Best Bosses/Sub Bosses in fighting games.

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I wonder what do you guys think are the best Bosses/Sub Bosses in fighting games

I of couse pick Kintaro, but even this cool dude has some competeion in this pick.

Idol is a close 2nd, man was he hard to finger out in Killer Instinct.

Goro follows Idol. Goro was easy to beat in MK 1 on Sega, So I did not think much about him, than I face him in MK 4, and a MK1 on playstation better Al, and even harder to beat than before. Goro was the start of Monsters for bosses in fighting games

Bison in Street Fighter is a great bad guy and boss, and he is no push over.

Khan again in MK, I sure when you guys first fought him, you lost, IF you block the shoulder charge, He can be dealt with. HE was unstople if you walk in with no plan,(Like I did on the first go around)

Sagat on Street Fighter was the first boss, and he is a Sub Boss in Street Fighter 2. The best way to beat him is if you go around looking for a latter lol. Relly just duck and jump over his tirger shots and wait for a opening.

I sure you guys have your own picks on this best boss and sub bosses.

Shao Kahn.

Goro and Shang Tsun...

the fat gits in streets of rage big grin

Sephiroth in Ehrgeiz

Phoenix Aska
I'm good at all fighting games...but I say Vega from street fighter 2....

i would have to say that damn crow guy from bloody roar 4 for ps2 who repeats the same damn dialogue to you regardless of your character and after hes done he beats the living hell out of you as if youve never played the game. I HATE HIM!!!

Phoenix Aska
I love that game!!!

The crow guy is annoying when used in the hands of an expert...but he can easily be beaten by the girl with the sword for a hand....

^ i know this is off topic but i hate that B*tch. she has to be the most cheap ass character that has ever been created in the universe of fighting games.(but i must submit that she has an awesome katana arm and she does and even better zantetsuken on her enemies)

id say not so much a "boss" but in Tekken 3, when you got Lei or Jin on a hard level, GOODNIGHT! its all over

Phoenix Aska
Thts like saying that on DOA 3 on the hardest level before you fight that demon thing you fight your rival(for example kasumi fights Ayane)...The computer can be cheap as hell and do the same moves over and not et you get up to counter attack or block at all....

yeah, the computer can be a real bastard, but then again, there isn't a rule that says they have to be play fair

Shao Kahn : The only way i can get to beat him most of the time is by freezing him as sub-zero.

Vega is also annoying.

Shin Akuma
Shin Bison

Heihachi on Tekken 4 on the hardest setting. cry

what about weakest boss? Orge and True Ogre in Tekken 3 on the normal setting are pretty damn hard to lose against.

The final "thing" in Soul Caliber 2.

Darth Malak in KOTOR
Vlad in Max Payne 2
Jerec from jedi knight
Sigma from Megaman X-X6

Orochi, King of Fighters '97

Other than that I dont really like any other bosses or sub bosses.. they all fell under the rediculously powerful, or overly cliche'ed categories..
Although I must say Goro / Shang Tsung were cool smile

I have this fighting game in 3D ps 1

Called the EVIl ZONE.

Funny thing about it is you just have one attack button, not that hard to finguer out lol. Each guy has power moves and combos and such.

But the boss who happens to be a girl with wings, She is hard, unless your the guy in the tex, than she can be easy.

But like I said, She has this aray of power moves, she can take care of most bosses,
Of couse she will still lose to Kintaro

Now that guy is hard, he blocks evey drop kick you though at him, and power moves with it. You need to disable him to fight, like Scorpion's Spear or Subzero's deep freeze. works for me that way.

Yes the computer cheats, MK 2 the computer can thown you anytime it wants, I think its a gaming glinch but it sure is a challage to over come, I never use power moves on the computer as they seem to leave you open for a combo or something like that.

Evil Zones boss I think is Iducka or something like that lol.

Khan is easy relly, one of the most easy bosses to over come.

Go into a coner and block the shouder charge, and counter with a uppercut. Easy as that.

OMG Darth Malik fear impossible to go toe to toe with him with no gadgets fear

The Dragon King, I still trying to beat him in Mortal Kombat 6 lol.

I have not won yet, But I trying, Besides loseing to him, He keeps hiting me off that pit thing and into the spikes, level is 60 percent

And Well I think he is unbeatable because the moves I do on him does not cause much damage,

I was looking up on ways to beat him, It says to tounch the flags that will daze him lol.
I guess I give that a try.

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