Rogue Jedi
or perhaps, instead of chopping maul in two, they could have made obi wan spring from the pit, engage him again, and lop off his hand or something. maul then could have escaped somehow. i can see that.

Always two there is, Master and Apprentice, no more no less!
Crap as the character was in EP2 Count Dooku is unfortunately very pivotol in the grander scheme of things which is why Maul had to die which is a great shame as Mauls was a fantastically cool dude. I mean how many kids wanna play at being Dooku compared with Maul?

those old at heart?

Rogue Jedi
excellent point. also, i cant see maul asking obi wan to join him. "dude, you chopped off my hand!!!!"

I rate Dooku ten times better as a character than Maul.

Dooku had much more depth. I would have been happy to see him as the only Sith apprentice in the PT. Maul was great in the action sequences, but overall....un-necessary.

true, unfortunatly

Rogue Jedi
they should have delved further into his character. there are a few books that do this, and i gotta say, in the books he is a well rounded character.

The idea of Dooku? Yes it could have been and should have been fantastic, I just dont think it was portrayed very well. Considering how long GL spent making the new episodes when I watch them I always get the impression of them being a rush job! That doesnt mean I didnt enjoy them though.

(I still think Maul was one very cool geezer cool )

Aside from that he should have been in the first half of the film as well, I thought Dooku was implemented just fine.

Thing is, very cool as Maul was, he was just an assassin/thug, like Vader eventually becomes.

Dooku actually ADDED something to the type of evil guys we get. Sidious is the background manipulator. Vader the executioner, which Maul duplicates. But Dooku is the social bad guy- the charming, refined and intelligent one. It was an evil 'type' we had not seen in SW again and worked well.

Rogue Jedi
ush, you think they picked the right actor to play dooku? if no, who do you think could have played him better?

Thats a fair point Ush. I think if Dooku had maybe introduced better in the film it might have made a diffence to the way the guy has been recieved.

As far as the actor they probably picked the right person, he's certainly got that refined, old school charm about him. Maybe someone a little more dynamic as well would have been better but I cant think of anyone.

Both TPM and AOTC suffered from insufficient bad guy time, actually. All Maul would have needed was a couple more establishing scenes earlier on and he would have been doing just fine!

Oh, I think Mr. Lee worked very well as Dooku.

Rogue Jedi
yeah, maul was like " me maul. me kill. me bad man." laughing

"At last we will reveal ourselfs to the Jedi.
At last we will have revange" *drools*

If Maul had been more developed, had more dialogue or more of a character, he would've been awesome, and well worth staying in all three movies, as opposed to this "new villain every flick" crap.

Maul just diddnt strike me as being all that powerful. I mean he was a great warrior, but I dont thing he was suited to manipulate anyone like Dooku does the confedaracy.

well, not manipulating, but I think if he says "join us or die" people WILL listen wink

Rogue Jedi
maul has a really cool background. while it is not CANON with the films, it is very interesting:
species: zabrak
homeworld: iridonia
age: mid 20's
according to one website, and again, i know this is not CANON, sidious tracked down maul when he was a child, then known as Khameir Sarin, who was force sensitive but had not been tested by the republic. when khameir was 12, sidious revealed himself to the youth. as a test of strength, sidious convinced khameir to lay an ambush for some of his friends., to test his strength. unknown to maul, 7 jedi had been lured to the ambush scene, rather than khameirs friends. the jedi were ambushed and struck back in self defense. khameir had no choice but to retaliate, leavung what remained of the small band of jedi for dead.

Maul kicks ass, I was so dissapointed to see him die,If anyone should have been Jar Jar Binks! Maul would have been a better character to extended in the second and third movies. He was just meaner cooler, and looked more menacing then Duku. Maul was bad ass enough to kill Quan Ji, and rock Obi-Wan. A matter afact he beat Obi-Wan, and was only killed because of his on cockness. Maul should not have been defeated so quickly. Would have been better that Anakin killed Maul and then Duku be introduced.

