~ Jensen Ackles ~

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Anyone here familiar with Jensen Ackles?

Starred as:

Eric Brady in the soap Days of our Lives (I don't watch soaps, so did not see it that much)...

CJ, Jen Lindley's love interest in Dawson's Creek

...most popularly known as ALEX, the lovable X5-rogue (with designation X5-494) in James Cameron's Dark Angel

...soon in a film called Devour

...and as Jason Teague, Lana Lang's new love interest in Season 4 of SMALLVILLE....

whattya think?

kaleigha eden
I loved Alec. He made season 2 of Dark Angel watchable. Thanks for the info on Smallville, too. Tom Welling AND Jensen. YAY Smallville!

Yeah...Jensen and Tom! YAY!

ALEC has got to be one of the coolest character in that show. Too bad it was cancelled....man!

kaleigha eden
I think that Alec would have been about the only thing that would have made me attempt season 3 of Dark Angel, come to think of it. They were just getting his character reasonably well developed. Too bad, wasted potential. sad

ya hes hott! i can't wait to see him on Smallville!

I was also pleasantly surprised when he was cast in Smallville. It is a series that I follow. Not much of a Kristin Kreuk fan, but this was actually the only time i really envied her...hehehe!

I heard that the producers of the series TRU CALLING was hell-bent on getting Jensen as a series regular in the series, as Eliza Dushku's love interest, but Jensen chose SMALLVILLE instead. As a result, creators of Tru Calling simply just cast another actor and used as the cahracter's name: JENSEN.

kaleigha eden
Funny, I don't care much for Kristen, either. Although, now that you mention it, it could be pure and simple jealousy. big grin

laughing out loud This guy is pretty hot. Love him...whoo-hoo Happy Dance

Princess Re
not all the perfect.....now orlando on the other hand shifty

let me finish that sentence for you Re

......is horrendous

pure and simple jealousy, eh? perhaps, but i still don't like her....acting-wise.

I love Orli, too...Princess RE...who said I can't adore him and Jensen at the same time? tee-hee!


He's dream girl is Adriana Lima (that's what he said) but his girlfriend (Joanna krupa) is blond! That's funny man.....


BOPRecruit 16
didn't think much of him at the time when he was in the fourth season of smallville for his role was kind of minor and all. anyways, love him in supernatural as dean! handsome, heard he's nice, love his singing voice, and has potentials of a good actor. well, has some of the qualities! can't wait for season two of supernatural and hope to see him in more movies in the near future or guest star on other shows whenever he has time off from supernatural!

Darth Macabre
He's a good actor...

BOPRecruit 16
He definitely has a wide emotional range and expressive face. Find him a better actor than Jared Padalecki. Not that I'm saying that Jared is bad or anything like that. Just that Jensen is better on some levels.

BOPRecruit 16
which show do you like jensen on best? also, for those of you who have seen pix of his new movie, ten inch hero, what do you think and his hair? pretty amusing to see him with a mowhawk. lol stick out tongue love the tattoos! *sigh* as for supernatural, love the new season. testing and pushing more of jensen's acting abilities. anyways. who here has seen devour and is it any good?

i loved loved him as Alec

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