Yerss' Game - James Bond RPG

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There is currently no place anymore to sign up for the game, but do stay tuned if people drop out to gain a spot.

Do not post in here if you are not signed up, it will not improve gameplay...

Players that are signed up, please make sure that you have all your stats and skills done soon or it will count as having none at all!!

Try not to reply in only one line, try to get into it and of course, have fun!

and the last thing you should know: in a game with a GM, the GM is ALWAYS right, it's an easy rule to understand but difficult one to accept... because if for some weird reason you meet Bond's parents here, it means they are alive and Goldeneye was wrong. (this won't happen of course)

So, let the games begin!

The game will start in my next post

A4E (009-A, Mi5), Tidus (008), SS (005)>

.... Nigeria
....75 kilometers east of Jos
.... 23.07 hours

Tidus and SS, you two find yourself lying next to eachother on a little hill in the middle of nowhere. Only savannah grass and some trees are to be seen through your nightgoggles. You both wear black clothes.
Through your binoculars you can see a tower of about 10 meters high, next to it are three, perhaps four, you're not sure, wooden houses.

Your mission is a trainingmission... to keep sharp and to see if you're still fit to get the double-oh licence which means you can kill...but not be killed of course.
The point of this training is to collect a flag, found in the center of the little market the houses create.

A4E; you are 009-A... Mi5, it means you have the equivalent of a double oh status if you were in Mi6. Doing well in this training might make you a double-oh, so you are motivated.
Your mission is to prevent the two (you know there are only two) agents to get the flag. They have 53 minutes left only now...
You have 7 other agents that are at your disposal, you can place them where you want... for now (and if you're Tidus or SS, don't read cause it will spoil your gaming experience), two are with snipers in the tower (they have no night goggles), one is in each house (there are 4 houses) and one is on the market, next to the flag.


It is up to the Mi6 team to make the first move ...

Evy, Clovie, Kal, Elektra>

.... Switzerland
.... 8 kilometers west of Geneva, CERN
.... 14.15 hours

Kal > You find yourself in a rather comfortable new Volvo car, driving down the road to CERN. You worked for three years there on a thing called Project Moist and you received a letter asking your return to run by some details about the project. You hope that they finished the project...

Clovie > You are having a rather splendid day. You got hired for BIG bucks to take out a simple scientist in CERN, the reward is so big that if you succeed you can even think about stopping your work and buy a place in the south of France and relax for your entire life.
But as all things go, there is one don't know who exactly you have to kill... you know that the person arrives today and goes by a rather Italian-sounding name.
When you take out your binoculars and look in the distance at a car that drives down the road, you see someone sitting in the back... might be your target, but no matter how it goes, you won't have a chance to do your job outside, you have to break in ...

Elektra > You're not in a good mood... Don't worry, your assignment is being well payed... a bit too well payed if you think about it and that is what gets you worried... You have to kill an assassin that will try and break into CERN. Combine those two facts and you think of having a hard time to stay alive here... The one who hired you only said your target was a long thin girl with long black hair, pale and light eyes.
As far as you can see, you had a bad insertion point... no road near to check on traffic... seems you have to make your way into CERN.

Evy > This can be your lucky day... Not only did you yesterday went to a rather splendid banquet but you heard one of your colleagues say that the gallery about Picasso that was in Geneva has closed down and that professor Starkiller who works in CERN took his painting back... well, while you're here, you might as well go in and check out that painting of his no? And if the chance takes place to "lend it forever", why not try and take it?
You can actually try to get in through the front door since you're not a known thief, but a lawyer.
You find yourself sitting behind a tree, a few meters from the road.

Kiara stood behind the tree, hoping to be unnoticed. She had spent the entire morning checking the people entering and leaving the building of CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory. So far, she hadn't spotted the physicist professor yet -what was his name?... She searched through a yellow file: Starkiller. Him. Quite an interesting guy he was, actually. To her, all lovers of art were; and he sure was one, she thought, quite impressed by the list of paintings he owned, mentioned in the file she held. Kiara had spotted a specific one though: it was called La Vie, made in 1904 by the famous Pablo Picasso.

Lost in her thoughts, at first she didn't notice the black Audi approaching the gates and the pale male hand of the driver showing an ID to the guard. Realising it was the person she had been waiting for all morning, Kiara put the file back into the bag, straightened her clothes, wore her glasses - they did make her look respectable after all! - and casually started walking towards the entrance gate.

evy >
It doesn't take long before the guard notices you. It is a good thing you are not trying to walk into Fort Knox or you would have been shot on sight.

When you arrive at the gate, the guard straightens his jacket quickly and nods to you. There is nothing of his bodylanguage that shows you he is either nervous or not trusting you being here. Everything goes smooth.

