-=- How to Be A Good College Prfosser -=-

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Crash Overload
Always talk ether to the floor or celling

Memorize the 75$ textbook you make students buy, and dictae it allowed word for word.

Make the students read the TExt book from which you just dictated and take notes from the chapters

Sign the Hiomework Notes

Kick out any student who doesn't do homework.

IF you write, write in cursive, and as such so every leter looks like an "i" or an "m"

Make sure that every other sentence goes against the sentence you just said.

Breifly glance at the essays and grade apon the fact if it looks like either a 60% or a 75%

Arrive 15 minutes late for every class

Say you despise Cell phones, say you will destroy any found cell phone, have your cell phone ring.

Furious Angel
laughing out loud niiiice, fred!

lil bitchiness
laughing out loud Some of those are too true!

Royal Knight
laughing laughing out loud nice one

All of them apply to my professors sad

laughing out loud

i've experienced all of these,
hopefuillly it wasn't one teacher. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Can you demand the students read the whole book, then talk on your cell phone or sleep in class, and boot out kids who don't cooperate? eek!

Crash Overload
They Really don't care about that one.. trust me, there probly isn't one calss i did not not sleep in, eccept 2D / 3D design and Painting

laughing out loud

That's still better than making students buy a text book, then never referring to it once during the semester.

Crash Overload
"history fo Art and Aesthetics" Buy Art Accross Time Volumes 1 and 2... *buys the 120$ BRICK of a book* "why did you all buy it? all i wanted is for you to refer to it form time to time.. well i guess that now that you ahve it, leave it at home so youc an refer to it from time to time".... "No refunds"

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