Rogue Jedi
i can see that. maul and annie dueling in attack of the clones. first, it would be obi wan and maul, round 2....maul would not make the same mistakes as he did in the phantom menace. maul would defeat obi wan, just like dooku did. annie would jump in, saving obi wan, just like he did in ep.2. then, annie would duel with maul with two sabers against mauls dual blades. he would kill maul, avenging qui gon jinn. dooku would then be introduced at the end of ep.2, as sidious's new apprentice.


Rogue Jedi
that sux.

Darth Mauls death was friggen unfair.
Obi wan took his masters lightsaber and Maul had his lightsaber broken really I think Maul should have won!!!!! miffed

Maul stood there yes but he was the most awsome character love
sorry I had sugar
Being cut in half was the worst way to die worse that Boba fett dieing in a burp in the dessert.

HEY george lucas could you make a cliff hanger thingy and bring him back?!!!
I even have an Idea to bring him back along with a story afterwards.

Let Maul die an honolrable death and stay away from CHEATING SCREWY JEDI SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil face evil face evil face alien alien alien rolling on floor laughing

umm at least in EU boba fett didnt die in the sarlacc...
maul had to die cause in the novel it was important because obi-wan while hanging there had realized that he was "trying" so he calmed himself down and he focused on "doing". maul was watching obi-wan calm down which confused him (as seen by the stupid look he makes before obi-wan jumps up) and is not concentrating on the battle...
i wanted him to live to but it was pivitol in obi-wans rise to becoming a jedi-knight

wait wait wait - HOW can u say that DMauls death was unfair? He cheated to beat Qui-Gon. He hit him in the chin - if he was good enough to beat Q, he wouldnt have needed to do that... not only that - if ObiWan wasnt slow - and they hadnt been separated Maul would be in alot more pieces than 2... and on that note if Obi and Q could run superfast away from the droidekas, why couldnt he do that then? but anyway... I always always thought Qui-Gon let himself die, because he just stops fighting, and looks at darth maul, and barely tries to block his swings from that point on. so i think Darth Maul recieved a death far more fair than he deserved

Mace Skywalker
Unfair, he deserved every bit of what he got. Maul cheated in the first place by using a force push, after obi chopped his saber. Obi would have killed his sorry ass anyway.

no my clone should not have died!

If he was a real cheating sith ........wouldnt he have thought "screw the lightsabre" and just do a force choke on both Qui Gone and Obi wan?
Or do you reckon he wanted to fight.......as the stare he gave a meditating Qui GONE was similar to the stare you get off most of the locals in my local pub if you spill their pint.

I like the idea of Dooku and i rate Christopher Lee......the scene between himself and Mcgregor is a sw highlight but the fight scene was just SO badly edited and so unconvincing.
AND kids just didnt get him
They just thought he was some old fossil coming after the nastiness and ULTRA coolness of Maul.

I agree

Originally posted by cylob49
Or do you reckon he wanted to fight

after years of training i guess he wanted to have a duel with the real deal.
Obi Wan was on the up so yeah true he prob thought screw this and did the force push

Jedi Priestess
Dooku had more depth because he was written with more depth.
And there is no fair or unfair in this type of duel. Maul lost because he became over confident and under estimated Obi-Wan.

Red Superfly
Darth Maul was a wasted opportunity. I know it's Lucas thing and all, but he really should have had a Sith Lord that was THE MAN before Vader, and then have an almighty fight between Darth Maul and Darth Vader for the Emperors right hand.

Just IMAGINE that. With Vader winning. Imagine the mixed emotion, the whole "Yaaaayy! NooooooO!".

Back before the PT was made, there were EU stories of Vader killing not only Jedi, but cutting down The Sith aswell, which I thought would have been AMAZING.

When I saw Maul, I thought "Vader'll take him out in Ep.3" - but instead they kill him off so those horrible creatures could have their happy ending. Urgh.

This is like Boba Fett all over again.

nope it was a derserving death because he had killed two jedi even before qui-gonn in episode1 when he was track down some jedi that something that darth sidious wanted also he was taken when young from world that was made of fire so he would have been evil either way that's my take on it.

Red Superfly
What the f**k?