"Yes, miss?"

He looks at you with a big smile on his face; holding a file with some papers in it.

Vash looking into his binocaulars looked over the place twice again, and made himself memorize the location. I cant fail this... All my life I wanted to be a secret agent to revenge my parents... And I dont think I would, After all double oh five is preety well experienced.. thought Vash as he asked 005 "Double Oh Five, Do you see any snipers or heavy artillery?" asked Vash

005 looks around, "None are immediately visable - although it sure would be too easy if there weren't any there. Maybe we should try a pincar movement, go around and take the flag from either side. If we encounter any hostiles one of us can attack from the front, almost as a distraction, and the other can attack from behind them."

*talks via walkie talkie to tidus*
double oh eight do u read me? i repeat do u read me?
i see a sniper ten o clock, he doesnt seem to have notice u, but be careful.
they better not screw it up, i say to myself.

Kiara noticed the file long before she paid any attention to the guard himself: a short, fat guy with glasses and a pleasant smile. Didn't seem much of a threat to her.

"Yes, miss?"

Kiara, her mind still focused on the file, smiled kindly. "Good morning. My name is Nancy Myers and I believe that Mister Yang is expecting me. I represent the lawyer office Smith and Pitterson". She showed him the fake ID.

The guard frowned for a moment, looked at his papers, then smiled again. "But of course... We didn't expect you to come so soon; your arrival was set for tomorrow".

She thought it would be best not to answer, seeing that the real Nancy Myers would indeed be arriving the next day, causing confusion.

Fortunately the man didn't pay much attention to it, and smiling again, he opened the gates for her. Kiara headed towards the front yard, still thinking she somehow had to obtain a map of the huge laboratory, like the one the guard had in those files.

Vittoria driving down the street, going directly to the main entrance of CERN remembers that she forgot some of the files- very important files- about Project Moist. If these files get lost and somebody else gets them and knows what to do with them, the world can be in danger. Project Moist is a very important project involving many scientists from around the world. All of them knowing part of the project have been subjected to a vow of silence about the project.

Vittoria, noticing that she forgot some files, gives a turn with her car and goes back to her apartment. "I hope those papers are in there..." thinking to herself "I can't believe I left them, today is a very important meeting and I have to present my findings."

MI-TEAM &gt;

Woooooooow, little misunderstanding here...A4E, you're not helping the Mi6 team, you're in the Mi5 team. It is your task to shoot the two agents down. You have people at your disposal as posted that can be set up everywhere you want.
SS & Tidus, disregard A4E's post about snipers in the tower... though with your nightvision on, it's not difficult to spot them anyway if you look at the tower.


Evy &gt;

Lucky you ... you got 24 hours in other words... or perhaps less, they close at 8PM, finding you after that will complicate things.

But before you can enter, the guard yells after you:
"Miss? Hold it right there please!"

Trouble so early on the day?


Kal, you are planning on day, right? stick out tongue
(when the time is there, I'll tell what Project Moist is to you so you can do the explaining)

As Kiara was walking, lost in her thoughts, she heard the guard's voice behind her.

"Miss? Hold it right there please!"

She froze for a moment, but then smiled wide and turned to face the man. He was on the cell phone, heading towards her, looking worried. "I'm terribly sorry, miss Myers, but I just got a phone call from professor Yang. He will not be able to meet with you today... you see... it wasn't planned and he's busy for the day and-"

Kiara cut his phrase off. "I understand. However, I would like to talk to his secretary, seeing I did all this way to come here". She hold her breath, hoping that her anxiety wasn't noticeable. If the guard didn't allow her to enter CERN, then she'd have to break in. And that would be uncomfortable. Very.

The man looked unsure. "I'll see what I can do. Please follow me until I contact Mister Yang".

Good thing this is CERN and not some high secured place...yet.

The guard stops in his walk suddenly and turns around to you.

"In the mean time, could you please wear this?"

The guard gives you a badge which says "visitor".

Everything is going smooth...
You go into CERN and immediatly notice it has actually a pretty high security level despite what you saw on the outside! There are cameras recording hallways, doors who needs special keys and even more: there are people casually walking around but with your "qualities" you immediatly know they are not just people, they are looking like cops or worse: military...

"We better get going" answered Vash nodding.

oh shoot! sorry guys, i thoguht i had to HELP tidus and SS, sorry!!! ok...

