Brendan Fehr, the brooding Roswell guy

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I used to like Brendan Fehr, then I liked Viggo Mortensen, then Scott Speedman and now I am back to liking Brendan Fehr again. I still like the other two, both Viggo & Scott but I want to know what's going on in Brendan's life. U'know what films he's doing? Who Brendan's dating? Is he dating Majandra Delfino again or not? I really hope one of U guys out there can give me some info, I Desparately need some INfo on the guy. Thanxs a lot.

Oh yeah, he's fit. I had a small (V. small) obsession with him once. I was addicted to Roswell. Oh well, was a good show.

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i loved fehr on roswell eek! whatever happened to him since then?

I haven't heard about him in a long time. I'm in a fan club for Jason Behr...who was his co-star in Roswell and although they talk about what the cast of Roswell is up to sometimes....I never see mention of him.
I'll ask for ya though....see if anyone else knows. Grr....yummy Man!

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jason behr - co-stars with sarah michelle galler in october's the grudge
shiri appleby - recently in scifi's darklight (great movie)
majandra delfino - in fox family's celeste in the city earlier this year
catherine heighl - no clue
brendan fehr - no clue

I know that Brendan's going to be in Childstar and he also acted in Sugar. I want to see those two movies but from where? The video stores I go to don't carry them because they're low budgeted, Canadian movies. Both seem interesting and I'm dying to watch them.

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childstar...what's that about? blink

I tink dat brendan fehr should get a hair cut coz da last tym i've seen him on roswel he has long hair... i also tink dat Alex Whitman(Colin Hanks) should still be in roswell and didn't let him die in a car accident. coz the reason y i watched roswell was bcoz somebody told me dat colin hanks is cute and den when watched roswell dat was d tym he died. anyways da best season of roswell was the

Theyve been showing reruns of Roswell over here, and i've just recently started watching it. Ive noticed Jason Behr before but never really thought about him. But now im totally obsessed with him!! Hes a total hottie! And that whole brooding, shy guy character he plays is sooo sweet! inlove

which one is he? post some pictures .. .

Jason is waay better looking then Brendan

I'll see if i can find some pics


i had a v-bit obsession with jason behr too but then moved over to brendan fehr and now i dont like either of em..max (jason) broods too much, they over did it..anyways hes not that cute, i like him better when he has his hair all short and up a lil happy

got no clue about this guy, can you help me ?
recent role : biker boyz co-starring derek luke ?

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Go here^it will tell you all of his current movie projects and other info

If your talking about Jason Behr.....the hot main character!

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