Underworld vs. Van Helsing

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Which do you think was better Kate beckinsale as a vampire or her as a vampire killer in van helsing

underworld was great, and her performance there as well.

i haven't seen van helsing, so i can't decide.

id rather underworld than van helsing dunno why i just do stick out tongue

Van helsing was good, you should see it, I liked Underworld because of her eyes, they made them look so blue, and crazy when see killed

I loved her hair in Van Helsing, but anyway I prefered her as a vampire in Underworld.

Van Helsing was one of the worst movies i have witnessed in a long time

i loved VH and UW but she looked prettier in VH but her eyes were gorgeous in UW so im undecided

Neither, Kate should stop working on movies that depend on CGI in order to deliver thrills or excitement. Which for me those movies never had any fun to begin with.

Both movies suck-diddley-ucked. Girl looked hot though.

Holy shit, trying to think of these two movies at the same time is giving me a headache.....crap, I'm bleeding out of my ears.

Yeah i agree, those two were disapointments

I can't believe you thought they were disappointments. They were good and Kate was gorgeous. Just because a movie uses CGI doesn't make it crappy. There are tons of flicks that use them.

u just like em cuz katet was in em

I would agree I did, she makes the movie better with some eye candy

mayeb for the guys but moct females didnt go to see her

Mr Zero
Much as i loved the huge sprawling dumb mess that was VH - I have to go with Underworld : simply because Underworld left me wanting more and VH left me yelling "PLEASE !!! NO MORE!!!!"

I loved both movies. I like Kate Beckinsale better in Underworld though. She looked better as a vampire in that leather bodysuit than as a vampire hunter in that outfit, though it did look nice too. She made a better vampire all around in my opinion.

I would agree that I liked her as the Vampire than as the hunter.

I dont really like vamp movies, the only one i liked would have to be blade, that was good!

I liked both moives alot

Liked both, Underworld more.

yeah they both were great. I kind of like the whole Vamp vs wolf theme they had in both.

Lord Soth
She's better in Underworld, which is a better than Van Helsing in the first place anyway. Underworld was very stylistic and plot driven whereas Van Helsing was just shitty dialogue and corny plotlines wrapped in superfluous special effects. Underworld is clearly better, and as such, Kate in Underworld is much better (the accent in VH sucked too)

dito, that was well put Lord Soth.

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