Review: Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

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Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (94 Min.)

Our favorite sisters Fitzgerald, Ginger and Bridgette, take refuge in Fort Bailey, an 19th century outpost that hosts the Northern Legion Trading Company. Ravaged nightly by a gang of lycanthropes, the sisters who are taken in against the traders will, are isolated at the base, and their most basic instinct, survival, is put to the test.

"GS3" is a rare breed of a prequel-sequel. It's more or less the original "Ginger Snaps", but with a Napoleonic flavor, which is a much welcome change, given the monotony in today's Horror genre. (Note, "The Beginning" doesn't tie in with the other previous "Ginger Snaps" offerings.)

Considering the minimal budget, the set design, production, cinematography, and overall direction of the movie seem to improve more and more as the franchise progresses. A personal favorite being the whitewashed "future-flash" scenes. Katharine Isabelle shines as the feisty red Ginger, and the evolution of Emily Perkins (Bridgette) is noticeable, looking back to the original.

The nature of the film, being a period piece, is to blame for minor dialogue lulls, and the overall lack of boisterous characters. It's a very stripped down version of the first, intentionally, and I felt as if this gamble paid off. Additionally, the emotional elements that drove the original are evidenced here, but even stronger, in my opinion.

This franchise is obviously an acquired taste, and most will pass it off as "another werewolf movie". Meanwhile, the legions of Ginger fans will continue to appreciate the creativity, the unique sisterly bond, and the boundaries the franchise has boldly crossed and (IMO) conquered.

I'm guessing this one was straight to video?

3 was released direct to video after 2 had a limited run, and didn't fair well.

very few horror movies (and horror movie sequals) do i'm afraid, and while the Ginger Snaps movies dont really get me all excited (werewolf movies rarely do) i can apreciate that it is a good movie, unlike lots of the purile crap being pumped out lately

Jackie Malfoy
Never heard of it but I will have to check it out.JM Thanks for the info.JM

All three of these were really good.

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