I need an excuse and fast!

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Darth Revan
Right, so today I skipped out of my english class since I was supposed to give a speech but I didn't have it ready. Notice that I had my mother's permission to do so. But Ima go Tired Thins style and ask for a crazy-assed excuse to tell the school administration when they pull me out of class tomorrow! fullmop

You can say some type of family problem

Just say there were intence personal family problems and you had to be home,
they won't question it.

Or you could say a goat ate your testicals and you had to go to the hospital

Or needed to call hom.. That might work better.

you were abducted

Silver Stardust
Stefan... shock hysterical

Hmm...say that you were leading an army of squirrels, raccoons, and cheese monkeys as they attempted to take over the world, but sadly you didn't succeed, which is why you're back in school.

Instead of the dog ate your homework. Say the dog ate you.

I like my testical eating goat better.

Darth Revan
Great idea! eek!

I think it needs to be a little more elaborate though, or they'll never buy it.

Silver Stardust
F*ck the goats.

...oh wait...that sounded really bad in response to your excuse...

I'm gonna go hide in a corner now embarrasment


say you took a wrong turn and got lost in the bathroom.

Say your grandma died again

Or just say that you went into your closet and couldn't find yourself out until the search party came looking for you.


Tell them school is for retards and you think they can shove that speech up thier ass. And call your teacher a *****.

That will work.

Its been done.

Tell them you're grandma died. It WILL work, and they won't question it at all.

just tell them the truth and telll those f*ckers to f*cking f*ck off with this stupid english speech and tell them you cant take big crowds and had an emotional break down.. and then you cry and the people will all feel sorry for you..

works for me big grin

What the f**k?

Say you got raped and had to go for an aids test

just say you were really really stoned and forgot

Religious Holiday. no expression

Jackie Malfoy
Anyway I would just skip it and not do anything just not show up.But acouse that could lead to a dention!Anyway when you get to class prentened that you don't feel very good.
and maybe the teacher will let you go to the nure.If not ask to use the bathroom and get out of there.All ricky but it is better then not showing up with your report!
I wish you the best of luck!JM Happy Dance

One kick ass excuse worked for my friend when he was 15. All he said was "I had to go to the doctors to see if my GF was pregnant." The teacher didnt even blink, and just said "Ok". Dunno how it workss in the US, here in Aus a teacher wouldnt chase up on something like that in fear of getting involved in something he/she shouldnt get involved in.

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