*sitting on top of a tree*
(walkie talkie) Sniper 1, do you read me? I see 005, he's hiding behind the tall palm tree 7 o'clock

(walkie talkie)
agent number 7 (the one watching the flag)
watch you're back, i repeat watch you're back, i think agent 005 and 009, might get there from the back

"Wait, snipers in the towers, best to be careful. We don't know what other suprises there are there." Peter says slowly moving through the grass, "remember to expect the unexpected"

A4E... where are you sitting that you can see them so clearly? messed

Mi6 team &gt;

as long as you are going slow enough, chancess of them seeing you are slim...unless you want to dance the macarena 5 meters from them. They have no nightvision goggles on

in a really tall tree shifty and i cant see EVERYTHING but lots of stuff yes

hope they won't shoot you now evil face
*makes plans to get a rhino knock over your tree*

What are we equiped with?

-Standard Walther PPK with silencer, 5 extra clips
-One standard light sniper riffle with 3 bullets in it
-One knife

when you shoot someone, they will not get killed obviously, they will just get a blue dot on their vest and will be out of the game.
When you use the knife you stop your move before you hit someone, failing to do so will result in disqualification or worse...

OK, I'll try and sniper 009-A.

I wanted a Cp88 sad

if you know where he is wink

it's a standard mission, you get standard equipment wink

On top of a tree stick out tongue

and there aren't many even big grin

Does he have night vision?


climb down the tree, notices an old house, goes to check it out and *BOOM* it exploded, (the explosion was a bit far from the mine so that it wouldnt kill me but ppl whould kno where i am)
runs towards the high bushes and hides there silently

if u guys gte one i gte one too schmoll

As Julia drove towards CERN, she made a mental picture of the person she was about to assisnate. ON any normal day she would try to kill her victims fast and painless...but not today, today she was pissed. As she came within a mile of CERN, she parked her car in the bushes and stepped out. She was prepared to be very steathly, her blonde hair was pulled into a bunn and covered with a ski hat. She wore a tight leather body suit that had many pockets. Her boots were black aswell. Julia started to walk towards CERN. She remaind as quite as she could ehile wathing the patroling gaurds.

since she doesn't know how her future victim is supposed to look like. she decides to begin with getting to know the situation, so she enters the CERN, being undercover.
wairing hair-thingie (short, blond)
she get's the 'visitor' stricker from the guard and gets in the the bulding
later starts reading the list of scientists working there.
notices one italian name, but whne she knocks on the door, mentioned on the list, there is only an empty room there.

(if i didn't get if correctly i'm terrbily sorry.)

As Julia approached the bulding she got down on the floor and crawled through the bushes. She got to a side of the bulding and looked at the wall infront of her and saw a drain pipe. She reached out and grabbed it, then Julia climbet it. Onc on the roof, she crawled towards a scientist facing the opisite way. Julia stood up behind her and pulled a kneif out from her bodysuit. She reached out and covered her mouth. Julia put the blade to the scientists throught and slit it. Julia quickly unzipped her bodysuit and put on her labcoat. She took her hair out the bunn and pulled it into a poneytail. She quickly took the womans ID that read "Jessica Fachiano" (an italian name.) Julia quickly ran down the steps leading to the labs.

At last, Vittoria arrives home and finds a mess "Someone was in my apartment" she said to herself while in shock. Looks for the files and she find them intact under the bed.
"Ha! the intruder didn't find them, I must go back at once... " She decided not to call the police and just go back to the car and drive back to CERN.
Goes out and closes the door but after closing it, she sees a note - I will get you- it read. Vittoria is stress, takes the note with her and closes the door leaving the mess behind.
Goes inside the car and drives off to CERN. It reaches the place just on time. The security guard was about to close down the place, and because Vittoria doesn't live in CERN, she has to hurry up to get in before the main gates are closed.
"Good afternoon, John"
"Good afternoon Dr. I didn't expect you coming so late, please enter I'm about to close the gates."
The gates were closed and Vittoria was finally inside heading for her lab.

he as in A4E? yes

Clovie &gt;

you're doing fine, only one thing ... you don't get a list of scientists to read, you can move around freely through certain rooms but they kindly reject you acces to other rooms...
ergo, you don't know the place she has to be.

Elektra &gt;
sorry, but not by any logic will a scientist stand on a roof... you can find a guard there of course but not a scientist messed

Ok then Yerss, I think 008 and 005 will go slow right SS? I think it wont be a challenge for 008 cuz his got the skill Sleathy!

sounds good to me... an idea of your destination?

