What is the Matrix?

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Neo Baggins
Well, at the beginning of the first matrix film when they started to talk about "The Matrix" what did you think it was?

And don't say "A computer Program that you Jack into, or a Virtual Reality controled by your brain."

Tell us what you really thought it was.

My first assumption was that 'the Matrix' was some kind of grand illusion, like Maya in Buddhism.

To tell you the truth, i had no idea of the multitude of connotations and denotations associated with the word "Matrix" so i was pretty devoid of assumtions about "what is the Matrix?". Of course, i was also fairly young when it first came out (i still am pretty young, as i am not yet 20). To think of all the things i have learned because of these movies, whether through Omega, Sifer and Ush, or through my own research in order to better understand these movies, is amazing, and yet i know that i still have much to learn, many things i missed in my enjoyment of the trilogy. In other words, i have grown much as a person and a mind due to these movies (among other things...*cough* school *cough*)

Agent Elrond
I remeber looking up Matrix in a dictionary. I had no idea what it meant, I now do. I didn't know the Matrix an interactive computer world

Silver Stardust
The first time I saw the movie and heard them talking about the Matrix I thought of math class...

Neo Baggins

the only matrix i knew of when the movie was released was form the transformers (the thing in optimus prime's chest).

speaking of transformers...lol

should find that thread...

the matrix is just an overdosed Acid trip that has countless meanings to people wheather it be philosophical or religous, or both. It is still nothing more than an Acid trip. Neo was enver the one, he is just trippin out in a dark corner somewhere. these are some of the most complex movies with many layers of juicy substance.

lol...wouldn't that have been wicked funny if the end of revolutions showed Neo in a straightjacket, sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth saying "i am the one...i am the one..."

The Ones
i thought it was a movie cooked up to get money...oh... wait.. it is big grin

this is what the people who dont understand the movie say.

laughing laughing out loud laughing defaintly

kinda like the guy in "A Detective Story" he went psycho looking for Trinity...but then again...he thought Trinity was a man...as "most guys do..."

I thought that The Matrix was the name of some sort of conspiracy. Maybe a program used by the Illuminate...

and what movie isn't may I ask? When a movie is released and is free, I'll say they didn't do it for the money, but there has never been one movie made that hasn't been made for money.

There's no such thing as the Illuminati...shifty

yes there is. I am one of them. We arent as conspiracy and power crazy as you think though. Mostly we just like having cookouts and pretending that we have controll over the world as so many people think we do. Let me tell you though, we dont have as much control over the world as people would like you to believe. I have to haggle to get thirty cents off of a hamburger at mcdonalds like the rest of you. sad

huh you get 30 cents off your hamburgers?! that like, 66% off!! no fair!!!

Stealth Agent
i died

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Ghetto Goblin
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well.. I thought it was going to be some kind of dreamlike state.. well especially with the way morpheus kept talking about it... "Do you want to know what the matrix is?.... it cannot be defined... it is all around us" etc.. so he kinda spelled it out with that very speech erm

How can JediHDM say theres no Illuminate? As a Matrix Fan you should know that everything isn't as it seems...

I never said there was no Illuminati...i am sure there is an Illuminati. And the world is controlled by them.

sad no

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