Crush on a shy guy...

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Hi, I'm 16 years old and I have this huge crush on this guy. Every time that I get up the nerve to talk to him, I can't, I just ignore him, as if I don't know him, I don't know why? Maybe I'm scared, but again I don't know why I would be, he's a terrific guy! Any advice?.... confused

Hey there....StringyStings0 here...I got some advice.. Im sure this guy is out of his mind for not talking to you. Maybe you should go and tlk to him a bit Im sure he isnt that bad unless he carries weapons

tho not all guys who carry weapons are bad...........mine isn't

MC Mike
Uh rrrite...

For your own good, ignore Stringy. stick out tongue

Gather the courage, that's my advice. erm

yea, dont do what i did last year to not tell this girl how i felt about her until like the last day of school, i waited too long, i found out later when i liked her during the school year she liked me, but because i waited to long she got over it and moved on, so to paraphrase this TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL AND DONT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST SECOND!!

Royal Knight
there should be an advice forumstick out tongue

laughing out loud


lil bitchiness
Ah, I used to be smiliar.

Now when i like someone, im just like,,''Hey there, good lookin' droolio''

No not really...

You should just talk to him, just do it, its better to do something and regret it then to not do it at all.

I would just tell him the truth, and if he does not like the truth then find another shy guy

just dont let the chances pass you by

Coming from a kinda-shy guy (when it comes to talking to girls) (I'm getting better) For the most part, he probably likes you back, but is too shy to tell you. Approach him and start a conversation. Then go from there.

Raven Guardia
flash a cute friendly smile at him.

mc pee pants
yeah, make sure you practice the drooling part. it's the drool that hooks them.

lol really?

Stay away from him you tramp!

He's mine! diva


mc pee pants
you have no idea.swank

Thanks for the advice, I might take it if she does not

howcome people dont want her to listen to stringy
im her bestest friend who lives down the street from her

lil bitchiness
droolio You know it John!

mc pee pants

Coming from a guy, I just want to warn you not to freak him out. I currently have this girl that keeps following me around in school, and it kind of gets on my nerves. I'm not shy, I can be pretty social, but sometimes, you just want to be left alone. Just don't freak the poor guy out.

MC Mike
Like said before, smile at him cheerfully. big grin

i agree with that ive had girls follow me around

Tired Hiker
Show him some cleavage. Guys luv that. erm

i go with hikers information... thatll get him, and probably some more, is he new? you should act shy in front of him, try saying things like "i wanted to welcome you to the school..." and ask him if he needs help getting around... it will move from there

well, im shy sometimes, and like said before, he may probably like you, so just start a conversation and be nice, until he feels safe enough to talk to you and be more "social"...and that would be a start erm

mc pee pants
cleavage is my kryptonite.

cleavage is every mans kryptonite

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