Mr Parker
Darth Maul and Jar ajr binks were the two worst things about the first movie.Thank god Maul was not in the last one.Darth maul was a stupid villian.He was not at all a believeable villain like Darth Vader was.He looked like one of those wrestlers out of wwf.Like someone else said earlier,he was a wasted character.I could not help but laugh everytime I saw him. big grin

dont judge by looks.

chilled monkey
There's another thing to consider as well. You know how Maul's duel sabre is cut in half and he fights on with just a 'regular' lightsabre? I've done some research and apparently it is VERY difficult to switch from one style of weapon to another like that in the middle of a fight (e.g. switching from a staff to a sword). It requires a complete reorientation of posture, mindset etc. Yet Maul does it with ease. Shows how skilled he is.

Really, if he hadn't gotten cocky, Obi-Wan would have been finished.

Maul was a great "Bad" guy and Sith Lord....I feel they should have actually kept Maul and Qui-Gon in until atleast Episode II. LOL Still, I love the fight scene in TPM. It is one of the best so far. LOL

Mr Parker
aw damn,whan I saw the tital of this thread,I thought it was to talk about if Darth Maul was a good villian or not.He suckes as a villian and was not at all a beliveable villain like Darth Vader was.He looked like one of rock stars from the rock group KISS.seriously,look at those singers from the rock group KISS and then look at Darth Maul,the comparions are very similiar.

Reborn Again
Darth Maul was an excellent apprentice. The fight scene between Qui-Gon and Maul was fantastic. He was a hunter and killer and served his purpose quite well. But I wish GL would have let us all in on the origin of Maul. He's so out of character with the rest of the cast that a back story should have been inserted. Still, he's a mystery character, and only served the purpose to kill Jedi, as per Sidious's order.

He needed more screen time in episode 1 but they were right to kill him off. Has anyone read the book Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter?

I think most people were disappointed that more wasn't made out of darth mauls character..but then, darth maul was basically a very skilled heavy. No more, no less. The problem with him not being given much screen time is that we didn't get to cultivate a deeper hatred that would have made his sabre fighting scenes with the good guys more engrossing to watch. There's a history, presence and depth to Darth Vaders character that naturally makes us interested in his duals with the other characters.

i think darth maul should have killed obi-wan

Jedi Priestess
whoops wrong place

There are always mysterious characters, do you know sidious' history? or dookus other than he was a jedi?

Darth Subjekt
hey green....i mean : S: S: S3....Darth Maul died at just the right time, if he was too stupid to not kill OB1 when he had the chance, then he deserved to die.

o by the way this is for everyone that said that Darth Maul was a Sith Lord. He wasnt a Sith Lord he was an apprentice and he was the phantom menace. okay get it straight for gods sake.

I'm a big fan of Maul. He's da shiznit. However, I have to say no to this one. When I saw the end of it at TPM, I was in awe. How could he die like that? I went storming out of the theatre. At least 10 people gave me weird looks. Then I realized what happened. He got cocky and overconfident. It's his fault, not Obi's. Obi didn't do anything unfair. Maul's death was his own fault. You don't have to agree with me, all of you other Maul fans. I'm just saying my piece.

Seems like an old topic, but i had to join in.

Both Darth Maul and Count Dooku served their purpose in the plot: creating a parallel.

Darth Sidious went through as many apprentices as Luke Skywalker went through masters in the original trilogy. In any case, Darth Maul is (was) a noble character that got a fair death in the end. He should not have stayed, just cause he LOOKS cool.

And the point of the lack of villains in Ep 2 or 3 or whatever, you're obviously missing Vadar himself, hes right there on the screen for viewing pleasure for nearly all of 2 and 3. How many movies do you know that focuses the entire plot on the "bad guy"? the entire star wars saga is the story of Darth Vadar, or Anakin skywalker from his start as a jedi, his journey to the dark side and back. Any other sith lords or apprentices is excessive.

The Biker Scout
it was bogus he was rock ooooooooooo lishus

Originally posted by Ushgarak
I agree Maul did not get enough screen time- in fact, just a couple more establishing scenes for him would have gone a LONG way.

But his death was very fair, I thought. Good way for a guy like him to go.

Exactly! Happy Dance

Darth Travizzle
I never really liked Darth Maul. Not because he was evil, but because he was lacking something. The greastest/coolest villain, was of course Darth Vader.

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