Collateral Alternate Ending

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Neo Baggins
Can anyone think of an Alternate Ending to Collateral, if anyone saw it...the ending sucked!

This thread could contain spoilers...

Present the entire movie as a dream sequence. Then, have Jamie Foxx wake up in his taxi, with people blowing their horns, followed by Cruise knocking on the taxi window.

Neo Baggins
Thats good....

Neo Baggins
I'm still thinking of one...

Max (Jamie Foxx), upon grabbing the policeman's gun, should have called police HQ and told them there was a terrorist threat in that building. Hundreds of police, firefighters, etc. would have shown up in minutes, long before Vincent (Tom Cruise) had a chance to find Annie (Jada Pinkett-Smith). If they didn't catch Vincent right away, the hospital video cameras would have had pictures of Vincent, and they could have tracked him down in short order.

hmmm let's see.. Vincent could have just killed Annie (J P-S) and then, of course, Max would have thrown a hissy fit so Vincent gives him a lecture while the police arrive outside and then runs out while Max cries by the body, the police come and see him over her body and take him away but the police prove he didn't do it and he gets released. A year or so later it shows him on the phone, in his cab, talking to a bank about getting his limo service started. A knock comes on the window and he turns to see Vincent "can I get a ride" Max blinks and it's a construction man "hey buddy! You're blocking our truck!" "oh..sorry" Max pulls away yeehaw!

this one's kick a$$!!!

vincent kills annie before max can find her. max finds the body and mourns for a while. max exits building where the police are waiting outside from annie's 911 call trace. they see max with the gun, opens fire. max dies, vincent runs...

similar to mine, but better because more people die..


sick and twisted. big grin!

Primitive Screwhead #1
Ever consider scriptwriting, CA? Good call.

Neo Baggins
Yeah, try a screenplay, im still thinking though

Neo Baggins
MY SCREENPLAY WILL HAVE SPOILERS and i do want to add spoilertags to my screenplay it would look messy wink

Neo Baggins
(Continues from part where Vincent and Max try to shoot eachother and dont have bullets.)

Vincent sits down while there is still ammo on the floor.

Max sits in the seat across from him while Annie sits next to him.

Vincent: Max.

Max(whispering): What....

Vincent: Do you think...anyone would notice if anyone dies on the Metro?

Vincent's head droops as if he is dead and you see Annie's face with awe, as they get up and walk out of the train. Just as they walk away and Vincent couldn't see them and he looked up and took a gun out of his pocket and picked up the ammo and put it in his gun just before the doors would close.

Vincent holds out his gun as you see them walk in slow motion. Max sees Vincent holding his gun out in a piece of glass and max leans over on Annie saying:

Max: Run!

Vincent shoots and misses. Max and Annie are running down someway and they see a brick wall ahead of them.

Annie: There's no way out, We're gonna die.

Max: Shit!

Vincent shoots a couple of times and misses then holds the gun towards Max's head and in slow motion you hear a gunshot. Then you see Vincent Fall to the ground with a Police Officer behind them.

Max looks at Vincents body.

Max: How?

Police Man: Come on, Let Me take you home.

The PoliceMan starts to walk as Max and Annie follow as Max puts his jacket over Annie and puts his arms around her.

Fades to Black.

The End.

Neo Baggins
you like? I will make somemore.


Neo Baggins
you think so?

Neo Baggins
oh yeah i forgot you hate me

No i dont hate you ..i didnt hate hitler i just disliked him a lot.

Primitive Screwhead #1
What's a good way of putting this... if Cinemaddiction's version is on par with say... Sixth Sense, then yours would be equivalent of... Ecks vs. Sever.

That's not a compliment.

Cinemaddiction's is kinda lame IMO. Making everything a dream sequence is the easy way out and it's been done tons of times on soap operas and sitcoms. I like neo baggins version better.

well it's been done so many times, yet it never ceases to amuse audiences. Besides, it's more like.. predicting the future since he knocks on the window at the end. You know, like in horror movies where they wake up and they're all "Oh it's just a dream" but then they look beside them and there's a dead body or something... bad example.. you catch my drift.

Primitive Screwhead #1
It would have worked in this film. Michael Mann isn't known for twist endings... would have caught me off guard.


the coolest ending I think would've been, ****SPOILERS****

after the shoot out, Foxx is the one hit and falls over dead, and then Vincent walks over to where Jada is sitting, have a shot looking up at Vincent with his gun pointing at you as if in Jada's point of view, then fade to credits. Now that would be kick ***!!!

okay here goes. Vincent is in the building searching for Annie, and he finds her sitting there behind her desk cowering away. Vincent slowly walks over taking his time and pulls out his pistol and is about to shoot her when she pulls a matrix move, doging the first bullet and tripping Vincent, as he fires another shot into the ceiling. she then takes a chair and throws it against the window breaking it and she jumps out (in slow-motion).
As she is falling Vincent peers over the edge and mutters "oh shit" and jumps out after her while shooting, he manages to hit her head and as they fall Vincent deploys a parachute and escapes while pressing a button that nukes the building. After that he lands and snipes Max making a clean getaway in the Batmobile!

Primitive Screwhead
Might as well have the Oompah-Loompahs sign along to the closing credits while you're at it...

laughing laughing laughing

But seriously the only thing I would change is that they at least drag Vincent out of the train before they left. It is just plain evil to leave him there on the train dead going around half the state!!

i like my ending


I think Max finding out Vincent is his dad and Annie his cousin would have worked better - after he slept with them both.

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