Little Nicky: What did you guys think?

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The Dark Lady
What did you guys think about the movie "Little Nicky", Starring Adam Sandler?

Major Knight
this movie kicked ass it was so funny to me. and i just think andam sandler's movies always kick ass. plus the popeyes chicken thing was the best.

Mr Zero
I have to give this one credit - it made cry so hard i almost was sick with grief: A heartrending film with a real message and some fine acting and... no ..wait..that was STEPMOM.

Lil nicky made me laugh.

Fun movie and his brother Adriane was one badass portrayal of a villain, even though it was a comdey.

It was ok, kind of annoying in some parts, but still ok. Not Sandlers best.


yeah i think i laughed, but i usually do when it comes to sandler, but i think this one took several viewings for it to grow on me. who cares anymore, i mean i dont,not after his many failed re-attepmts to going back to his roots,but still riding the line on sensitvity to give us 51st dates. what the hell was that

Truth be told, it is a personal favorite. A real guilty pleasure.

"Popeye's Chicken is ****in' awesome!"

Jedi Priestess
blink you guys this movie was stupid

Mr Zero
Stupid is sometimes good... for example


Major Knight
i wouldn't say you had a guilty pleasure, little nicky was awsome and a great movie to the sandler wall of fame.

I thought you were going to say Stormy Day laughing out loud

Stormy Day
Quite possibly one of the worst movies ive ever seen erm I just felt so stupid watching it I just felt like turning it off at so many parts but I restrained myself and sat threw this piece of crap.

"but still riding the line on sensitvity to give us 51st dates. what the hell was that"
a really funny romantic comedy?
at first i thought the story line was abit thin, but they managed to pull it off nicely. it's funny everytime i see it. IMO it's one of the best romantic comedy.

back to the topic at hand, i think Little Nicky's funny. we laughed quite hard when we saw it.

kewl movie i watched it by accident at the cinema .. as the movie i wanted to watch was full so i went t watch it and i thought it was wquite good choice

it easily had its parts that were dumb in a bad way, but it had its parts that were ****in hilarious!!!

Horrible, one of the worst movies I've ever seen other then Batman and Robin.

u obviously have no sense of humor!

Major Knight
true, this movie no matter how stupid was very very funny. i wanna go rent it tonight.

Stormy Day
Sorry,seeing breast on a guys head just doesnt amuse me erm

Then what does?

Major Knight
lol true, nothing now a days even come close to as funny as that. and i love the guy at the start of the movie watching the mom undress. it was great.

Stormy Day
Its crude humor at its worst,its not funny,

Well you thought the princess diaries 2 was funny so you you dont matter stick out tongue

Stormy Day
Sorry I found PD2 more enjoyabale than this piece of crap confused

Major Knight
LMAO u found those movies enjoyable???
thats so funny u would watch those horrible movies, but u didn;t love another classic from the adam sandler, well i guess u have to like crude funny stuff to like sandler. but w/e

Little Nicky was funny. I don't think it was Adam's best movie though. It's just a fun film not to be taken too seriously. I remember when the trailer came out. I thought that they were gonna have Adam say his lines backwards and in the studio play them in reverse to give it that Satanical effect. But alas...


Stormy Day
There not all horrible movies and there certainly better than this.I love Adam Sandler and have seen his movies and that why I thought this was a step down from his usuall comedy which made me laugh.

I enjoyed Little Nicky.

little nicky really sucked, very disappointing for an adam sandler film

The Dark Lady
Are you nuts I had to go to the bathroom a thousand times.It was incredably Funny!!!!!!!!!!

"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight" - The Joker.

- The Dark Kid.

ScarFace Clone
That movie was very funny


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