Ergh... Were is the flag?

on the marketsquare... surrounded by the houses

~okay I'll change it.~
As Julia approached the bulding she got down on the floor and crawled through the bushes. She got to a side of the bulding and looked at the wall infront of her and saw a drain pipe. She reached out and grabbed it, then Julia climbed it. Onec on the roof, she crawled towards a gaurd facing the opisite way. Julia stood up behind her and pulled a kneif out from her bodysuit. She reached out and covered her mouth. Julia put the blade to the gaurds throught and slit it. Julia quickly unzipped her bodysuit and put on the gaurds suit. She took her hair out the bunn and pulled it into a poneytail. She quickly took the womans ID. Julia quickly ran down the steps leading to the bulding.

you won't hide the body? eek! stick out tongue wink

Wel I was leaving that for the gaurds to find stick out tongue

so they could rin an alarm? stick out tongue

OK Yerss We will be going there the market square...

~Yup, Julia works well under pressure stick out tongue~
Julia ran down the steps and entered the labs. She walked aoround looking for someone that fit the description she had been given. Julia walked through the crowds of scientists looking for her victem. She knew she was to assissnate another assissin so she knew to look for someone that was alittle off. She heard the door to a room close. Her eyes narrowed as she opened the door and walked in. She saw a girl that was wearing a blonde wig that looked real, it almost even fooled Julia. Julia then reached into her pocket and pulled out a gun and put on a silncer on it. She pointed at the girl.
"Hello." She said

Tidus &gt;
straight through to the market?

Elektra &gt;
The girl turns around... and looks surprised.
She instinctly holds up her hands.
"W...Wh...What's going on here? You want money? Take it! But let me live!"

"I know you an assassin. I was sent to kill you and trust me todays not the day to play dumb." Julia said walking towards the girl still amingthe gun at her. Julia reaches out and grabs her by the hair and throws her to the floor. "Who are you working for!?!" Julia yelled, cocking the gun.

"I ... I don't know what you're talking about! I'm just an assistant! I work here! I really really work here! I don't know!"
The girl starts to cry and looks at you desperatly.

Julia stares at her coldly then moves the gun to aim at her leg. Julia shoots a bullet into her leg. "I told you today's not the day." Julia nealt next to the girl and put here lips to her ear. "Tell me who you work for and your death will be painless."

The girl screams in pain and grabs her leg, it takes her a minute to regain power to talk to you.
"I work for professor Starkiller! I don't know what you mean! Believe me!"

Just a few seconds later, the alarm goes off...Elektra... smile; you're on a camera, guards are underway

~Nice going Elektra wink you just shot a civilians leg + You were seen by the camera, Couldnt you like go to the camera control room, Shut down the cameros or atleast shoot the camera which was in the room you found the girl? And Yerrs... I think it is safer to go by the sides right?

"Fine if thats what you want." Julia said as she pulled out a kneif and stabbed the girl in the shoulder. "You have five seconds to tell me!" Julia said removing the kneif

Did you forget im an assassin?

what ever you say...

You stay out of side of the snipers and are close to one of the houses... you hear a cough inside. Luckily there are no doors or windows on this side but you know someone is in ...

As Julia reached zero, she plunged the cold blade into the girl tearing up her insides. She quickly removed it causeing some to fall to the floor. Julia walked out of the room and saw some gaurds approching. She walked up to them and asked "What are we looking for?"

Ok, so he'll be in one of the trees, most likely near the market place. If me and 008 check all the trees then we should be able to find him quickly enough. The we can move on to the snipers and finnally into the square

(sorry Elektra, didn't saw your post there)

Evy &gt; You hear improvised alarms go off and now you DEFINITLY know! Military! ... worse than simple police or local guards,... they are die-hard military, very disciplinary... If you had to take a wild guess, you got the worse of the worse here: US NAVY SEALS! Those guys are NOT to miss with.
That's bad luck for you, they are very nervous now and will question things where they would just have walked by previously...
On the other hand, they are not looking for you, which gives you the advantages.

SS &gt; Why would he be in the trees?

Elektra &gt; There are three guards in front of you and they instantly higher their weapons (automatic machinegun!) and take an aim. One speaks up:
"You! Drop the gun and lie down on the floor with your hands on your back NOW!"
You hear footsteps of at least two persons behind you... they go slow and controlled, must be military...

slowly wlaks through corridor, checking all the doors there
most of them are closed.
few open ones has empty rooms beneath
place seems empty and abdomened.

He said he was no expression

But never mind I'll head around to the left side of the village - slowly as so not to be spotted.

Kiara hadn't been in the main entrance of the building for more than ten minutes, when she heard a series of alarms going off. Feeling quite nervous, she looked around cautiously. All over the corridor leading to the stairs were men, dressed in military clothes. They all seemed occupied, and talked to each other in low voices, not paying attention to the other people. However, as Kiara noticed, no-one of the scientists or laboratory staff seemed surprised with their presence.

A tall, broad man approached her, and Kiara was astonished to see that her head was no higher than his chest! And this wasn't just cause she was somewhat short: the guys were huge! "What are you doing here, lady? Have you got permission to enter?"

