You Know A Movie's Bad When...

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Primitive Screwhead is released in February of this year, and it is already on cable. Such is the case with the mess called Highwaymen (with Jesus Christ wannabe Jim Caviezel himself). I've already listed this on the top 5 worst movies of the year... and this should serve as evidence. Imagine my surprise when surfing through the channels late last night I came across this treasure on TNT. I have NEVER known a movie to go from the theatre to cable that fast. Of course, when you gross less than $500,000 in the theatres before it's pulled, nothing should be shocking.

Do yourselves a favor, folks. Spare me the need of having to relive this crapfest in order to provide you with a decent review, and avoid this AT ALL COSTS!

donnie darko barely made over 500,000 and its done over 10,000,000 in dvd and is coming back to theaters.. initial box office doesnt always mean its horrible

Mr Zero

Stormyday gives it 5/5 ?


Highway Men came out already?

When Vin Diesel stars

laughing out loud

boiler room was pretty good

When a rapper without "T" in his name stars

when a rapper stars in the film period.

When Steven Seagal stars, or a rapper... or both !
(and its happened before.. ugh)

Dario Argento
You took my line mad

Primitive Screwhead
Good point... but at least DD took awhile to get to cable. And I think I've only seen it on the premium channels so far. I mean, cripes... Hihgwaymen went straight to the basic channels.

Not necessarily. "Pitch Black" and "Knockaround Guys" both are very underrated, and usually go unnoticed due to the prejudice of those en vogue Diesel haters.

Neo_Version 7
Yeah, I agree.

Knockaround Guys was awesome.

dude highway men came out in 2003

a man apart was a bad ass movie aswell.

MC Mike
That movie was a masterpiece. shock

I wouldnt go anywhere near saying it is a masterpiece. It was a cool little movie with some decent writing, but in all actuality isnt anything special. It really isnt about anything eigther. I think it is so popular because alot of teens relate to donnie, and his feelings and views on the world.

Primitive Screwhead
Release date: 13-Feb-2004 also shows its gross amounts for the two weeks it actually stayed in the theatres. And I'm almost 99.9% positive it was this year that I was one of the few morons who actually went to see it... not last year.

Primitive Screwhead
And here's that other link:

I can't imagine Donnie Darko had numbers THIS low in its first two weeks.

oh yeah you are right it was 2004 for highwaymen. I was thinking of the low budget flick highway man.

I remember donnie darko doing really bad at the box office, but i think a large reason for this was lack of advertisments. It diddnt have strong advertising.

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