Best Mario Game

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What is your favorite Mario game?

64 without a doubt in my mind whatsoever.. I never played anything like it in my life... and probably will never get that feeling again.

Super Mario World...though I still remember the first time I played Super Mario 64; my parents had gotten me N64 as a surprise gift for my birthday the third or so day that came out, and , the game play was amazing. I wish I could experience that feeling again, because that was just awesome sad

Red Superfly
Played em all - but Mario 64 takes it all the way.

Every single moment of that game was like the best dream ever.

played em all beat most of em but its way too hard to even compare

Ahhh.....I remember the Tick Tock Clock...trying to get to the very top. That was my favourite level. The defining moment is when you're on the hand and look down.

Phoenix Aska
I think that the best mario game is super smash bros...

cuz you can kick mario's ass and show that Link is better...

Red Superfly
That's not a "Mario" game though.

That means you've gotta count Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Dr.Mario, Mario And The Ewoks, and so on.

Phoenix Aska
It doesn't has mario in it....

In the 64 version you could show mario that Luigi owns Mario...but in the melee version Luigi sucks...

All right..the best Mario game then would be the super mario RPG

its still not a mario game... they're talking about mario strictly being the main character (usually a 1 player sidescroller or platforming mario game).

Super Mario Bros 3... the advanced upgrade system through suits was fantastic.. and the levels. Set a whole new standard.

1. Super Mario Bros 3
2.Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
3. Super Mario 64
4.Super Mario World
5. Super Mario Bros
6. Super Mario Sunshine

I only got the gameboy Advance versions, as I never had a NES/SNES when I was younger

Dream on, man. And anyways, it doesn't matter if it has Mario in it, 'cos it ain't on the damned list, and it's not an official Mario game! We're Mario fans, and then, suddenly you come bustin' out here, saying: "Mario sucks, Link is better!" What do you think the people's reaction to that is? You think we're just gonna welcome you with open arms?


I think Mario and Luigi superstar saga is the best one.

What about Mario Brothers or the Donkey Kongs. They were the marios of the early 80's smile

My self, I loved Super Mario World. Its the only game that I completed everything on it and can still play again for fun.

True, but 64 takes the cake! Even it was meant for lil' kids, I enjoyed it. That's the true knowledge if something is good or not. You rate it by it's audience. Take Halo, for example: It's meant for 16-18 yr olds, but lil' kids play it, it's so good.


Wait a minute, I can't remember typing with an accent!

My favorite is Super Mario World. I love that game. Then probably Mario 64.

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