Lady? Who did he think he was! (stick out tongue) But before she had time to answer, the guard, who was with her since they entered CERN, smiled. "She's with me, Jack. Don't worry".

The Jack guy frowned, and with a look of disbelief, walked away to the opposite direction.

"They are from the military... US Navy Seals if I'm not mistaken. And now follow me please, we have to go to Mister Yang's office".

Kiara nodded and pressed the elevator button. Military police. Oh this was just great.

am hiding SS

and btw i have 4 agents routating (does that word exist?) (anyway it eman they go circulating around the houses)

Clovie &gt; ok... nothing happened messed

SS &gt; no, he says that, but you don't know that
You go past a new house that has an open door... seeing there was one in the other house, you might consider there being one in this one too...

evy &gt; they are not in militairy clothes, they are in casual dressing... and they're not militairy police... they are military messed
rest is ok...

A4E &gt; think it is "rotating"? messed so, they go from house to house you mean?

Yeah I know, I was just messing. OK, I want to get out my PPK and move stealthily up to the door with my back to the wall.

no no no
there's 2 snipers in two houses, one agent is watching the flag (4 yards distance) and 4 are walking in circles around the houses

Ok so 008 takes out his PPK also, with his silencer that is wink and follows 005

SS &gt; just making sure wink
I take it you want the silencer on it?
for the rest, you're ready to go ...

A4E &gt; gotcha... just so I know if he can see anyone or not

Tidus &gt; follow the leader, leader, leader, follow the leader

Yup, silencer

but where r u two??? headung towards the houses??

Wouldn't you like to know whistle ninja

The elevator went up three floors, and suddenly stopped. The guard -whose name was Dorian, as Kiara found out a few minutes after the military guy left - took out a passcard and used it to open the elevator door.

"The place is high secured... Not anyone can enter. And those passcards-" He showed her the little white plastic card, which had black lines of different length on it (Kiara guessed they were the entrance code) "-those damn security control guys change them every day! Annoying, really!"

She nodded and kept the information: it might prove useful.

"Now we're entering the Genetic Research floor. Professor Yang is in charge of it and the new project... follow me, you wouldn't wanna open any random doors, there are alarms everywhere... Genetic crap are fragile, they say..." he mumbled.

Kiara followed him closely, looking carefully around, trying to memorize the place.

A4E &gt; you can't see them

Evy &gt; you are happy to note that there are no soldiers or any military in the buildings here. it's actually quiet down here, if you won't enter one of those nasty rooms.
You pass through the entire floor and enter a rather big room where someone is waiting for you... a scientist.


gets off the bushes, and goes walking, very silently towards the houses, just to keep an eye on it shifty

yerss, is our story (009,008,005) ever gonna get merged or mixed with clovs's, kalanae's and evy's??

Now I want to peek round the corner of the door to get a look inside - then immediatly pull my head back again so I'm not spotted

A4E &gt; it is better to have off-game comments made in the other thread, just to keep the flow going smile (and yes, they will be merged in the end)

SS &gt; with your night goggles on you have no problem spotting one guy in it, with an M1 riffle, looking through the window outside

Hmm... Can we shoot him down from that distance? I think I should shoot cuz I got better Dexterisity...

has got lost in the CERN place cry
and is unable to find potentional victim.

I'll pop out and shoot him a couple of times with my silenced PPK.

shoot whom????

arrives to the houses and keeps an eye on every house...veeery silently

Tidus &gt; it's dark, it gets tricky to shoot... SS has precise shot though, so he has a higher chance of getting him... still, would be better to take a few steps in the house...

SS &gt; read the above part... I'll wait till then... twas my mistake, I should have said that even with precise shot you have to be on a certain distance from the person

Clovs &gt; you just entered, just go through a few doors and such messed

A4E &gt; an agent that was in the house ... and you can't keep an eye on EVERY house, they are in a circle

I assume I have to be closer...I'll sneak through the door, signalling to 008 to watch my back

i did. every is either closed or empty erm

(well, clovie, change that, it's upon you stick out tongue)

The guard leaded her to the end of the corridor, behind a dark, wooden door. He knocked but received no reply. "That's weird, I was under the impression that Professor Yang's secretery was waiting for you" he said to Kiara, looking slightly concerned. "Wait here a bit, I'll go check what's going on".

Dorian left, telling her once more to stay where she was. Yeah, right. As if she was going to do that. When he took the elevator down, Kiara approached another door to her left, made of some sort of thick material. She tried to look through the glass on top of it, but noticed a movement behind her: the wooden door was opening.

