Guy Problem..with my guy friend!

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I like my guy friend and I can't tell if he likes me can I tell if he likes me? stick out tongue

just ask em dopy lol

Tired Thins
Tell him how you feel and then ask him how he feels about you! eek! It's the best way. It's straight, to the point, and if he's not into you, at least you'll know and you can move onto the next lucky guy! smile

Thanks...but I know it mind sound gay...but I m way to shy...but what ways can I tell if he likes me....what should I have a friend say to him?

he's right sweetie

Tired Thins
The thing is, if you communicate through a friend, then your friend is the one who will get to know him, not you. Just talk to him. Don't let him know you like him and become friends with him first, unless he is your friend already. I'm shy too, beleive it or not, and it's a win or lose situation when it comes to life and love. Just put on your game face and talk to the guy! eek! Get to know him first. And if he rejects you, and I mean "if", the sooner you know the better. Coping with rejection will make you stronger and the next guy will be easier to approach! smile

lil bitchiness
Its kinda dificult, because if you just come out and tell him you could risk ruining your friendship - then again, going into relationship with him will do the same.

So just kinda tell him, that you like him. See what happens from then on. Its better to regret something that you know you did, then something you didnt.

So go for it, and good luck.

that really does help!big grin

Tired Thins
Ask him to the school dance! eek!

Key gotta step to the plate.

yah, it's kind of scary telling someone something like this, but once you've said it and it's out in the open....then you can worry about things from there.

Best case scenario...he likes you back....relationship happens.

Worst case...he doesn't feel the same....big whoop.

Don't ask ur friend to ask him, he'll think ur just a stupid girl.

Yeah i aree with you.
Tell him your self it would mean a lot more if you did big grin

That really helps..I m going to do that...but how and when is it the right moment I have him first period and last peorid and his locjer is also right next to minebig grin

you cant! eek!

Most blokes make it obvious if they like you.

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