Clerks 10 year anniversary = POOP

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Kevin Smith thinks that everything that he makes is f*cking gold. First he glorifies Dogma. Now he thinks that Clerks deserves a special anniversary edition? It was just a damn movie! I really didn't even think it was that funny to begin with. I don't mind that some movies derserve to be praised, but what breakthough did this movie make? It's a movie about lazy dumbasses that can't even handle a dead-end job!

How would you like it if I made a movie that wasn't funny and then suddenly 10 years down the line I rereleased it in a leather DVD cover with gold imprinted lettering and added another 30 minutes of BS? Man, it boggles my mind! He's like Kevin Spacey, he MUST have made a deal with the devil or something.

Are you insinuating the Kevin Spacey is a bad actor? You my friend, just lost all credibility. Look, look, there it goes, right down the toilet.

Poop goes down toilets.

Mr Zero
FACT: You list "The Wraith" and "the fight scenes from The Phantom Menace" amongst your favourite movies - and Homer Simpson and Conan O'Brien are your favourite actors.

MY GUESS: Kevin Smith isn't losing any sleep over what you think about Clerks.

Can you all say "Ba Ba, we're sheep"?

You list masterpieces and cult classics in your favorite movies catagory, yet you defend Kevin Smith and his movies?

I bet anyone of you still can't give me a reason why ANY of his movies are special or unique other that being obnoxious and preachy.

Dr. Strangelove
If you don't like the movie that's fine, it's your opinion, but there are lots of Kevin Smith fan's especially for Clerks, that have been waiting for a special edition for Clerks for a while and from what Ive read from reviews it's a really well done DVD. I would be more angry at how Showgirls gets a big set while Blade Runner is a bare bones disk with a terrible transfer. sick

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