Quickly, she left from the door and casually stood where the guard had left her. A man in a white rob appeared. "Miss Myers? I've been expecting you, please, come in".

As Kiara followed him to the big office, she realised he definitely wasn't Professor Yang cause, well ... Yang was supposed to be Chinese.

SS &gt; You're in, person didn't notice anything, you can put holes in him...

Clovie &gt; erm...write you do find something? messed

Evy &gt; Woops! Alarmbells go off in your head!!!! It's your alertness going off! (good thing you have it in your skills) You can feel the presence of other ...probably dangerous... people here...
The person in front of you acts like there is nothing wrong, either the person is not aware of the problem and he's innocent or he tries to keep up the appearance to lure you in a trap...

...or paintball things, now I'll fire a couple of shots at him

but it's a mission, you gotta think like it's a warwink

the man goes down without a scream... house is clear

I'll signal to Vash that it's clear and move towards the door. Alllowing him to take point on moving towards the next house.

done, ...nightvision goggles are so ace happy

Shame there's not a chance (yet) to do a Pandora Tomorrow, where a sniper has Night-vision googles and it's pitch plack apart from a single light, you move to the light, blind him, and kill him evil face

"I'm sorry, its my first day did I do something wrong?" Julia asked kindly while forcing a smile.
~Sry I cant post, im grounded sad~

~Ugh.. Im bored. And SS if anybody does a pondora tommorow, its me! I got sleathy, Alertness, and Martial Arts. Thats all you need to take out a soldier with Pondare TOmmorow!~

Vash followed 005

~I gave you point, so you're in the lead~

SS & Tidus &gt; what the heck is a Pandora Tomorrow? blink

Elektra &gt; ah well, shit happens... hope your punishment finishes soon messed
Those people do not spend time with niceties, Elektra.
You all hear them taking the safety off their gun, you also hear that those people behind you do the same... Rather nasty situation.
The guy that just spoke takes a shy step forward, without taking his eyes off you.
"I said... Drop the gun and lie down on the floor with your hands on your back NOW! Failing to comply will result in violance. We are not kidding... ... assassin!"

If there was any doubt if they came for you or saw what you did, you now know that they all saw it. Their weapons are now cocked.
This means if you do a wrong move, they can shoot you within a second, so if you're doing something it will be tricky and has to be fast!

If you find yourself in a situation like Elektra, tricking someone will not work if the person/persons you're trying to trick are convinced you did it or are the one they're looking for.
In this instance, the guards saw Elektra with the civilian, then tricking them into believing they are looking for the wrong person doesn't work.
Not even when you have have Trick as skill.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, you really should play it (or at least splinter cell)

can't you just tell me? sad

Tell you what? This:

that yes stick out tongue

STOP posting irrelevant stuff in this thread rolleyes1]

Entering the office, Kiara found herself feeling quite worried for no particular reason. The man looked reliable -after all, he DID have the CERN ID badge on his robe- and the room was empty. It seemed empty at least.

Still feeling uneasy without being able to tell why, she sat on a black leather chair, and the man at the other chair, behind the wooden desk. "Miss Myers".

Kiara stood quiet.

"As you know, Professor Yang won't be able to see you today. I am his colleague, and seeing I know all the details about the legal matter he wants your lawyer office to handle, I'll be informing you about it".

Things were not going as planned. Kiara had no idea who this man was and if he was honest, the guard had disappeared and wasn't back yet, she had less than 16 hours left and something didn't seem right. What was it though, she couldn't tell.

I have to get out of here without causing suspicions, she thought. How?

The man takes up a rather big file and murmles to himself:
"hmm, seems like it grew a few sizes large than last time. It will take us a while I say..."
He looks up and you SWEAR you could see him hiding a smile! It is like he is trying to push the talks or what ever in a certain direction!

The guy slowly places his glaces back into place and looks you straight in the eyes.
"I'm going to get a cup of coffee before we'll tackle this file. Do you want one?"
Before you even can say yes or no, he is already at the door... and yet again your alertness kicks in...there is a shadow, someone is behind the door... something VERY fishy is going on here!

But before you can think any further of it, the guy raises his voice a bit:
"That coffee?"
A light cough is heard behind him...

I'll signal to 008 to move on towards the next house and I'll sneak to the closest tower

SS &gt; there is only one tower

And what is your plan SS??

I'm sure u said 2...or else I'm going blind stick out tongue

SS &gt; If I did, I'm sorry, there is only one tower with two snipers in them

So we need to think of another plan... Say maybe I could go around the left side, and you around the right side, so if anyone sees one of us, all the guards will hurry to him, leaving the other one free to get the flag...

