spy kids created a new...era?

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have u notice that after spy kids many spy kids movies have been out?? that movie even tho it's not very good created a new era in hollywood!!

The first "Spy Kids" (2001) cost $35 million, and made nearly $112.7 million.
The second one (2002) cost $39 million, and made $85.5 million.
The third (2003) cost $39 million, and made $111.7 million.

Do the math. Even though the two "Cody Banks" movies didn't do nearly as well (the second one LOST money!), it's the sort of success that will definitely inspire copycats. In fact, they're planning a series of video games based on the "Spy Kids" movies. The bottom line IS always the almighty dollar.

Major Knight
true, its just like any other type of movie that gets money. such as spider-man has paved a way for tons of other super hero movies.

"Superman", "Batman", "X Men", "Men In Black", and "Blade" paved the way for other comic book movies, considering all of them were made before "Spiderman".

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Speaking of Spy Kids...has anyone head anything on a Spy Kids 4??

I can only think of 3 other movies that invole children as spys

Spy Kids 1-3
Harriet the Spy
Agent Cody Banks 1 + 2

Major Knight
dude none of those movies realy paved much way for the big ones comming now. i do admit x-men prolly incouraged spider-man, but the old stuff like bat-man and superman didn't do much other wise those other movies would've been made faster. and blade well i dont think he could pave crap on that matter so i really dont care. but all i ment was that spider-mans income made other plp think about other movies being made like that. iron-man, fantastic 4, batman begins all that kinda crap would prolly not be made without spider-man success, well maybe batman but prolly not the rest. so yea do think before you talk CD.

None of the ones you mentioned on their way are by any means "big".

To say that "Batman" especially, being a $1.4 BILLION dollar movie franchise did absolutely nothing to usher in other comic movies, is ludicrous.

"Blade" gave hope to smaller comic book franchises like "Hellboy", and "Batman", "Superman", and "X Men", coupled with popular demand, helped those like "Spiderman".

Granted "The Phantom", "The Avengers", and the original "Punisher" were poor movies, and faired accordingly in the box office, but those are the earliest examples of how "Batman" and "Superman" both cracked the door for the genre.

catch that kid is kind of a spy kid thing

I know that Superman, Batman movies, and Men in Black were out long before the current superhero movies but as someone who was never into "comic book movies" until recently, I would honestly say that X-Men paved the way for the comic book movie craze. Spiderman was the most successful (and also my favorite) , but Xmen really started it for me, at least.

Darth Revan
Spy Kids
Agent Cody Banks
Catch That Kid
This "Thunderbirds" thing looks pretty similar as well...

And I could be wrong but wasn't Harriet the Spy made BEFORE Spy Kids? I might be thinking of a different version, but I remember watching a Harriet the Spy movie when I was like 10 or 11...

o god i hope not. . . I saw the first one, it was ok, and i saw part of the second one, it was. .. . eh. but the 3rd one!!!! omg!!!!!! I wanted to kill those kids!

i noticed that too.... ever since Spy Kids there've been more damn kid spy movies made.... i dont understand why anyone would wanna see those kind of movies, they look so stupid!!!

yeah and well spy kids isnt that old... so cody banks, is kinda a famous movie and is sooo based on spy kids, so is catch that kids, the director didnt want ppl to think it was a spy movie but it is.... "they're on a mission, wihout permission" cool name right? but the movie SUCKS plus i bet lot of other spy movies r coiming (kids)

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