Mummy Movie Fans

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If there are any fans of the Mummy Movies out there, we may have some good news...Looks like there pushing Sommers to do another one!!

Sure hope the first two!!

Should be in movie section - moving

i think it shud be ... but the answer to your question is yes

no, zombie ones are better... like Dawn of the Dead! (still waiting to be moved)

i dont think so they r ruddy crap

when you say mummy movies, do you mean mummy as in the brendan fraiser mummy, as in the mummy returns, or mummys in general?

i think he means bredan and in that case please no more of them! the first wasnt too bad but the second sucked the mummy was hardly used it was so lame... there beating a dead horse if thye try to make aother

Yea, I dont see why the would make another, the first one was ok, but thats it


Forum crew is right who cares the second one wasnt bad enoguh.

I liked it the first time i saw it (the mummy), but the more i see it now, the more i hate it. The mummy returns was only a popcorn movie, as will any more predecessors.

surely there cant be another brendan fraisier mummy though, he killed it totally in the 2nd film.

unless the mummy manages to escape wherever it went in the movie, but that would suck, vigorously.

hey the mummy was great. At first u will think that its just an Adventure film, but it had some great comedy in it.

I dont care what anyone says i love it.

Already knew about a year and a half ago.

I have a feeling that the 3rd is gonna kill the 1st and 2nd ones..... no no

but you neva know...

I think that it would be ok to have a 3rd mummy movie as long as there are no more spin offs...( the Scorpin King) now that one really sucked evil face

i luuuuuuuved the mummy movies... i am a really really mad fan of them ... i used to watch them everyday i drove people barmy ...
but like people say how could they get imohtep bak from hell . i think the story finished where the second movie did it was a good enough ending for me ... (* tho i wouldnt whing if a thrd movie came out )

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