Lobo Vs. Wolverine

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I know this was done in the crossover but that was based on voting and was complete bull. I think Lobo would take this one rather easily.

Agreed. Probably while drunk at the time.

Well....this would still be an interesting fight. And aptly...I imagine it would probably go down in a bar...

I don't know enough about Lobo, but would Wolverine be able to sink his claws into him? and if so, what effect would it have?

Wolvie does get has had his butt handed to him by Hulk on a regular basis and he still came back for more. What's Lobo going to do against Wolverine's indestructable skeleton and healing factor? Would he be able to pummel Wolverine into submission?

Again, I'm not all that knowledgeable about Lobo. And I have the crossover comic, and I agree the fight (which was all of one page) was assnine, I just want to have someone address the questions I asked...

norrin radd
well Lobo i think is on superman level, very strong, fast and durable and the major thing here, is that Lobo is immortal, so it doens´t matter if wolverine is able to sink his claws into him or not.

During the crossover against Lobo, Wolverine was also without his adamantium skeleton, which made the fight even more unlikely to turn out as it did. The use of "gut ya" during the end of the scene by Wolverine also seemed un-Wolverine like.

As to another fight against them, Lobo has the advantage in sheer strength which probably is near par with Superman. Lobo in the comics (at least the ones I've seen) appear to still be rather vulnerable to injury (i.e. arm blown off, bullet holes), but that never appears to stop him. His disregard for life (for the most part) and of mercy makes him even more dangerous.

Wolverine in the past has been bashed around by numerous heavy-weights, but has standed up pretty decently otherwise for a character with terrible odds against him (he's given Hulk in the past).

Lobo with his sheer violent nature and strength (and weaponry if he does have it) would most likely overwhelm Wolverine. But as Lobo never demonstrated to have as thick a hide as Hulk or Superman to me, if Wolverine was able to get close to him, he could probably slice him pretty well.

PS - If there was another Hulk vs. Wolverine battle, if Wolverine took the principle of slashing at Hulk's neck as he did in that old "What if comic," would you still think Hulk would win the fight?

yah, but Hulk is reasonably on Superman's level as well. So that's a bit of a mute point.

Though the super speed and immortality are a little much for him to handle.

Though Lobo is immortal....can he be hurt? Ideally, could he be knocked out or have his body cut up to the point where he could go no further?

Or does he posses some of that Juggernaut bullsh!t that makes him completely oblivious to physical pain?

norrin radd
i´m not very familiar with lobo either but the story is that he is immortal because heaven and hell refused to have him.

yes hulk is on superman level, and thats why i think hulk would murder wolverine to.

of course if wolvie can cut Lobo it would be a mutch more interesting fight, but still going with Lobo on this one.

Kain Phoenix
i think lobo would win although wolvy is still my fave
lobo is immortal and has his own kind of healing factor is strength is far superior. i wouldn't like to see it but i think the canadian is well over his head. although it would have to be unique way for him to stop wolvy. lobo has his weapon of choice, is hook and wolvy is claws.

but lets not count wolvy out. normally wolverine is the underdog but comes out on top 'he is the best there is at what he does'

lobo gives superman a work out and i'm sure he could do the same to wolvy.
sorry but on sheer science lobo gets this

Lobo has bashed a full bar of aliens to death in the past without consequence while simutaneously being blasted near to bits - his own neverending beserker rage. Wolverine may have trouble here, but still may have a chance.

As to that constant "The best there is at what he does," the definition of that has always been brought up into question.

In accordance to Maverick, its his healing.
When first meeting Elsie Dee, he said it was "never giving up."

I cannot believe it is in reference to his fighting ability for there are far superior fighters (or characters that hone their abilities better). If only he went into a fight with a more focused mind to apply all his learned abilities... (but he wouldn't be Wolverine)

It cannot be his healing factor as Hulk's is superior.

If we are discussing the Lobo who replicates if one drop of his blood is shed, Wolverine loses in a curbstomp.

Hell, he loses even if that isn't the Lobo we are discussing.

yeah i give this one to Lobo too, i think he's just too damn powerful for the canucklehead

if someone could prove otherwise that would be great, but i doubt anyone can lol

Lobo would win. The whole point of Lobo is that he's exagerated to an absolutely ludacrous level--it's part of the humor. This is a guy who's destroyed an entire army by himself (in a direct shoot-out), caused such massive damage to heaven and hell that neither of them will let him in, stapled himself together (and been right as rain immediately afterwards) after being blown to pieces, killed gods, and destroyed his entire species on top of it. Lobo isn't meant to operate on a real-world level, whereas Wolverine is. And if Wolverine is the best at what he does, so is Lobo--and what Lobo does is kill people.

yeah that's true, he's like a serious looney tune..i love his comics lol

Lobo would OWN Wolverine. Lobo beats Superman's ass regularly, and you think Wolverine will be a problem? Lobo killed everyone on his home planet, killed everyone on this other hooker planet, and THEN killed an entire planet filled with his own sons and daughters!

