your a serial killer,

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you have to commit three murders...each different...and do you do them

One, with a sniper from one of the victim's neighbour's roof.
Another entering the victims house, hiding begind his bathroom door and killing him when he enters.
And the last one, i dunno

Put anthrax on an envelope or put explosives inside an envelope triggerred to explode upon opening

Sniper rifle is the obvious way to go.

Go on a samurai sword killing spree, kill bill style

hmmm. first i go to alan rickman's house and f*ck him to death. then i meet a random person and cut his/her head off. At the end i go to one little prick that pisses me off te most and torture him for a couple of months. he dies. ONE DAY.

/\ lol

Orlando Bloom03
Do you not know how to spell CEREAL!!!???Or am I wrong?

cereal is what you eat on a morning

serial is what goes before killer in this case lol

serial rapist
serial killer
serial fraudster


my first murder would be different...and unique
my second would be different...and unique
And my third would be different...and unique

Don't most serial killers use the same method for all/most of their victims?

not if theyre different and unique


First cut somebody's brake line, drug them tie them upside side thier car and when they wake up.kick the brick out from under the tire and they roll into a lake.

second just make a crazed religeuos fanatic scene and switch the holy water with acid so when i plunge someone's face in their it burns and looks spiffy.

third unleash my anti bacon commando ninja task force or the A.B.C.N.T.F. and they rack up a real high body count..

Three murders, three persons, A, B and C.

Kill person A...anyhow, it doesn't matter cos you frame person B for it. Kill person B but make it look like person C did it.
Person C lives in Texas so the state will take care of him!!

i wuld... burn the first one's house down but only after blocking all means of escape.. drown one while on his/her vacation.. and suffocate one with a pillow... but how would you dispose of the body..??? i wuld cut it up in the bathtub.. then let the body parts hang in the tub from ropes for a couple days to dry it out.. then take it and go to a deserted area.. dig a hole and put lime in it.. dump the body parts into the hole.. cover the body with lime and of course dirt.. nd then by the time the cops even get a lead the person was murdered the lime would have dissintegrated the body..... confused

.......only the smell would attract every cop for miles around......

There's a knife, rope and a watermelon involved disguise
Or maybe some tomatos tomato shifty

I'd knock the person out, and if I wanted to make a public statement, hang him/her in a public place, but at a time in the night where no one would see.

raven guardia
yey killing ideas lets see......... wait why do you want killing ideas?

your not gonna do any thing stupid are you?

but anyway..
B]first murder ......put Arsenic (very poisonous) in there food.
second murder ....put on rubber gloves (so no finger prints show up) then grab an electrical wire and strangle them.
third murder .....mix bleach and ammonia together and throw in in there house, then lock all the doors. (do not do this at home)(it actually will create a VERY DEADLY gas equivalent to a gas used in WWII..............DO NOT, I REAPEAT DO NOT DO MAKE THIS AT HOME IT WILL ATCUALLY KILL YOU!)

one i would knife the guy second i would sniper the guy and third i would smash his head in easy enough

MC Mike
The last thing I would do is post my plans on a forum. smile

raven guardia
^^^ well I'm pretty sure none of us will kill anybody.

shifty of...course not

raven guardia
I gonna keep an eye on you sauron.......after all you are the Dark lord.

I'm not a serial killer
Who told you I was a serial killer

shifty i mean its not like i started this thread up to get ideas........shifty

1 - car bomb
2 - break and enter, and while im in ill kill um
3 - sniper em from a neibors roof

Im like scarFace! with my big machine gun blasitin suckers from left to right!


ill dig a grave for my victims yes

Can we extend this to four roll eyes (sarcastic)

of course! stick out tongue

good, cuz there are some people I need to take care of shifty

I'm a cereal killer whenever I eat cereal

im not one am i.......

i think i know who i would take care dig?

raven guardia
I have another idea......hit the person you want to kill with a car. then back up and run over them again and do this repeatedly until you feel satisfied. hehehehe.

you could also break into there bedroom and strangle them with a sheet.

or you could pull out a gun and start shooting...........or go the HP way and pull out a wand and start blasting them with the pain/death curses.

I have many more ideas but of course I can not tell any of you my master plan.....after all, one of you could be my victims.... evil face shifty hehehehe......better sleep with one eye open tonight....Ravens on the loose LOL!!!!!!!

1- pay a bum to do it for me

2- pay a hobo to do it for me

3- pay a tramp to do it for me


well i would use an old civil war rifle (because when u get hit with one of those bullets ur bones just dont break..... they shatter and u cant trace the bullet) and the second would have to be with a knife (of course) and i dont know about the third

Pablo G
you're a perturbed mother****er

murder one: poison their food

murder two: go to his favorite strip club and act like a striper with a sexy mask on ....take him to a private room and slice his neck.

murder3: put poison his air ducts in his house.

later change my hair my identity and everything else.

I doubt I could be a serial killer.... but I would like to run several people over smile

15 ppl for me

na...more like 20 lol

1. Inject them with beef
2. Shoot them 8 times (once through each nipple, one in the sternum, and the other 5 in the stomach to make a smiley face)
3. Stab them to death with a spork.

well that's an easy one, i would slice them dice them three into the four, **** them up like i've never done before, put a knife to their neck and stab them in their back they'll b yellin for help but all i do is laugh back. laughing

death is only the beggining

chicken fish
i would shove a live wire down their throat.....

well not really coz i is nice

same here im not a nasty person i will only fight wen i have to but i could not kill someone


total nettlehead
i dont like this thread no

Quite disturbing, closing.

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