ITS CONFIRMED!!! vader IS "Robocop!"

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In a recent thread, I expressed my beleif that anakin skywalker DIES in EPIII. I beleive Palpatine "resurrects" him as darth vader. The crux behind that theory lies in the fact that i have never been satisfied with any explainations as to why GL introduced midichlorians in EPI. It just didnt make sense to me, UNLESS GL was trying to get accross the idea that a high midichlorian count=a powerful jedi. Since midchlorians are seperate beings than an actual person, it stands to beleive that they could remain alive for some time, after the "host" dies.

What am I getting to, and why do I feel my theory is now confirmed? Check out what i just saw on, where the changes to the OT DVD's are discussed.

Empire Strikes Back:
- 50'56" to 52'05" : Emperor's hologram has been reshot with Ian Mc Dairmid. A new dialog has been recorded and Palpatine informs Vader about Luke's real identity!

Why would anakin SKYWALKER need the emperor to tell him that luke SKYWALKER, someone from his home planet, was his son?

The answer is simple, Vader doesnt REMEMBER that he is anakin. why not? because he died, and was resurrected.

but what about in ROTJ when luke is talking to vader about his old identity and says something like
"i know you were once anakin skywalker"

to which vader replies

"that name no longer means anything to me"

i respect your theory, but it is still not fact.
calling the thread "confirmed" is way premature.

also contemplate this:

beginning of ESB, vader says "thats it. the rebels are there, and i am sure young SKYWALKER is with them.

later, palpatine says "i am sure that the rebel who destroyed the deathstar is the offspring of ANAKIN SKYWALKER" a name vader recognises as his own.

so, vader knows he is a skywalker, and he knows that luke is a the math.

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err forget GL has said repeatedly that SW is the story of Anakin...hardly true if he dies and becomes "Robo cop" not to mention what happens when Luke removes the mask at the end of ROTJ. How do you explain that? That he turns back into a human after he's been a machine? Just doesnt wash for me.

do you know anything about robocop? anakins BODY is under the vader suit. his "soul" if you want to call it that, is still there, but b/c he is "more machine now than man," anakin skywalker is buried deep within. as far as the quotes from ESB, the dialog was CHANGED. everything seems to fit that befor ESB, vader does not know (or remmeber) that HE is anakin.

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Yes I DO know Robocop......and I realise that it's been said that he is more machine than man, but I prefer to think of it that the dark side has it's grip fully upon him and THATS what makes him forget his true self. I still am not buying your theory interesting as it may be.....of course Im willing to meet you back here next May and see who turns out to be right.

When Luke says that Skywalker is the name of Vader's true self and that he's only "forgotten" it, he wasn't being literal.

inconclusive, nonbias, nonopinionated, solid proof is in my last post.
take it or leave it, but the script is the script.

psst!...I think everyone is agreeing with you.

well, it was not aimed at anyone captain.

im just saying that there is no point giving this thread any
more life than it deserves.

Why would the midichlorian-driven, dark side powered corpse of Darth Vader turn on the Emperor at the end of RotJ and save Luke? Why would Vader want to have his mask removed to gaze upon Luke with his own eyes? Why would Vader say he has been saved by Luke? Was Anakin suddenly reborn in the "robocop" body right before the body died? After 20+ years did his amnesia finally clear up with a shot of lightning to the head?

It's a cool theory, I'll admit, but the end of RotJ doesn't jive with it.

This is 'confirmed' in an interesting sense of the word meaning 'not even vaguely confirmed at all'. Please don't call a theory of yours confirmation in the thread title as that only serves to confuse. Confirmed is if Lucasfilm says it is so.

PVS is correct; if Vader did not know he was Anakin he wouldn't have recognised that Luke is his son.

yeah, all anakin did was take on a new persona. kinda of like how batman talks about bruce wayne (himself) like they are two different people.


did you not even read the post, ush? PALPATINE tells Vader/Anakin that Luke is his son! why would Palpatine tell Vader something he didnt know?

