I had the weirdest dream last night

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I had a dream that me and my brother lived with my step mum (for some odd reason) and my step mum dated Bill Murray, when I got out of the car from school I was like 'Hey Bill' and he was like 'Hey, how was your day?' and I was like 'Cool' then he was like 'bye' and I was like 'bye' then he went to my step mum and they started hooking up infront of me and my brother, so my brother goes 'urgh', shurgs, then walks away........

When I woke up I was like 'Well that's different....'

It was weird............

Well do you like Bill Murray

cool, nice wierd dream

I had a dream once that little british kids sent retards after me and then hit me to death with logs

Raven Guardia
Hmmm, strange. mostly dreams represent Unconscious needs or desires or away of releasing our most unwanted deepest darkest thoughts and feelings that way they can not effect us in our waking lives. and will not lead to such things as depression...but this different. did you think of bill before going to sleep or talk about him anytime during that day?

i had a dream that i was a purple vampire..i also had a dream that my friend was a muffin happy

was it me????

eek! i had the same dream

I just woke up from a dream where I had a lush car (and I mean wow, not even invented yet stick out tongue), but then realised I didn't have the key. It was a lot more complicated than that though.

It's so easy to explain though... I'm getting a moped for my birthday and it's in the garage now. stick out tongue

I had a dream I was in army.

I had a DREAM!!!!

nooooooooo!!!!! eek!


it's true!!!


That's interesting Raven G, I was reading a magazine before I went to sleep that had a picture from 'Lost In Translation' and I was like 'MMM! he's looking mighty fine in that!' but I didn't really think more on the subject.

I told my brother that morning and he was like 'Shut up! shut up! eek!' and I was like 'Yeah, I know' and then he goes 'If Bill became our Dad I would kill myself' and I was like 'I can help, I could accidentally* push you into a wood chipper' and then we began fighting. I had another dream were he made us watch 'Lost in Translation' it was weird, and kind of boring no expression I remember thinking 'Man I wish this dream would end already.'

Bill's disrupting my precious dream time and I want him out! mad

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