Should A Sequel Be Made For Van Helsing?

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BOPRecruit 16
For those of you who have seen the movie, Van Helsing, or would like to see it, would you want Stephen Sommers and his crew to make an attempt to create a sequel? I know that early on, before and shortly after the movie came out, there was news that Sommers had plans to make one, but since the first one didn't go over so well with the audience, it sounds like he may not make one after all. But, I'm not so sure about how true that is or not, the questionable sequel. Anyways, I would like to hear everyone who has seen the movie's opinions. You are free to make suggestions/comments on what Sommers could improve on and so forth. At first, I wasn't going to post this thread, but after I talked to some fans from my xanga site, I thought I would do this thread after all. As for my opinion, I do hope there will be a sequel, with many things to be improved for the better.

Yes a sequel should be made for VanHelsing, but probly won't so don't get your hopes up as it most likly it will not happen sad

Sure, why not. Movie producers will make money, provides jobs for the little people in the film industry, and many people (with bad taste in movies) will enjoy the film. Just don't expect me to see Van Helsing 2.

LORD NO. If there was ever a sequal that should never be made it was the sequal to baby geniuses. If there were ever another film that needed a sequal even less, it is Van helsing. This movie failed on every level of entertainment. someone needs to be stabbed in the eye with a fork for the creation of Van helsing.

Van Helsing was.....okay.....its not worthy of a sequel though, i was satisfied with how it ended with Anna and her family and i dont think there could be a good enough story to follow up from there...

Well seeing how there was no story in the present van helsing, i dont think studios would be to concerned on a plot.

Red Superfly
Van Helsing sucked, and they exhausted the best characters anyway.

Where can they go from here? Van Helsing in space?

please god NO, that movie was terrible. Why don't we make a titanic 2, thats a better idea than a van helsing 2. I would have to shoot the script writer then i would eat the script and poop it out then feed the poop to my slaves......i mean......what slaves........those are pidgeons.........aha aha ho slaves

can i go back in time and not see the first one? even though it was free im still mad i saw it.. but as myth said they would make money so why not

Heck No! Straigth to DVD if a second one is made. VH thumb down

Mr Zero
**** YEAH! VH made me laugh from start to end... you folks who didnt like it have forgotten how much fun a bullshit popcorn movie can be. VH was a hoot.

It's not fun when you pay for it.

Mr Zero
Dude - sometimes paying for it is BETTER.

How do you figure? You're paying for something you know is bad but unintentionally funny.

A good popcorn movie is spiderman, or Jurassic park, or Indiana jones. Van helsing is just a bad movie, that hurt to watch. Doesnt it make you sick that all of the mosey and time that went into this movie resulted in what we got? If your going to do somthing, why not do it right? If you set out to make a blatant bad b movie, you dont need to waste so much time money and hype on it. John carpenter has proven this time and time again with bad movies that are fun to watch.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

this statement could not be more true.. nothing else really needs to be said

Mr Zero
Oh I wasnt talking about movies - I went offtopic.

lol Jezeus, everyone here was very dissapointed with VH, i for one love it, everything it in, the action, cheesy one liners, CGI was killer and you all who say it isnt is just being disagreeable. yeah your all probably thinking, what does this guy know about movies, lol, well, i for one can say that i have seen just as many as the next movie FREAK. i love popcorn flicks, and this one DID work, in an extremely good way. I WILL GET A LOT OF BS for this but i dont care, VH was great, so was JP 3, SW- TPM and SW AOTC, were both awsome to watch, who cares if they arent equal to the originals, they still were crazy fun to watch. ONE MOVIE I CAN SAY WAS VERY DISSAPOINTING WAS AVP. Paul Anderson deserves to burn for that one. VH forever.......

No it shouldn't due to the fact that Van Helsing is the crappest movie since the mummy returns (even though that was quite good) but still its rubbish its just another way to show how good our special effects can be. Even though they were crap. And besides the ending was so stolen from the lion king. Where they meet Mufasa in the clouds when simba is shown by rafiki. Wow what a cool name Rafiki. "follow Rafiki he knows da whey" I bet Rafiki smokes ganja, coz he knows kung fu and he draws pictures in a tree and the stuff he put over Simbas head was crack. I mean his eyes are yellow and everything.

Darth Vicious
It hurts more when the video stores is out of the movie and then u buy it and then u dont like it, i was disappointed with this movie, i still dont know how the hell the gurl died at the end. The movie it had such a good concept but they didnt pulled it thru, it sucked.

I still dont know where the hell all of the tarzan like swinging came from? I still dont even know how this movie was so bad?

Lord Soth
I would be EXTREMELY skeptical if a sequel came out. If one indeed does. I would still go see it though, because I rarely have anything better to do

The movie wasn't too bad but I'll admit the tarzan swinging and Kate Bakensale character getting thrown everywhere and still looking good sucked.But it wasn't that bad,I left satisfied when watching it in the theaters.See some movies are much better on the silver screen rather then on a 20 something inch T.V.When your seeing on the silver screen it's just better.I really did like this movie just like underworld it has it's bad parts but hey this is a popcorn movie not a film thats suppose to make you cry or change your life.When I went to watch Van Helsing I knew it was gonna have fun CGI creature,weird storyline but interesting,over the top no way that will ever happen stunts,and a chessy romantic scenes with cool old fashioned monster.What were you guys expecting oscar material.C'mon.

BOPRecruit 16
If there was ever to be a sequel for Van Helsing, which I doubt, I hope that Sommers and his crew would improve upon the editing of scenes, juice up the conversations, make the movie appear more contemporary and less over kill on the speical effects/cgi, and so forth. also, make the clothing more believable and realistic for that time period.

I got through MAYBE 30 minutes of this swill on celluloid. I think my favorite part was Kate Beckinsale going against the Big Bad Wolf from "Shrek".

This movie deserves no sequel, or an insufferable Director's Cut DVD.

BOPRecruit 16
You aren't talking about a parody are you? blink I'm confuzzled. I'm guessing you are referring to the lycians she faced such as her brother, Velkan, and towards the end before she dies, with Gabriel in this werewolf form.

Why make a sequal the first one was good and they arleady killed dracula so what would the purpose of a sequal be?

To accomplish an even shittier movie.


I think making a Van Helsing 2 is the best idea EVER.

Actually I think the werewolves looked decent in this movie movie gets it right but this one was close.

The action was great except the horses jumping the bridge...that stuff was grade-A laughable.

The story was horrid. Least he coulda been named Abraham Van Helsing duhhhr. Also wtf is with the other creatures period. The story of dracula is about vampires! This looked like a big budget Monster Squad smile

are you insane? This movie shouldn't have been made in the first place, and defiantly not by Sommers. This movies was appealling, and no way should a sequel be made. mad mad mad

I liked Van Helsing.

Van Helsing 2?! No!! The first one already featured the best three classic horror monsters. What's next? Van Helsing hunts the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon? Some movies are meant to not have sequels.

i agree Wolfie

I'd like to see a VH 2 if they bring back Anna, she was the coolest

id like to see it as long as there is no monster that looks like shrek....(mr. Hyde.....gimme a break, LXG's hyde is so much better)

Lord Soth
why would they come out w/ a director's cut of a movie hardly anyone liked?

The only reason to make a sequel would be an irrational desire to lose millions of more dollars.....

A sequel..

Why condemn us twice over?

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