Lobo certainly has a blantant disregard for life, for his own body, and absolutely no mercy.

He'd beat Wolverine's ass so bad the his healing factor will have to work overtime just to keep his flesh together!

I mean, does this look like Wolverine will take him down? His face is smoldering with bullets, and it's torn in half! What could Wolverine do would make Lobo fall? Lobo has been blown in half and STILL fought on. He walked on his bloody stump of a waist while carrying his own legs! (Lobo's Back, issue 6)


lobo is such an out there kick ass character, kinda like Bone or Usagi Yojimbo but without the cartoony look

LMAO, walkted on a bloody stump for a waist while carrying his two legs, thats friggin hilarious! laughing

i only remember them fighting once... how many times have they fought?

I remember seeing him in the JL cartoon. That was funny.

They've actually fought like 3 or 4 times(ok, that doesn't qualify as 'regularly', but we're talking about Superman here, beat his ass once and you get all the respect you'll ever need). I don't remember the exact issues, but everytime, Superman gets really pissed off because he can't keep Lobo down, and Lobo has the upper hand.

ya in sheer strength lobo beats supes, speed i dunno, or durability, but he has a kickass bike, he would own wolvie


Lobo, easily by far! that crossover was a joke, bet many people didnt know who Lobo was and just voted for good ole Wolv. Lobo has insane regeneratin, Immortal, very freakin strong way up there with Superman ( read 2 comics that he fought vs superman ) 1 he beat up superman WHILE DRUNK, and 2nd one seemed like a tie ( they didnt fight for long )

Hulk's healing facter better than Wolvie's? 'Fraid not. With all these hulk references i think what people are failing to see is the reason that Wolvie has gone toe to toe with the Hulk and Juggernaut and so on. It's his far superior fighting ability. However against Lobo, who is estimated somewhere near Hulk's and Jug's power level, Wolvie would not at all have this advantage. They are both equally matched in this aspect. This leaves to reason that Wolvie would not have a chance at all against Lobo, since his only advantage is nulled. This goes for all of Lobo's forms.

Last I checked, Hulk's healing was far better than Wolverine's, although I do agree with you on the rest of what you said.

You may be completley right on this healing factor thing. The only references i can remember to sight the relative strength of these abilities is in the "Future Imperfect" story line. Where it takes Hulk well over a month to heal from a spinal cord injury. To the best of my knowledge, it has never taken Wolvie over a month to heal from anything.

Well, a spinal cord injury, it would only make sense for something like that to heal for a while. Don't forget, Hulk's healed from being burned of most of his flesh in moments, and the other things I can't remember right now, but someone else on here definitely does. Wolverine's healing is impressive comepared to most, but it's still not as good as Hulk's.

im pretty sure they knew who lobo was, just that their die hard wolverine fans and dont care for lobo or his comics, comic wise i dont care for lobo either....i would rather prefer a wolverine comic over lobo's anyday unless i just wanna laugh

I bet this would be another bar fight. lobo takes wolverine's drink and wolvie gets easily angered and pops out his claws an says something like "hey that was my drink you just wasted bub". lobo would beat the hell out of wolverine and then they'd decide to stop fighting and go smoke and drink some More (it's not like it's going to hurt them b/c they do have their healing factors)

Oh, it'd hurt whether you had a healing factor or not.

People greatly overestimate Wolverine's healing factor. He's not immortal and he can be hurt quite easily. Burn on his flesh off and he's not coming back, unlike Hulk. Snap his spine and he's not coming back, unlike Hulk. You have to remember he's still a human being, only a mutant human being with tissue regenerative ability. But there are plenty of lesser animals that have regenerative abilities, yet they can be killed quite easily. If the rate of injury surpasses the rate of regeneration, the specimen is dead.

I was talking about the smoking not hutring their respritory system. you gotta admit though wolverine is one tough b@stard to beat

Yeah he's a tough SOB sure, but he's not a top-tier hero. Except for the fact that people think he's cool. That doesn't actually make for a logical and objective assessment.

yep lobo is like punisher and wolverine mixed with supes stenght, I still like wolvie better, but there's no way he's beatin lobo. also hulk has the strongest healing factor in the whole marvel universe (magical regeneration or immortality doesn't count). and wolverine couldn't touch juggernaut and out of a sereis of 8 fights with the hulk, he won 2. anyways once wolverine had his whole arm burned off and it regenerated in 10 minutes! Hulk has an even stronger helaing factor. It would take him 5 minutes or less

i remember once hulk healed so fast that his hand has healed inside of his stomach, because he was holding his guts in. So im pretty sure that trumps wolverines anyday. And btw wrath wolverine has adamantium spine so you cant snap his.

I still want to know which issues Wolverine beat Hulk in and how, cause I just don't see it.

