Pollution of the OTF

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Samurai Guy
Why is it now the "cool" thing to do to pollute the Off-Topic Forum with utter nonsense?

I understand that this is the Forum with "No Rules," but that does not condone starting threads dealing with measuring the size of genetalia or whether or not somebody is a homosexual. Are the moderators that bored, or is there a contest I am unaware of that is dealing with the amount of threads you can have closed?

There is no need for this, people. The OTF is loaded with "crap" (as it has been affectionately deemed) in the first place; an abundace of copycat threads, tonnes of counting games, and so much other things.

Please stop with the cries for closed threads. We dont need it.


- Scottie.

P.S. My rant is now over, and I feel much better.

if you mean today: Sock.

anyday else: stupidity.

Samurai Guy
I know there is a lot of socking going on... but I suppose I was right in my assumption that these people are trying to be nice and keep the mods from growing bored.

There is a fine line between "funny stupid" and "senseless stupid." Tired Hiker is pretty much the line.

That means you are funny, Preston

nah, they're just really bored

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud I think people misunderstand how the OTF says it's the forum with no rules. They don't seem to realize that the KMC rules still apply.

Samurai Guy
roll eyes (sarcastic)

Utter nonsense. New rule for KMC... you must have an IQ above 12 to start.

Tired Hiker
I'm ultra flattered! laughing out loud And about the socks, I have no idea who is who anymore. I thought everyone had left and then I realized, okay, so and so changed their username. I can't keep track of it folks. So please, if you know me, please send me a pm or post here as to who you used to be. Like you, Samurai Guy! I know I know you, I just can't remember who you were before. ?? erm ??

Silver Stardust
That would wipe out...about 75% of the members though laughing out loud

Samurai Guy
I am not a sock...right now. shifty I used to be:

1) Cyclops
3) Lil' BackFire

and now I am Samurai Guy. big grin

Samurai Guy
If it would stop the KMC penis measuring contests, then that would be a welcome change.

Silver Stardust

Tired Hiker
Okay, cool beans! big grin You were a huge influence in the pad! wink Oh the times we had. big grin

It won' t change. My similar rant months ago leaded to the OTF question which finally resulted into the Ignore option.

Samurai Guy
I know, Stormy... I just needed to vent a little. Sorry for polluting the OTF more. laughing

Good ole' threads about BackFire.

If I change my name again, I will send you a PM and let you know. wink

lil bitchiness
I went on a closing/merging spree this aternoon.

Samurai Guy
I noticed, and you have my thanks for that. You are the Bestest Mod Ever! hug


it's the OTF, you can post anything, if you think it's nonsense there is an option to ignore threads you can use

if it's here, then yes, apperently so

Use the ignore option

Samurai Guy
Yes, there is an ignore option, but what I meant was moreso "Why start a thread that you know is going to be closed.

The answer is painfully obvious when you think about it -- Because they're stupid.

Ya know, getting rid of the pollution is only a click away...

Thank you Razzeh droolio

this issue has become so strong i now have 3 threads on the first page of the off topic that havnt been ignored blink

lil bitchiness
Better than than making a thread about how much you hate all the threads.

im smart smart

Tired Hiker
According to my special secret sources and team of highly skilled information seekers, I hold the record for creating threads that people ignore the most!clapclapping

Kosta already made a thread covering this Topic. big grin

miss kitty
hello baby

hi everyone!

Samurai Guy
I know about the ignoring option....

this has been brought up before, by others, including myself. Its not gonna change, Raz doesnt want it to. Although they have introduced moderating to the OTF, at least thats helping a little.

Samurai Guy
I was venting... as I mentioned before. But you have a point, Kosta.

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