Oh Hell No

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okok, enough is enough. Have u people seen what they have done to the THUNDERBIRDS??!?!?!?

that cartoon rocked in the 80's.

AND DO U see the pack of focking shit they reduced it to???? WHAT is the deal with the spy-kid setting.

Please someone tell me why hollywood keep messing up these stories we loved forever??? GODDAMMIT, Where are the brains these days????

ok thats my tantrum for now.

I think you're confusing the Thundercats..


..with "Thunderbirds are Go!", which is the 1964 puppeteered childrens show that the live action movie is based off of.


Even still, they did ruin the "Thunderbirds" name with this live action atrocity, regardless. I have no clue what they were thinking when they made this one.

Has he even seen the trailer laughing

this movie looks sooo stupid!!!

Ah, get over it.

....Sorry to say, I actually didn't mind the film. But I am not quite old enough to remeber to much of the original.

oh nooo thunderbirds was all about the puppets!

nooo there WAS ALSO A CARTOON in the 80's

Are you sure? The only other Thunderbird I remember is cheap nasty cider favoured by down and outs in this country.

It's Thunderbirds 2086 which was only on for one season, the course of maybe 4 months in '82, 18 episodes.

OH YEAH, thats it. wow only one season., But it wasn't that bad, i've seeeeen much worse cartoons stay on for longer.

The trailer was cringe-worthy, i dont think ill be seeing it at the cinema, and i dont think ill see it on DVD

Meat Wad34
They are actually showing reruns of Thunderbirds on G4TechTV.

It was a mistake making a Thunderbird movie in the first place. The original show wasnt dumb enough I guess.

Darth Revan
From what I read in my newspaper, the show the movie is based on was a British children's puppet show during the 60's that was a miserable failure...

I didn't care much for the show at all but after seeing the trailer to the movie, I'd rather watch the show. Someone must have been high when thinking of that movie.

what makes the movie worse is that they made it with dorky kids in the rpesence of kick ass movies like bourne supremacy and spider man

Thunderbirds 2086 -

There are 24 episodes, only 22 where dubbed to english I believe.

From what I have been able to find, only "Trial" and "U.F.O" haven't been seen by anybody outside of Japan.

I currently have 13 of the 24 episodes

TV dot com has a more up to date information on the series.

I'm working on a web site

Contact me directly for more information on the series if you want.

Where do you people dig up these old threads from??? LOL

speaking of THUNDER

does anyone remember that cartoon THUNDERSUB. that cartoon was great

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