I was thinking more of I get into the tower (Yes I did mis-read it. When someone said two snipers I thought there would be one per tower). I'll then provide cover with my sniper rifle. I'll move to the tower and begin to climb the ladder. If I can kill one without the other noticing me then it should be easy. Keep an eye out for 009-A

of course just walking around evil face

ok sorry, but I NEED to ask this

can i say
i notice someone walkin' thorugh the bushes, and its 005, i run and i shoot him.

is it ok to say that or like SS could say
i see someone behind that house, i go to check it out, and its 008 an d i shoot him.

is that ok ??

Vittoria runs back to her office and enters, the door is open, there is a silhouette in there, she runs and sees a man in the dark. Picks up a chair and tries to hit him. Crazy little man, he has a weapon. He is ready to shoot. By that time the meeting was over so most of the scientist were gone. "What do I do now, he is going to kill me" she thought to herself, she remembers seeing a woman, strange to her, with Dorian, the security guard of the place. "Maybe they still around and come before is too late..."

A4E &gt; no, you're both playing characters, for this you need specials dice roles

Kal &gt; blink I thought you went home?

(I came back a long time ago, you never read the post after that, I think I posted... I went back to CERN and I even called one of the security guards Bob and he let me in even though they were about to close the place... I think is in page 2)

gotcha smile

Hmmm Ok SS, Im going to go in first, and take out the first sniper unoticibly cuz I got sleathy skill, Then Ill assasinate the other sniper, and then you can get in...

hiding in the bushes, ready to move on and keep circulating, i notice someone entering to one of the houses and it wasnt anybody but tidus! i alert the sniper, by screaming 'enemy 7 o'clock!' by a quick move, the sniper turns around and shoots twice to tidus.

would that work?

Tidus &gt; stealthy stick out tongue

you have to make a dice roll, but it would be tricky cause the sniper isn't looking at his direction plus him having stealth as skill... it would how ever work better if the sniper would also look around

Vash, you do that. Then cover me from your positon on the tower. I'll move to where 009-A screamed. Moving stealthily from area to area and checking my PPK's cocked and ready to fire.

(Kaleanae, perhaps the guard can come? cause I'm in the middle of a weird situation here messed)

Kiara knew he was expecting for an answer about that coffee, but she stayed silent, trying to gain time to think what to do... she was pretty sure that someone else was standing behind the door, hidden, but she had absolutely no idea why ... and the fact that Yang's colleague didn't do anything about it -quite impossible for him to have not noticed the presence of the third person- was VERY suspicious.

What the heck was going on? She was rather sure that no-one had even suspected her using a fake ID!

The man coughed. "That coffee?"

Kiara had to take a quick decision. "Actually, I want a tea, and if you wouldn't mind, maybe I could come with you? I'd rather make it myself..."

She awaited for his response, trying to keep her eyes from blinking -now that would make her seem nervous. Which she... wasn't.

SS &gt; there is no scream, he placed it as an example

evy &gt;

"No!" the guy almost screams it out. His eyes go larger and he takes a deep breath, he continuous on a more normal tone.
"No, don't tire yourself out with that, I'll make one for you."
A huge smile sweeps across his face. But after that, he seems to have lost his cool and storms away, smacking the door closed...
You hear a click, the door is locked now!
You're all alone, no windows, no other door... taken prisoner?

"I don't know what your talking about but I will do as you say." Julia said while dropping her gun. She then lowered herself to the floor and reached into her boot. Julia pulled out a ball. Julia quickly covered her face and threw the ball at the gaurds. When it hit the floor it exploded and omitted a posinus killing all the gaurds instantly. Julia quickly got up and finally put on a mask to cover her face completly. She then quickly slipped into a the room with the dead scientist in it. Julia quickly undressed and but on the woman's clothes. She then went back to the labs looking for her next victim

sorry Elektra, your post won't go ahead

those are professionals and they have a cocked gun as soon as you move your hands to a place they don't like, they shoot...

~Okay I'll change it.~

"I don't know what your talking about but I will do as you say." Julia said while dropping her gun. She then lowered herself to the floor. Once on the floor Julia looked up at the gaurd walking closer to her with handcuffs. "Is this really nessicary?" She asked looking up into his eyes.

is still walking thruogh the corridors
notices some noise in front of her, stops and waits for guard to go away..
she checks another doors (they are closed but the key is left in the locker)
opens the doors, and sees girl in there.

so ok Ill roll the dice... i have one... do i roll it myself? and what number has to be, so that Id alert the sniper and he'd shoot SS??

elektra &gt;
The man doesn't say anything. All of a sudden he stops walking and you feel three men jumping on your back, holding your body, arms and legs down, you can't move.
In just a matter of seconds you are handcuffed and roughly placed back on your feet.
"You have the right to remain silent, all that you say will and can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right on an attorney, if you don't have one or can't afford one that's just utter bull and you'll rot in your cell!"
The man doesn't appear to be fun...
From the sides of your eye you can see military uniforms walking around.

clovie &gt; would that be evy?

