What movie did you like but your friends did not?

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Jackie Malfoy
I llikle two movies that my friends did not like and was not a big hit either with that many people.It is "Hook" and "Supermario Brothers the movie!
I thought both was good I mean the acting was not that good but it was still a good movie.To compare to some.Anyone else have seen a movie that only you liked but not anybody else?JM smokin'

Mr Zero
Hudson Hawk. Nobody ever asks to borrow that DVD....


Red Superfly
Yeah, I quite liked Super Mario Brothers lol, call me wierd.

And, erm I liked Kill Bill 2 while my friends hated it

Ali G is in da house
all of my friend's are american... mayb they just dont get the british humour

all of my friends and family don't get my love for crouching tiger,hidden dragon..they say "eew you like that movie?!"

Most of my friends don't like many of the horror films I like. No one but me liked Irreversible.

that movie isn't well liked because of how grisly it is..at least thats what I hear..I have it and am to scared to watch it.

Then explain it? I hate how snooty Brits are about their "humour", and never bother fleshing it out.

Oh, and to answer the question, I have no friends, so this is a non issue.

Heh, I loved the jab that The Simpsons took at British humor.

Homer: Son, British humor is alot more intelegent and witty then our, American humor.

Bart: That mans wearing a dress.

All of my friends like Monty Python but I just find it boring and stupid.

I lent one of my friends my DVD, and after some others heard what it contained, they didn't fancy watching it erm suits them, im gonna play it next filmathon

BackFire: I know what you mean! I love horror movies since I'm a bit of a tom-boy and almost all of my friends are wussies, they scream, jump or run when something 'scary*' happens roll eyes (sarcastic)

BadKitty: I love that movie! some of my friends don't.

My friend didn't really like The Butterfly Effect; he said it was weird when I loved it!

Neo_Version 7
Butterfly Effect was awesome. The Directors Cut was cool. Havent seen the regulaR version yet tho.

Can you believe my brainless brother said the Shawshank Redemption was "crap"?


Monty Python Holy Grail- my friends hate it but I love it. weird people.

alien I like the last starfighter but my friends say its crap, if you are wondering what it is, it is about a guy called Alex rogan who plays this arcade game which is to test to for those who have the gift to become a starfighter and when he wins he gets taken up into space by an alien called centari who convinces hm to become a starfighter and fight for the ryliens against the threat of the Ko Dan armada. It was made in the eighties and has pretty good special effects for that time.

no expression relax
and well...british humour is...sillier, per say, Mr Bean, solutley fabulous, fawlty towers, all that humour is like really...silly like more childish, but americasn are more like, i was getting laid and blah blah blah, so i was humping this girl and she foocking blah blah blah...
thats just my opinion tho', there might b ppl who dont agree with me but thats mny opinion

some of my friends didnt like dogma i love it

For the really bad movies, yes.

My friends didn't like Boyz N Hood but I thought it was outstanding.

Some of my friends didn't like a film called Dobermann, sad

Vincent Cassel is great to watch in this film.

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