Even if his bones were solid adamantium, he could still get his spine snapped since the human backbone isn't one solid column of bone.

yea but it would be like damn near impossible to break his spine

How hard do you think it is for anybody with above normal human strength to do spinal damage to a "normal" person? You can have adamantium wheels on a car but if the axle is torn out, you're not going anywhere.

Take a look at this. Even if he had solid adamantium bones, they'd still be held together by flesh. It's only as strong as its weakest link so to speak. Heck, even a guy with a hunting knife could saw though the disks of Wolverine's spine.

I think writers overmight be the ones who over estimate wolvie's healing ability. Which in some way i guess makes it true. In days of future past forge speculates that wolvie could come back to life so long as bone marrow of him exist. Conan, in a what if story line, kills wolverine with a blow to the neck. wolverine comes back to life with brain damage, but eventually that is also healed.

fraid so....... hulks is just better wink

wolverine doesnt go anywhere vs. juggernaut, except to a little parallel universe i like to call unconscioussness smile hulk usually stomps him pretty good too......

i agree lobo would take it......

I have a limited suply of comics so as to ascertain judgement on the Hulk's healing factor. From what I have read that's the judgement call i'd have to make. Please post some examples if you can.
As for Wolvie going toe to toe with Hulk and Jugs, i never said he did well. Just that he did.

Until I get an issue # on Wolverine beating Juggernaut, in Jugfan's terms, I'm viewing it as a bunch of bull doo doo. That's right, I said it. Happy Dance

actauly all of hulk vs wolverine have all been ties but 3 and hulk only one one of them wolverine one the other 2. one fight wolverine wins in is wolverine vs hulk #8 he nocks hulk out bye out smarting him. there is another when wolverine wins vs hulk but I do not own the comic. the only one hulk ever won was there first fight ever comic #181. also there is another one but wolverine was horse rider death and he dident fight back because he had no control over his body which I do not call a fight but others that are hulk fans try to say that was a fight vs wolverine but it was not wolverine was not in control. so I not chosing who I think will win I just merly laying down some facts


ur just mad cuz I have prove and u got shit

Lobo can throw wolverine into the sun. He wins. Thats all folks.

that not even a true state ment if ur just gunna say some thing stupid like that don't bother typing it

Lobo could pull Wolverine's head off his body and throw it into orbit at the very least.

Yes it is. 100 x 2000lbs, thats AT LEAST how much lobo can benchpress. That's plenty to get wolverine out of orbit, and once you leave orbit there is no resistance in space so wolvie suffocates to death as he makes his way to the sun.

Hahaha. I can't belive someone is trying to make an argument for Wolverine.

Oh, it's wolverine8888....nevermind.

first off I never said wolverien would win I was merly saying facts and lobo not gunna throw wolverine into space if they fought truth is all I know about lobo is that he can heal and is as strong as superman wich sounds tough to be but still sound liek a weak hulk but I dont read dc a lot so I dont know.

Superman is stronger then hulk is unless hulk gets REALLY pissed off.

that may be true but I beleave with out green hulk being mad he just as strong as superman but like I say I dont read dc much

Superman is stronger than Hulk, even currently. DC just works on a higher power level than Marvel, it's been said many times. No matter how skilled and bad ass Wolverine is, the gap in powers is just too great for him to seriously handle. Wolverine stands no chance, deal with it.

LOL wow you dont stop, Lobo is Superman level stregth which is far from a weak Hulk. When the Hulk fought Superman it took the Hulk 3 days of fighting to get pissed off enough to even reach Supermans Level of stregth, Second Lobo has one of the strongest healing factors i ahve ever seen and not to mention he is pretty durable. This fight is a mis match from the start and to even try to argue with that wolverine stands a chance shows how biased you are and your post should even be payed attention too.

It is true, Lobo is one of the few characters that can withstand nuclear fission, in addition to absolute zero. His durability is nigh endless even in his weaker forms. there are only a few things that can harm him in his most durable form and adamantium being pushed by someone of human strength is not one of them. Now on the other hand, if Hulk had adamantium claws...

I'm a huge wolverine fan,but that crossover was garbage like every other fight in that series.

Lobo would've won too easily back in the 90's.

Now , Logan has that insane new healing factor upgrade.
Now, Lobo has that whole new upgrade on him as well.

Lobo wins after a long hard fight to the death.
Lobo wins 8/10.

David Duchovony
What insane new healing factor upgrade? Elaborate.

Guys have you read the Lobo vs Wolverine comic? He fought Wolverine and he lost.


Originally posted by Nick1989
Guys have you read the Lobo vs Wolverine comic? He fought Wolverine and he lost. But he should have picked him up and thrown him out of the solar system
Being why the comic was crappy and not taken seriously

Originally posted by Juntai
But he should have picked him up and thrown him out of the solar system
Being why the comic was crappy and not taken seriously
It was also fan voted. Go figure.

And it was a DC vs Marvel Crossover, not "The Wolverine vs Lobo comic" but now I'm just being pedantic. stick out tongue

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