Neo and Trinity's death

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What did everyone think about it? I thought it SUCKED!!!

I think its the only way that it could have ended. If they were to live, sequals could still have been madesad

I didn't like the fact that they both died...

Trinity and Neo's deaths were necessary to end the Trilogy. I will admit I did kind of hope something better for Trinity though. I'm a guy and admit I did cry when she died.(Not just because she died, but also how bad her death scene was.) For Pete's sake! All had to be done was something short and to the point. Something like this:
Trinity: I've gone as far as I can go Neo. Our paths part here.
Neo: No... I need you with me.
Trinity:I'm sorry, this is what only you can do alone. I still believe in you Neo. Kiss me. (Kiss) I'll see you on the other side.
Neo: No. NOOOO!
A few moments of sobbing.
Neo: Trinity, you didn't die for nothing. I'll end this. Be proud of me.

Ok, I've watched too much Inyuasha. But my high school brother wrote a better parting than that. Of course this is just my opinion.

Why would they need to live it? Zion treats Neo like a god, and they might actually look down on him for living while thousands of other soldiers died. A dark savior to speak. Trinity? What would she do? Be with Ghost? Can't see that happening either.

Neo's sacrifice was needed to rewrite the Matrix. I felt sorry for his pain as he was elecrotocuted. ( Goes to list of ways not to die. Crosses off electrocution, which is next to drowning and impaled through stomach and have head knocked off.) But he needed to die and give the programs what they wanted to bridge the gap between the species. Notice Sati as she does things un-machine like. Such as sleep, wake up and what? Create a sunrise for no reason. The Architect and Oracle's times are over. Becaue of Neo, Sati is the new way. Humans can now move back and forth between the Matrix and Zion. Programs can also go to the Machine City or stay in the Matrix.( sad Poor Smith) There was no other way. Trust me I've looked for other ways for it to end, but they don't fit.

Well that was actually Smith who was electricutedlaughing out loud. At that time, he had been taken over

I thought Neo didn't die.

no-one knows for sure - their is a whole thread on Neos fate.

i dont think he is dead happy

i was happy when "it" died though -sorry Omega i fell she had it coming

Neo is like the little stick man in early computer games. Has no character - once destroyed is rebooted.

The lineage thing would be in a hideous mess by the time of the films. Six separate Matrixes! eek! A pity for the gardeners... no

are you ever gonna get over your trinity issue?

nope happy

Trinity was ugly as Hell in all three installments. Persephone looked OK though...

Persephone is a howk

trinity was nice in the first one but not in 2+3
Persephone is nice in both

Trinity= biatch

Persephone is a sentient programme, so I'm not sure that applies.

you say **** like its a bad thing.

and really its merv who was the **** not Persephone

laughing out loud ya

miffed i say persephone

I think Neo's death ruled, self sacrifice and all!! big grin
trinity's death is however one to laugh at *laughs at it* She crashed the ship and then got impaled by a big thing how sucky!
Anyway back to Neo, his death was great, especially if you look at it as he is the One and Agent Smith is the Minus One they both need to die to restore equilibrium (1-1=0=equilibrium) so it was pretty good
I shall stop confusing you and myself now though

It doesnt make sense why Neo would have died. Agent Smith assimulated all the people in the world and none of them died. Example: oracle, seraph etc.

hesnot dead sad

haha i know she is such a plamf laughing

laughing plamf?

plamflaughing out loud

To us Machine City looked liked just that but to Neo it looked liked a city of light of perhaps even Heaven itself (remember they had to go through the clouds first to enter the). city.

I guess one way of looking at it would be that Trinity (being a human) could not possibly enter Heaven alive so therefore she had to die.

Neo if you also see him as Jesus Christ about to make the ultimate sacrifice for mankind , the story to be consistent with the crucifixion story needed to have a "Father why has thou forsaken me" moment thus anyway you look at it both Neo and Trinity had to die.

Seem's every time i see you i'm giving you bad news.

I know he isn't the Oracle said he will be back, but we are lead to believe he is

Also it does make sense why he is dead, the machines put some energy stuff through him to wipe out Smiths programs then they Unplugged him, and as we all should know that kills you, although Neo didn't die when he was stuck in the Matrix

yes that is true

AN15.....Dragonpisces> plamf! a good old scots word stick out tongue

I was thinking about this and i don't believe that Neo is actually dead. His body yes but not Neo. Consider this....

The Oracle described Smith as being Neo, his opposite, his negative, the equation trying to balance itself out.

Now if Smith could become flesh (Bane) is it really so hard to believe that Neo could become a program or a machine.

We know from the crucifixion story that afterwards Jesus joined his father in Heaven, i think that it is entirely possible that Neo could have joined with the head machine in Machine City that put him back into the Matrix for the superbrawl with Smith.

Got a good point there
Which is backed up by the Oracle saying at the end of Revloutions that they would see Neo again,
but i doubt they he would have joined the machine dude

The reason why i came up with this mad-cap idea was because of what the machine said when Neo died which was "It is done". Now from the crucifixion it was Jesus who said "It is finished"just before he died on the cross, but hey who knows.

Yeah, but after Jesus was crucified he went to hell. Then he was resurrected and later ascended to heaven. So is Neo in hell?

The Omega

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