A4E &gt; doing a spot on someone who's stealthy? 16 out of 20.

(yeah it is evy, but my character doesn't know her messed)

clovie &gt; gotcha, just so I know big grin

"To bad...I could have been a great ascet to this security." Julia said Without any warning she jumped up and kicked the gard in his face. She then wrapped his arms around his neck and started to choke him. "If anyone tries to stop me he'll die...oh and I am an assissin but I was sent to kill another assissin and trust me thats always better for you guys." Julia said tighting her hold.

The next thing you know Elektra, you're shot down and everything turns black. You're unconscious.

when you wake up, you're in a cell with no windows and only one very heavy metal door, you're stripped of equipment and only wear a lose tshirt that reads "Bob Marley" and shorts.
You can hear a guard outside, but the sound is so light you're not sure if it is because he's so far away or because the walls are so thick

Julia quickly got up and walked to the walls. She quickly banged on the walls to see how thick they are. They were to thick to climb through. Julia then looked up at the celings and saw an air duct. "This is too easy." She said removing the cover. She then pulled herself up and began to crawl through the ducts.

yeah, o now what do i do yerss??

elektra &gt; the walls are to thick to climb THROUGH? you're not that small you can get inbetween bricks stick out tongue there is also no air duct or anything, these guys aren't stupid

A4E &gt; you lemme throw stick out tongue should I or will you take another approach?


and he trewth the dice and behold! the number 20 appeared!

what does this mean? eek!
a 20 is a perfect role, it means that you passed your difficultylevel and do even better!

You spot the TWO agents and can track them down

Darn, I forgot what I was meant to do after I "killed" that guard, I was going to take his radio

SS &gt; you can return

~I tought you were gonna say something so I came up with a back up plan. About the walls thing I meant destroy them~
Julia looked around her cell and saw no way of escape until she heard a fimiliar voice, her emploer Mr. Sark.
Sark: Dont worry I haven't told the covenant about your faluire...yet. Look at the brick to the right of my voice, theirs all the materials you need to escape. Good luck Julia.
Julia removed the fake brick and used the materials to alter her apperance, she cut her hair with the sissors, died it to the orangenish color of the die. She put on the varius make-up to alter her apperance. She then put in the green eye contacts to alter her eye color. She then put in the voice modgulator to change her voice completly. She then hit her face into the wall causing damadge to it and herself. Shhe threw an explosive wich was in the brick at the wall. As the wall exploded she threw her prison gear on the floor and fell to the floor. With in seconds the gaurds were there. Beefore anyof them spoke Julia said "I heard voices from the cell...planing an escape...I came into to stop it but I was too weak. She took my cloths and more thing I think she's going after your wife Generl." Julia looked at the gaurd who was the reason she was locked up.
Gaurd: Go to protect my wife, I'll watch her.

Elektra &gt; don't think you can fix it, been some hours now messed

no my last one re read my post

erm... no mister Sark, elektra... you're stuck there, walls are very thick, door is made of hard metal, no vents no nothing... only four walls, one door. Nothing more or less, no weaknesses

No, I'll move on to the next house, trying to stay out of view of the tower until I know 008's cleared it

Fine Im done then if what ever I say you say no

Elektra &gt; the cel is impossible to break out, that's all

No everything I've posted you said no thats not possible so forget it

Elektra &gt; I can't help it if you shoot down an innocent civilian, in a secured place that will get you into trouble messed

not just that though

Elektra &gt; you can take it up against a navy seal anytime if you want, but you won't survive that I think, they are good

so....SS's dead...???
this is hard to follow!!

nono, you can see them and in the dark you can track them where they go to, but shooting is something else

Kiara was locked in a room, alone, and there was no sign of either the guard or Yang's colleague... even though, as time passed, it was more obvious that this guy was NOT Yang's colleague; not the real one at least.

She looked around, trying to figure out a way she could get out of there, before he or anyone else returned. She approached the window and looked down: tough luck, they were at the third floor, and a fall from such a height would most probably kill her! The only way out of the room was how she came in: from the door.

There was a tiny bit of problem though: it was locked.

As she was looking for something she could use to open the lock, she heard the door opening. Oh no, she thought, he's back! Kiara quickly grabbed the scissors from the desk and hid it behind her back.

But when the door opened, she didn't see the so called "Yang's colleague".

evy &gt; double check... clovie, right?

yes yes