Our dearly departed villian.

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Billy fan
STOP!If you haven't by some freak disaster seen KB vol.2.Spoilers ahead evil face No matter how many times I watch it I can't keep myself from thinking that Bill did not have to die.Call me romantic.I think it's great don't get me wrong but the ending is a bit in the middle for me.
I think the ending should have been like the movies.Namely extreme.Either they{B+B}should have had a little action packed bloodfest or stoped killing eachothers friends and eachother and lived happily ever after{Which would not have been as entertaining as the bloodfest but an extreme none the less}.May be I'll get lucky and they'll find an excuss for Bill to be still alive like that [email protected] he was drinking did something to his blood presure and he just passed out from the haert thingy.Then they can all come back for Vol.3 and do it right this time.

What u's think?

I agree, he was such a nice guy, when you actually got to know him, looked like a good father, and a decent type, which was something of a shock, being the titular villain of the piece. But then I kind of felt like that about many of the brides enemies, they were bad, but once you got to know them, they were so, so likable. And when we learnt that Bill was motivated by a similar feeling of revenge to the Bride, I felt even more for him. It would of been nice if there had been some way out, but then I must admit it had gone kind of far by that point, and I can't feasibly see how they could have moved on. Still, Bill is great, and I would like to see him return somehow.....

Man i couldn't be more happy that he died. One of the greatest warriors met finally his match. I saw the ending about 20 times....when he's hit by the five palm. He was probably thinking how B.Kiddo became so strong..he stands up as a proud warrior,not having regret how he lived his life. And the Navajo Joe music makes it complete!!! He walks and bam...goodbye Bill. Quentin did the right thing by not letting them fight. I guess he had too much love for Bill,because come on..Bill's swordplay is much more then Beatrix's.

But don't cry,like any great story there are prequels. I can't wait untill quentin makes the anime prequel..it's gotta rock!!!

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