Being a student

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Darth Revan
So, I was reading the "Being a teacher" thread and it brought back fond memories of my younger days happy

What's the worst thing you've ever done to a teacher/sub?

I've already told this story in the teacher thread but I'll put it here too... There's this substitute around here named Mr. Schminke ("shminky"wink who has been hired by probably every music teacher in three counties at some point. When I was in middle school, we had this running competition to see who could piss this guy off the most. My friend's band class won hands down, they made him run crying into his office, and he never came back to the school laughing out loud

I'm a good kid no expression

darth reven so we meet again.
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Darth Revan
Ehh do I know you? confused

Phoenix Aska a smart-ass to substitutes is always fun!!!

Oh gosh, lemme think...worst thing ive done to a sub...well, im a pretty good student, so i dont have much to brag about. lets see..once in science i told the teacher that she wasnt supposed to be subbing us, because mrs.simmons (normal teacher) said we were going to be subbed my our pe coach (former science teacher) and i kept arguing with her.
In 6th grade i told the my friend, who was the sub's grand daughter, that the sub looked like micheal jackson, and then my friend went and told her, so when she came back to sub us again, she took attendence and sent me in the hall for "giving her a dirty look" stick out tongue

Tried to light my teachers desk of fire with a bunsun burner
"accidentally" destroyed a chemistry set with a yard stick
made my 4th grade teacher cry
made my music teacher cry
made my art teacher cry
made a sub we had in 7th grade cry
made another sub we had in 5th grade cry
made my science teacher cry...4 times
wrote my name with axe on a desk and lit it on fire
through a pig eyeball at my science teacher

and o so much more

oh yeah, and i puched my pe teacher

ah we did a dumb thing.everytime the sub turned ard to write on the borad we'd move our desks back a couple of the time the end of the lesson came we were all squished at the back of the room and the teacher was mighty bewildered laughing out loud

sorry I trhought you were someone else. another darth revan
but hi my name is natashia.

most of the things i've done involve fire in the chem lab messed lighting random crap on fire...two foot flames coming from sinks with the teacher just barely looking the other way blink

Darth Revan
laughing out loud

sbf> well then, nice to meet you... I'm Kevin but around here they call me Nivek cool

laughing out loud we filled an empty coke bottle with axe and sprayed the edges then lit the top and then squeezed and about 5 foot flames flew out laughing out loud

Black Daisy
hmm i just scream at my teachers or flip em off

im not that bad everyone does that

This was like a week ago.

My fat social studies teacher who's also a dean was talking to us. I was day-dreaming but I remember hearing 'just like that rubbish re-make called Dawn of the Dead' and I said
'Hey! that movie was awsome!'
Then he goes "It was a load of rubbish, I'm glad that man was infected at the end so he didn't go on the boat, he deserved to die.'
I got so made, I thought the guy in the movie was hot and I was really sad when he was infected. So I jumped up and shouted out 'You know what!? I wish they casted you in the movie and you'd die! better you then him or anyone else!'
He blew his nut at me and I got like, three detentions.
I hate him, he's such an ass.

WTF! The Dawn of the Dead remake was awsome!

Darth Revan187
i gave my chemistry teacher a wet willy
then i gave him a massive wedgie

Dr. Strangelove
Eh I've never done anything to any of the teachers I've been with, but one guy I met in high school threw a brick at a teacher and hitting the teacher in the face. Nice guy by the way, if not a bit crazy.

I hear ya' Slipknot. Also he dissed the hot guy at the end that was infected! mad

some guy i know called the teacher a c*&^9 and kicked him.

He was suspended.

i 'accidentally' filled a room with gas
'accidentally' set a sink on fire - it is doable - paraffin and lighter :P

lil bitchiness
You know, being a little shit to a person whos trying to give you an education is nothing to be proud of.

put loads of sodium down the sink and then turned the tap on.... blew out the waterworks and pipes for half the school, and the chemistry and other science rooms flooded

put my hand in ethanol and set it on fire, just as a teacher askd me a question, so i put my hand up while it was on fire haha

other than that i was a good boy

#1 reason i wont become a couldnt pay me enough to put up with as milla said "little shits"...

our teachers are way underpaid . they deserve more .

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