Merovingian remarks seraph as return of the prodigal child

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fun matrix

fun_matrix>*yawn* ...are you still posting this?!

ok, first of all, Sati is a program, thus nullifying your statement in paragraph 2 (oh, sorry, its not your statement, its someone elses). Also, Trinity did not point a gun at Merv's head because she was exercising her control over her position, but because she was so in love with Neo, something which cannot be controlled, that she had to save him, or die trying. Also, if you are going to talk about "knowing our source" and "understanding the secrets", you really should be writing your OWN thoughts, your own understandings, not someone elses.

everyone else> anyone else getting so tired of reading this garbage they wanna ignore this guy?!

i thought he already left. dude probably don't even type it, just cut and paste.

lol probably..


fun matrix
Wake awake dont snore........

I understand now more clearly the psycology of man who takes everything literally and never get the implied meaning. This is the reason for religious wars. Esepcially the religions chrsi, judai and islam have three different names for one God and keep fighting for the literal meaning of thier sacred books, insteading of understanding the deeper hidden meanings of them.
This forum is also the the reflection of the same. I dont criticize that we should not think in our own ways. Thinking and interpreting is fun and that is life. But when given a venue to think differently, opposing even to try to think that way reflects our fanaticism and our deep attachment to our "beleifs'.
The very same message of Matrix movies is lost here. Morpheus tries to awaken as many people to know the reality. But people are so struck with their own beliefs that they attack him. Neo was willing even to try to take the red pill , instead of living in the belief system like others.

What I offer is venues where people have thought differently that makes sense to need not make it for you...but trying doesnt harm. I see in this message I posted, I found a deep understanding to know myself.

Oracle keeps telling Neo "Know thyself". There is no computer message in those lines. Similarly I can quote many dialogues which has nothing to do with computers, but purely message for us to contemplate in our lives.
I think matrix as a toy for us to play and through fun we should learn something from it. In our own life, through toys in school we learnt alphabets, we leant maths and science. Why dont we understand this matrix is a toy for us to learn the greater message of life?.

"Knowing is different from walking the path"
"man is the cancer of the planet"
"Source is the place where ONe's path ends".
There is no spoon.

And again i say, you have no idea what you are talking about. Although i like the fact that your called yourself Morpheus, that was a nice (egotistical) touch. As for our so-called 'literalism in the face of the matrix' i have to say, for someone who has been here for 2 months, you sure do act like you have been here for the past 5 years. I myself have only been here just over a year, however, there have been so many deep, philosophical discussions here that you would wet your pants. The Philosophy forum, which, alas, was removed before i started and was only recently reinstated, was full of Matrix ideas and religious allusions, etc. We would have debates so heated that we would be attack each others way of thinking before all was said and done. And we thought. Apparently a whole lot more than you, since what you are doing is technically considered spamming, even if you would get no profit off the purchase of the book by me. As for the 'greater message of life", well, it would require people to agree on a greater meaning/message of life before everyone could or even would accept it. Although i would like to see what your "greater message of life" is, especially if it would stop the Muslims from killing the Jews.

Oh, BTW, fun fact for you...We don't have three different names for God. Yahweh is not actually a word, just as Jehovah is not a word. YWHW is the four letter name for God that is utterable by man, since his true name would be unutterable. Yahweh and Jehovah are in fact two languages using this four letter name in the same way, just adding different letters. And Allah means "God" or "god". another fun fact. Muslims and Jews are basically brothers, since the Jews follow the son of Abraham Isaac and the the Muslims follow the son of Abraham Ishmael. However, there are quite a few differences in the religions Christianity and Judaism, and Islam. Hence the fighting.

But i digress. There have been many ideas passed back and forth, many changes in beliefs, and many greater understandings in my life and in the lives of many who came here before, due to these movies and this forum. Because of the ability to think, to debate, to respond. So don't tell me that we are too "stuck in our beliefs" to change our thinking. You don't know the meaning of the word. So, if you would please, stop posting these inane excerpts from that book.

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