What's you Favorites Songs from QT's Movies ?

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Général Grievou
All the question is in the title...

Personnaly I love Good Night Moon (Kill Bill vol.2), Stuck in The Middle with you (Reservoir Dogs) and Girl, you'll be a woman soon (Pulp Fiction).

Darth Sauron
Stuck in the middle with you
Girl, you'll be a woman

The one from the jackie brown trailer


flower of carnage - kill bill 1
woo hoo (unitl those bastards went and used it for a beer ad) - kill bill 1
don't let me be misunderstood - kill bill1
lonely shephard - kill bill 1

Malaguena Salerosa - Chingon

That song MADE the (first) credits

Stuck in the middle with you.(from resivoir dogs when that dude chops the cop's ear off.)

im surprised nobody has picked "battle without honor or humanity"messed

Probably cause theres only 5 replies and about 60 songs

BWHOH is indeed a great song

Probably in my top 5


'Little Green Bag' (Resvevoir Dogs) makes me swing everytime, campy but cool! Especially with the bad ass attitude of the crooks walking the street, pleasing the eye. You gotta love it, what do you think Bierbommetje, it being performed by our George Baker! Stuck in the middle with you is a a brilliant selection for the movie aswell, Tarantino is a genius!

Good to see a real GNR fan by the way, music like that just keeps on not getting made lately, too bad

Yep, LGB is the shit

En GNR is de poep wat bands betreft imo smile Jammer idd dat 90% van de
tegenwoordige bekende rock van die gelikte shit is.

Ow yeah! Little Green Bag really opens up the feel of the movie. I came along another one in my labyrinth mind...After Dark, by Tito & Tarantula, from From dusk till dawn. not a full Tarantino flick, but what the hell. That song is damn sexy, again just the right pick to go along Salma Hayek pouring whiskey down one of those amazing legs....rrrrrr..

And hell yeah again Bierbommetje! Nowaday rock might not be dead, but it's very vast asleep! But have you checked out Velvet Revolver? Not at all as good as GNR or Stone Temple Pilots, but a whole lot cooler then the poo then they press on CD lately

'Cause I see the storm is getting closer, and the waves they get so high.... Seems everything whe've ever know 's here.... Why must it drift away and die'

Got Contraband and its quite good

Its got some rubbish songs on it

Sucker Train Blues, Slither and Set me Free are classic songs though smile

But this isnt really the place to start talking about this

Agreed, are you on music forums aswell? Seems that we could teach the kids here about what real music is all about. Let me know, this world needs education!


Bit old though

And theres also a GNR thread already

buck came2 f**k
son of a preacher

My fav Tarantino song would be "twisted Nerve" from Kill bill 1, the tune Elle Driver whistles before she attempts to kill the bride in her sleep.

I love Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell, the song they do the twist to in PF big grin

From Kill Bill I like Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Battle Without Honor or Humanity, and The Lonely Shepard.

Definitely "Battle". Anyojne notice it's in Jaguar commercials now? Took 'esm long enough! I figured someone woulda used it long ago.

Girl, you'll be a Woman soon- Urge Overkill in Pulp Fiction

katana wielder
flower of carnage and bang bang offf the kill bill vol.1 was the best thing i've heard in a while

katana wielder
revange is a dish best serve cold

Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield (Pulp Fiction)

It gives the scene an amazing atmosphere, its quite ironic, and it introduces marcellus' wife perfectly.......(damn cant even remember her name now!)

hiya guys, ive been hunting (albeit not very hard) for the one piece of musice in Vol.1 when uma steps out from behind sophie, confronting o-ren. much to my chagrin it wasnt included on the soundtrack. Any help?

Uma Thurman - Mia Wallace

I love pretty much the entire Tarantinos soundtracks, i like them all.

Misirlou by Dick Dale & Del-Tones from Pulp Fiction

Battle Without Honor Or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotel from Kill Bill Vol. 1

no, not BWHoH...thats made it onto the soundtrack (and a car commercial, blah); its when Uma chops off Sophies arm and the whole restraunt clears out.

malaguena salerosa, that coconut song from RD, man.. to hard ot choose, the songs are like what makes a tarantino movie just that... a tarantino movie.. but then again... no one can for get MISERLOU i mean, that has turned into like the PULP FICTION theme song...

Almost forgot!

About Her by Malcolm McLaren, from Volume 2. Lovely song, although I'm scared it's going to start to grate on me soon, as it plays on the main menu on the DVD.

Stuck in the middle with you. MR. BLONDE's scene rocks, with that song.

99 years is a long long long time
and dont forget everything from the delphonics
(la la la la la means i love you)

Really loved Stuck in the middle with you smile

Also from Kill bill 1. => wohooo cool

eek! BWAAAHAHAHAHA i found it!

"Death Rides a Horse" by Ennio Morricone is the snippet of music being played when sophie's arm gets lopped off!

::sleeps better at night::

kill bill 1-santa elsa however you pronouce that name and iron side
kill bill 2-about her

My favs are the song Elle was whistling in KB1 and the opening song in KB1 (I think) "My Baby Shot me Down"

I love "My Baby Shot me Down" from Kill Bill.

Death Incarnate
Both meiko kaji songs (Flower of carnage and urami bushi) and Goodnigh Moon.

""Death Rides a Horse" by Ennio Morricone is the snippet of music being played when sophie's arm gets lopped off!"

O I could have told you that much earlier if I had seen this topic lol.

Love that music, well anything by Morricone.

Death Incarnate
The Loney Shepeard by Zamfir, its really spititual.

i love during the crazy 88 scene black momba stabs this guy in the chest then is like walking him around with the sword stuck in his chest. then she pulls the sword out and has two swords now and she looks around and then this drum beat starts up and then she starts like break dancing on the floor cutting off peoples feet and arms all the while this old style 50's song comes on rockin in the background. Its awesome
"nobody nobody but me!!!! (nobody nobody nobody))
it only plays the song for a few moments but i thought it was quite interesting and kinda humorous in a dark twisted sort of way. hehe

I really like the song that is played when Hattori Hanzo shows his collection of swords to beatrix, although i don't know the name of it. very beautiful. Anyone know the title?

Mike (as usual)

YAAAY!!! i started page 3.

does anyone know the song playing in jackie brown which is used for the root menu in the dvd? or in the background with Samuel L Jackson is walking wiht Chris Tucker out of Chris's apartment at night before the trunk camera shot?? 17mins 40 second is when it starts.
That song and little green bag is always good

killbill1- "bang bang"
killbill2- "About her"

I love Bang Bang.

im lov bang bang

does any one know the song when the orgin of O-Ren is playing in kill bill vol. 1?


I love The Lonely Shepherd, i think its on Vol 1 when O-ren and the Bride are fighting. another fav is when the bride is walking into the tea house, just before the massive fight, i think the song is Battle Without Honor or Humanity. And bigD i think the song you are talking about is The Grand Duel, not sure though

yea it is thanx

little green bag from reservoir dogs freakin awesome song, mardirosa by chungin at the end of kill bill 2 and everything by the 789's in kill bill

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