Official-how Obi Wan And Yoda Know Anakin Is Vader!!

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This guy told em!


roll eyes (sarcastic)

Darth Malik
Applauds. Classic

oh not another ss thread

dude, we all know supershadow's a piece of s*** loser,
and i love bashing mr. suttle as much as you, believe me i do.
but it has nothing to do with ep3.

Jedi Priestess
That would be why we have the OTF forum. Im going to try and explain this without being nasty about it. Not everyone in here is under the age of 19. An occasional joke from time to time is just peachy.
However what I myself object to are:

people that start a thread just to see their name there messed

people that open a topic thats easily located via the big fat search button but they are too lazy to do it mad

people who continually run a decent topic so far off course it would take a guide dog to rescue it pissed

people that think they are a comedic legend when its a fact that this is in their own mind blink

If I wanted to wade through tons of what I have come to think of as "useless teen drivel" then I would hang in the OTF forum.

One of the reasons I first came to KMC's SW forum is because 90% of the threads were of an informative nature, stayed on topic and were a good source of information. While its still the best source for info out there I can think of, it's starting to turn into endless threads of crap, or thread of repeats, or threads that start out great and end up in the toilet. So Ive had my little rant for the day, feel free to think of me as a party pooper, woman with no sense of humor, or a b*tch, it's your opinion and you are entitled to it I don't think everybody needs to love me, that would make for mucho boredom. Of course there are people here that would tell you they like the Priestess the way she is! wink

you're a party pooper!!!
you woman with no sense of humor.!!

just kiddong JP smile

i like the Priestess the way she is

Jedi Priestess
backatcha PVbabe! kisss

Off topic...

this thread needs to be closed.................

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