Why, Ashlee, why? (ode to Ashlee Simpson)

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Tired Thins
How dare you, Ashlee! How dare you try to fool me into thinking you were performing live on Saturday Night Live the other evening!

*pauses to compose himself*

Ashlee, why did you do it? Jude Law gave you such a wonderful and intoxicating introduction, and when they played the wrong tape of the song you already performed, you did a 'hoe down'. Why, Ashlee, why? Did you not know that the show must go on? Did you not have it in you? Could you not just keep performing instead of slinkering off like Gollum, guilty of stealing a fish from the Hobbit hands of Frodo Baggins? Would your sister Jessica have done the same? I doubt it.

Why Ashlee, why? sad

Now I must cry. crybaby

laughing i never seen that lol

*shall have to watch paramount

Milli Vanilli

Afro Cheese
What happen dude I didn't see it and that link in the other forum didn't work for me. Was she lip syncing or what?

Tired Thins
Check it out. She performed some song early on in the show, right? Then, later, for her second performance, the same song came on with lyrics and everything. All she did was dance around and then leave the stage embarassed. laughing out loud It was funny.

Afro Cheese
laughing out loud Awesome. I wish that would happen to all pop singers.

Phoenix Aska
Yes it was very funny...

dude ashlee was the funniest thing i think i have ever seen. then she blames it on her band playing the wrong song. right? anyone who beleives that deserves to be shot.

Tired Thins
If she should be shot, what do you think she should be shot with? And by whom? confused


its very funny laughing laughing out loud

mc pee pants
she's lame.

Tired Thins
Yeah, I never heard of her until today when I had to cut video of her screwing up on SNL. In no way am I an Ashlee Simpson fan.

mc pee pants
yeah. a fan would make an ode to -- oh wait confused

Ashlee Simpsons is a dumb broad. The dude who was running the music for that show totally ruined her shit. I bet he was laughing his ass off while she wiggled around like a retard.

mc pee pants
somebody paid that dude. or he coulda just done it himself... why not.

i knew she would screw up sooner or later. she was a joke to the recording industry ever since she said she wanted to be a singer. i saw an interview with the dude who sponsored her and he said that he picked her just because she is jessica's younger sister.

lil bitchiness
Shes a major loser. Bah!

laughing lol

That was Focking hilarious I creis my self and laughed my self to sleep my whole day better....she also said her troat was in the best sahape until THAT day and said she had "Acid reflex* BULL SH!T!

BOOOO HISSSS! I say we kill her devil

now she's blaming it on acid reflux disease!!! laughing

Seriously...why not just fess up and admit you're a not talent loser?

And have you seen her dancing? Christ! if that's dancing, then I'm John Travolta!

How the hell did she do that flipy thing with her legs at the start? laughing

Tired Thins
Because she's an idiot. erm

eek! Awww, stop crying hug I've got such a pretty new name happy

How the hell did that broads' cd go triple platinum?

I love Ashlee Simpson..shes very expressive and isn't the same Teeny bober blonde singer like Hialry Duff....but if she does end her career I will miss her very much..

R.I.P to Ashlee Simpsons career! May it rest in peace Now somone pass me a rootbeer beer

Darth Revan
If I had been the guy in the sound booth, I would have played the right song, and then cut to the part of that NIN song that says "I want to **** you like an animal" in the middle, then gone back to her song. That would have been some funny shit. sombrero2

A cannon ball from the drummer. That no talent little........sister.

They can't even get there stories straight between her, her daddy, the record company, and the band.

Cosmic > Triple Platinum?!!! You gotta be kidding me.
Please tell me you're kidding. sick


Darth Revan187
She was just getting groovy with the funky beat they was playing, Ashlee knows what it's all about and she's a main member of the Funky Express.

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