Those little Tarantino things...

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An eye for details? Well,i've got some:

-Check out Elle's hands,you can notice that her finger is wounded (there's a bandage around it..or how do you call it). WELL,anybody knows why? Because the Black Mamba (snake) she purchased bit her in the finger....

-Elle never completed her Pai Mei training,that's why she uses the Tiger Krane style when she fought against the bride. (Pai Mei has the Eagle style...)

-Bill and Budd don't get along becuase they had a real huge fight in the past...because of ELLE (i think so). Budd had a thing for ELLE...and Bill just stole her awaysmile anybody got more?

The guy that looks like Charlie Brown, well his clothers resembled the clothes that Charlie Brown used to were and at the end, at the time of the credits these character is referred as Charlie Brown...

Esteban, Bill's stepfather is the same guy that played the Sheriff in Vol. 1

Pai Mei is also the the bald guy in the kato mask of the crazy 88's wink

The sherrif is the exact same as in From Dusk Till Dawn (as in not just the actor, but the character).

Check out the man holding O-ren's mother in a headlock (or whatever you call it). He does have the looks of the BILL we know...and his hairstyle....well i'm not making a point here..but anywayssmile

Ronnie Van Zant
any yall think the feller that killed O-Rens dad and then kicked the cigar, started the fire, etc. etc. lookd freakishly like Wacko Jacko (michael jackson)? or is it just me


Hell no man,if you didn't notice THAT'S FREAKING BILL!!

I love those little details Tarantino adds. His dialogue is fast and fresh. The music can keep you enthrawled alone But the thing that i love the most is the backdrops. The cinemaphotograthy is unique.

Mr Zero
The cinamatographer on kill bill V1&2 was Robert Richardson - whos worked with Oliver Stone and martin Scorsese.

On Dogs and PF it was Somebodyorother Secula {sp?} who I thought did a grand job but seems to have vanished...

Andrzej Sekula also worked on Q's segment of "Four Rooms" and has done a lot of other films since then, most notably "American Psycho".

Maybe they just didn't see eye to eye after "Four Rooms"....

Did Richardson do it for natural born killers because that too was wicked!


Did anybody else think that Budd's midget friend resembled the trucker at the beginning of Vol. 1?

Mr Zero
I'm sorry i missed that question...

Yeah that was him - thats where i spotted his name first cos the cinamatography in NBC must have been a *****...

Ronnie Van Zant
i aint seein the resemblance between bill and the anime feller

Well,it was Bill in his younger years when he still had black hair and a sharp face...something like this

You see? smile

They look alike and the have the same nose, I mean, the same shape

Ronnie Van Zant
now i sees it

gold watch
hi, what car was bill driving again??!! embarrasment - when he meets budd at his trailer...

believe to have read it somewhere, but can't find it. please help.

I thought (not sure about this) that the car bill drove was the same car he drove as Frankenstein in Death Race 2000.

heres the only quote about the car from that movie I could find at the moment:

"The car in which President Frankenstein and Annie drive away in after their wedding is a Richard Oaks Nova kit-car, actually based on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis (but obviously not the body). These were available in kit form for many years starting in the mid-1970s."

gold watch
thanks for that. the car that carradine drove in death reace 2000 has indeed some similiatries, but i doubt it is the same...

in the meantime i found this:
"It is a De Tomaso Mangusta, sold by Ford dealerships in the late 1960's and the forerunner to the Pantera. - Mangusta in English is Mongoose, the only animal not to fear the Cobra, which is considered to be of the Viper family. "

bill, the "snake charmer"... makes perfect sense.

Is this movie the new Apocalypse Now with a World War 2 twist? I hope so. Tarintino is known for making good movies with influence. I hope Madison captures the acting of Sheen.

Is this the new Apocalypse Now with a World War 2 twist. I hope so. Tarintino is known for influence of the 70's. I would like to see this smile

I know of 2 things that siganture Tarantino. Have you ever noticed that there are alot of feet, Lke the talking of feet and scenes involving feet? That's one.

And Numero 2, I don't know the actual word for it, But he puts long camera scenes. Like in Kill Bill, In the house of Blue Leaves, There was one scene that it followed the same camera, Without switching scenes for a farely long time. That and, in Pulp fiction, When they are in the hallway, They're talking about feet and the camera is always folling behind them.

gold watch
about bill's car again... didn't want it to look like it was my discovery, the "mangusta/mongoose/snake charmer"-thing.

pretty sure i read that in this forum some while ago, just couldn't find it again.

thought to let you know...

If you paid that much attention, you would have heard Elle say that a single bite from a Black Mamba had enough venom to kill you. Therefore, she couldn't have been bitten, or she'd be dead. (That is of course, unless she had an antidote.)

If Elle had the forsight to look up all that Black Mamba info on the net just for the puposes of pure bitchery she probably did stop off at e-bay to pick up the anti-venom! She had to get that thing in the bag of cash somehow! She' a braver man than I.

Usually clocks in QT movies are set to 4:20 when in the background. You're guess is as good as mine.

the most obvious Tarantino thing is the car boot camera angle he uses it in all his movies

Idk if its been mentioned yet but the Red Apples sign in the background, which was also said in Pulp Fiction by Bruce Willis

Andrew McLeod
Red Apples are the cigarettes QT uses all the time, his own made up brand. He's a fan of feet, trunk shots, and long steady-cam shots.

There's a lot you could say.

Originally posted by HACharboneau
(That is of course, unless she had an antidote.)

Right and it would make total sense to carry around the most poisonus snake in the world without anti-venom. confused

I thought that Bill, Budd, and Elle were all siblings. I think it's in KB 2, after Budd buried Kiddo alive, he calls Elle to tell her about it, and she answers the phone and says "Bill?" To which Budd responds "wrong brother." Then she looks put out, pissed, and disappointed and sighs and says "Budd" all exasperated.

ok completely disregard that last post. sorry, i dumbed out for a minute there.

well budd's bill's brother and so she meant wrong brother out of those two

Yeah, thanks! smile I realized that right after I posted. big grin

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