What systems do you own, what is your favorite and why?

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Right now, I own the X-boX, N64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and (most obvious of all) the PC.

Favorite is the Super Nintendo. By far had the best games off all time. The Mortal Kombat series, Street Fighter, NHL '94... need I go on?

i own
G cube
my fav is PS2 ...... free online play big grin

PS2 and Super NES...I gotta agree with cyc, the snes has some classic games that should never be desecrated at all. SNES all the way baby! cool

I have to say I've had fond memories with each system except for :

as for ps2 cube and box, I havent had that fond memory that usually gets brought up during a gaming conversation. such as "YOu know that time me and (name) were playing (game) on (system)? IT was just too damn good~~!!"

for me moments like that were with N64 / Sega Saturn / PSx and Dreamcast, not to mention Snes and Genesis

ive got a PC and a N64.

i use the N64 for goldeneye,perfect dark + worms.

ive got a SNES somewhere - some classic games - zelda,mario,mario kart.

I own X-box, Gamecube, PC, Game Boy Advance (X-box is definitely my favorite)
Previously: N64, SNES, NES, Atari, Game Gear, and Virtual Boy (reminds me to make a thread)
- X-box is best for sports games IMO (especially over PS2) and I like how it is geared towards an older audience (unlike GC).

Hmm, this thread like merges 4 old threads into one! eek!

We'll see where it goes...

I have NES, N64, PS2, Gamecube
Favorite would have to be Gamecube, has great games, fast loading times.

Favorite game: Banjo Kazooie for N64! thumb up

total nettlehead

PSone is my favorite (although i never use it cos of PS2's backwards compatibilty)

best games: RE3:Nemesis, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, Silent Hill, Driver

i now own x box, ps1 and 2, gameboy advance, snes, sega, dreamcast, pc, and game gear.

id have to say that PS1 put out some great games like RE, Tekken, Soul Edge, alll the final fantasys, MOnster Rancher, Legend of Legia, and whole bunch more.

if anything sega would be second just because of the pig skin football game. (if anyone knows what game im talking bout, then could you tell me where i might beable to find it?)

I am sure that there is a whole punch of Pawn Shops in every town, city, etc., that would carry such games. Hell, I went to a pawn shop and found "Lock & Chase" for the Atari 2600. Damn, that system was the bomb.

I also had (at one point, and miss very much) the Turbo Graphic 16.

Off topic a little, but:

Did anybody here ever have either the Power Glove or Power Pad for NES? They were sweet!


1. Gamecube
2. Playstation
3. Super Nintendo


1. Gamecube
2. Xbox
3. PS2
4. Super Nintendo
5. Nintendo
6. PC

Why: My friends and I all hold tournaments at our houses for fun. We all love Video Games WAY too much.

I have a PC and that's it. I don't wish to taint myself by owning a console. I think PC's are better, because you can upgrade them, you can network them to play multiplayer with one disc, you don't have to buy a whole new system when your's get's obsolete, need I say more?

I have an xbox
a alienware gaming machine
and a gba

my favorite is none of those

i want a PS2 to play the new final fantasy

xbox, gamecube, and ALL of the older nintendo systems. I'd say SNES has the most fun games. But i like xbox the most because it has all my snes games on it and i love playing 4 player multiplayer games. Pretty much any EA game, Halo, and any ubisoft game.

Ps2 free online baby, and it's got my favorite title's..wich there are ton's of

I own a Dreamcast (which has broken down), an N64, a megadrive, GBC, GBA, and (obviously) a PC

PC is one year old and was top of the range at the time, so I play most games on that.

For a while I was wanting to get an x-box, but I think now i might as well wait for the x-box 2 or whatever it's called. Will it be released before halo 2?

/\ Started off with a humble Amstrad 6428 in 1990.


aww man HALO... my friend use to work at the AMC theatres and we tore it up HALO style on the big screen. eek! that was one of the coolest things ever!

I've owned them all at one point, but now I own an N64, DC, X-Box, PS2 and a Master System, and my fave system is my X-Box, I used to hate the console with a passion but now some real quality games are coming out for it. But I have to say the best game of all time, has to be Goldeneye 007 for the N64. I like my X-Box and love Halo to bits, but certain aspects of GE beat Halo easily.

My work has one of those digital projectors so tomorrow night i'm bringing Halo in and we're going to play it while it's projected on this huge wall we have. It's no where near as big as a movie theatre screen...but it should be about 9ft tall and i'd say about 13 ft wide. It should be a fun Friday....oh and i'm sure i'll rape all the nerds at my work

i have
game boy advance

my favourite

but the one i'll always love SNES, i don't have one, but i love it

I was never a big fan of Halo. I do not like the first-person shooter games (GoldenEye 007 was cool though.)

i have
ps2 gameboy sp
and X-box
ps2 is my fav big grin

I remember when I was eight and all I had was a crappy Amstrad 6428


I have a P.C,PS1,PS2,megerDrvie,Ameiga,Commodore64

Commodore64? Yes! Classic!

i have ps1,ps2, sega 16MB( whatever it was). my favourite has 2 b the ps2 coz ive never actually played x-box or gamecube

Gamecube is nothing special (to me anyways) and X-boX is great... but I have nothing against PS2, except it ruined the Final Fantasy games with that new one they just did. All online, you have to buy characters, pay for a whole bunch of other stuff..what the hell is that?

being the poor deprived child i am i hav dreamcast sega ps1 and a win95 pc we had to take all the games off becos it was "slowing it down"

favourite game jet set radio for the dreamcast (crazy taxi also a gr8 game)

I used to love playing on my dreamcast before it broke down.

Favourate games on it were:
Resident Evil:Code Veronica (I didn't complete it before the console brokesad)
Soul Calibur (best fighting game ever at that time)
House of the dead 2 (with light gun)
Power Stone 2 (probably the most underrated game on dreamcast)

I got:

I got the PS2 so i cud play Final Fantasy! and now it's fast becoming my favorate console....but xbox is hanging in first by a thread!! lmao

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