How do you work efficently?

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I'm having a bit of trouble actually concentrating and getting homework done... any suggestions on how to work efficently? erm

Any help appreciated yes

Silver Tongue
Have the T.V. on. Turn it on something that you've seen 100 times. Works for me big grin

Phoenix Aska
Hmmm.....turn off the computer???

Keep your desk and your papers organized to avoid wasting time shuffling through piles of paper.
Prioritize a list of the tasks you need to accomplish that day.
Start with a short assignment or with one you like. This will make it easier to get started with your homework.
The longer assignments and subjects you like least should go in the middle. Try not to save these for last, or you might run out of time.
Assignments that are not due the next day should be saved for last.
Finish one task before you go on to the next.
Take breaks.

Recognize when you have the most energy in a day and do the important or harder tasks then.

Samurai Guy
Music!! Tunes are a necessity.

Television is too much of a distraction, even if you have seen something a billion times over. I have seen Spaceballs about that much and still I could not turn away. Rick Moranis... laughing

Silver Stardust
I always have to have music playing when I'm working, somehow it keeps me from getting distracted.

give 100%

15% on Monday
20% on Tuesday
25% on Wednesday
30% on Thursday
10% on Friday

dont do wat i did today. wake up without much sleep, try and pay attention in lectures and not get very far, go on the kmc forums when your supposed to be doing work >.< sposed to read thru this thing but due to lack of sleep its a blur to me lol >.<

lil bitchiness
Get your desk in order, put classical music on, and just get on with it.

i like my room not to hot and not to cold.

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