According to the quote from, vader doesnt know luke is his son until Palpatine tells him

Because he thinks Padme died before giving birth. Therefore, he thinks he has no kids and it must just be a coincidence that Luke has the same last name. Or he might think "I'm related to this twerp. I wonder how." And Palps is letting him know, "you had a kid survive your force tantrum with Padme."

he read your post, i read your post, everyone here read your post. it's proven wrong in the script.

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as for me, my only gripe with Ush is that he forgot to close this thread laughing

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<-------knows better than to talk like that to MR. Ushgarak. messed

oh forget about ush, you got JP ticked off at you now! laughing

Let's see....Robocop loses his arm and gets replace with a mechanical one. Anakin lost his arm to Doku....and gets replace with a mechanical arm. In Terminator 2 the mechanical arm gets destroy in the refinery after the fight with T1000. In Akira, Tetsuo loses his arm during the battle with Kaneda......and Tetsuo's uses his powers to create a mechanical arm. In Evil Dead Ash uses a chainsaw to replace his arm.

Conclusion.....All of them are "Robocop". no expression


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me? huh hardly.....not worth getting pissed

stick out tongue

you forgot the six million dollar man and the bionic woman big grin

and let us not forget scuzzlebutt, with his celary arm and patrick duffy leg

Yes I did read your post. You said that it was proof that Vader does not remember that he is Anakin. That, as has already been commented on here, is horseshit. Get a grip.

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^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


oh Ush meesa loves ya!

matthewo07 quote says that palpatine informs vader about lukes real identity, well they're probably just trying to say that they actually discuss that it is vader's child. Before, the discussion said luke was the son of skywalker, who is vader, that was to keep the suprise a secret until vader says no luke, i am your father. But with episode 3, that will no longer be a suprise. So i'm sure that vader doesn't forget that he's anakin..this is just a stupid thread.

if my mother knew i was being exposed to such language!! mad

The whole reason that GL is coming out with the trilogy on dvd is because he needs to have things added in or changed so it will match up with the new trilogy. He got carried away with his ideas that were supposed to stick to "cause and effect" so things would be explained. But still, i cant wait to get the trilogy set.

its just a story.....

GL has also done some amendments to the script of OT so that some PT phases would fit in nicely as someone else said. proof or not proof its all boiling down to a fantasy story so how much fact is inside BOH ! I Dunno !

maybe bigsef3 is trying to say that GL has been influenced by the Robocop series..

lol.. is this what you're talking about??

vader probably thinks that the twins died with padme. that is why he does not know that skywalker is his son untill empire. the fact that vader speeks of anikin as another person is because as he said himself..... "THAT NAME NOLONGER MEANS ANYTHING TO ME" There is no reason to think that vader is just a reincarnated anakin. If he forgot his own son wouldn't he have forgoten Obi-wan as well.

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Yeah I agree. This thread needs to die. lol

confirmed.... LOL

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why is it that everyone just assume that if TFN posts something it's gospel.......they DID post the whole Yoda fart thing as well. They arent the be all end all over there......unless it comes from the OS take everything with a grain of salt peeps. wink

Except he was looking for Luke on Hoth in the very beginning of ESB...

In the scene between Vader and the Emperor if they would have said anything about Luke being Vaders son that would have given away the whole Father thing so dont take that scene so literal.... Anakin dieing then being resurected with no memory is one of the dumbest things ive ever heard

Vader is Robocop?! Hmmmm..... Both are cyborgs.....

Really, Anakin IS Vader, there is no question! Palpatine doesn't re-animate a
corpse to do his bidding only to have the spirit of the long-dead Anakin step-in at the last second. That's crazy. And wrong....

please oh please kill this horrible thread

Yes, it is time for this thread to be closed......

Yeah, no more Robocop references.......

Especially since they don't fit.

long overdue:

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