Teacher's an ass

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Don't you hate it when a teacher singles you out and acts like an ass to you? I get a test back, not even THAT bad a grade, a 60, and I get the thumbs down, he raspberries at me with his tongue, and tells me that I can do better. Then today, I answer something wrong orally, and he does a dance in front of the class complaining about the problem with my answer. WTF. Then he tests us on french verbs he didn't even teach us, and I get bad grades. French blows. Anyone else have an ass for a teacher?

Mr Zero
No - but my ass could teach you a thing or two!

blink not as much.

Yeah he can be a real pain sometimes. (I was there with Jkozzy). only I'm good at french:-p

I don't have promblems like THAT. But, 2 days ago my English teacher (who was standing next to my brother) saw me and started to shout: 'HEYYY, Suzie!!!! big grin Are you ok? You haven't been at my lesson!' I thought I'd kill her!

That sucks sad

lil bitchiness
I dont have teachers, i have lecturers, and they are all coolio.

Stay on topic roll eyes (sarcastic)

eek! No teachers!!! Just a few years letf... UNIVERSITY!

i had a teacher who was a swine for them sort of things he made us all sit in slience for 1hr and we were doing soo well until i needed a pencil rubber so i thought i shall ask the person next to me he wont bother cuz its not chatting ... was i rong .. stupid mong he made me stand out side the room and wen i was allowed bak in he moved me to the front of the room

lil bitchiness
Its an off topic forum, thereore i can stay off topic as much as i please, alright! cool Run along now.

lil bitchiness
You'll love it! happy

Its a lot of work, but its great if youre doing what you like big grin

and you think it would be better? blink

Clovie, I told you it's going to be ok! Don't worry, babe hug

How are the bones? stick out tongue

it won't sad

i think they are o'kay, but. i don't want to have much in common with them cry

yes i agree ith the first message

Darth Revan
My English teacher (actually a temp... err sub) is a complete *****. She NEVER says we have homework, she never has it written down anywhere or anything, and the next day she'll get all pissed that nobody did it. Then she'll try to have a discussion about something we were apparently supposed to write, and she ends up doing most of the talking before she blows up. That part is actually kinda funny though laughing out loud

I know I know! I understand everything, but EVERYONE says that! Ok, apart of sociology students. And you're gonna have good job!

My Polish teacher can't speak Polish messed She looks like retarted.

lil bitchiness
Wait a min, everyone will tell you Uni rocks here, no matter what they're studying! Its the place where to meet people of similar interest, seeing how you're all doing similar courses.

sociology students doin't? blink

lil bitchiness

I don't have any teachers that are asses but their is one that has a nice ass.

Most people hates the first year, because it's hard. I said that to Clovie, who already hates Uni (she started a week ago). I'm sure she will love it soon!

lil bitchiness
First year is the best one you're going to do. Because in second you are gonna have too much work to do to conterencate on anything else.

And shes been there a week, its hard at first not living at home, but there are hndreds of people in the same position as Clovie.

edit - i would not say most people hate the first year, because thats inncorect persepctive...some people do, not most.

i already have too much to learn.
and all of pplk are know are moaning about uni, maybe it just looks different here.

lil bitchiness
Well then dont go to uni.

What the hell is the point of doing something you dont like and moaning about it?

I personaly love university, and its called higher education because theres so much to do and learn... all on your own.

It looks very different. For instatce, most of people lives at home. You can't in the campus (but I wouldn't call is 'campus') if you don't live far away from the city erm

Clovie, it's medicine! What did you expect?!

milla....you haven't seen polish uni. i see no point for further discussion.

suz ... i didn't expect anything.

Jedi Priestess
<---teacher dontcha know wink

Seems to me JK that particular teacher was displaying bad behavior towards a student. Teachers are not to put down students and especially never in front of an entire class. If things did go down the way you say then I'd be bit*hing in the office.

i hjate teachers my english teaher hates me cry she's mean!!

lil bitchiness
Fine, if you say its terrible than its terrible. End of story.

Still that doesnt explain why you still go there and maon about it.
Either dont go there anymore, or stop moaning.

i always moan, haven't you noticed yet? blink
and i go there coz it is supossed to profit in some years confused

Silver Stardust
Wow, that sucks...I had some pretty nasty teachers in high school but not like that no expression

My college professors are pretty cool, though happy

No, but I take french 1.

Bonjour! Je mappelle Alisa, et toi? I hate the French language! sick

My chem teacher's voice is so horrible no expression
It makes you wanna puke and fall asleep at the same time yes

And all she does is lecture for an hour, then give us like the last 10 minutes to do like 20 questions that she always assigns roll eyes (sarcastic)

That's harsh erm

what dont you say something back?....your probly get a detention but thats a small price to pay when you make a teacher you dont like look like an ass

True... very true... eh I just don't want to stir anything up, really. erm

But if I ever feel like it... shifty

My science teacher's an ass. He's such a paedaphile and everybody hates him. He cracks jokes that aren't funny and are very offensive. He's bloody ugly, hair, fat, bald and wears big, thick glasses. His classes are so boring, I hate him and worst of all.........he's my dean cry

Captain REX
laughing out loud

I get it...

yep i get it all the time it like "charlotte what is the true bearing of this or sumthing' and im like ahhhh i duno...

Yeah, my math teacher is a real a. hole sometimes. He easily gets mad, and plus, his classroom always smells like sweat sick , which makes us sick as hell.

Uhh... a 60 is a F... unless its different where u go

Q: What does Burger king and Micheal Jackson have in common?

A: They both put their meat between 12 year old buns! laughing .....sick

I heard that joke and I had to share it with someone.

My English teacher is evil erm

I was away for a week, and I had notified him earlier that I would be gone, and that I needed makeup work. He never gave me any, and while I was gone, he gave the rest of the class a MAJOR test. When I got back, he never told me, and so I got a lovely 52 on my midterm eek!

yea i got a ass hole 4 a teacher hes called mr womble and he like always soutes @ us just cuz were is tutor groupe!!
it drives us mental. like here are the worst things he has done in my books.
1.He took a girls braces of her because she was messin about with them i mean wtf there has 2 be a rule against that somewere.
2.He gave me a really long lecture about ytf i souldnt get a white bloddy memmo
3.He says hes not ur m8 all the time and then he goes look 8s im more of a m8 2 u than a tutor
4.He makes u copy out of bloddy music books if u dont do as you are told
5.If we get told of by any teacheres he gives us a class detension.
oh and 1 more thing....Wen we were @ parents evenin he REALLY
embaressed me infront of my mum my startin talkin about SEX education!!! i mean thats just like totally messed up
hmz i gone on 4 a bit oh well... stick out tongue

Nope, it's a D

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